2001 Vermont Quarter Value and Worth

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The 2001 Vermont quarter is a 4th edition quarter coin that was included in the 50 State Quarters Program implemented in 2001. The coin features an image of Camel Hump Mountain alongside a maple tree, and you can also see an image of a sap bucket printed on it, located on the front of the coin.

United States Mint released this coin for the first time on August 6, 2001. The appearance of 2 Maple trees and also a farmer who is seen close to 4 buckets to collect maple sap.

2001 Vermont quarter value

In some parts, you can see from a distance that there is a mountain called Camel Hump and there is an inscription Freedom and Unity.

Camel Hump Mountain is located north of Vermont’s Green Mountains. The mountain named Camel’s Hump is easily recognized by just looking at the profile of the mountain which is similar to the unique double hump and it is known as one of the highest and most impressive peaks in the Vermont region.

All state quarter coins will have the words “E Pluribus Unum” found on the back of the coin in the lower center.

The design on this coin is made to honor a country that is referred to as the “Country of the Green Mountains”. It was a state accepted into the Union for the first time after the original 13 colonies.

The Vermont region is widely known for its skiing and maple sugar production and syrup. Until finally in the 1800s began to enter and introduced cane sugar to the public, before that Americans often relied on sugar from maple which came from Vermont.

Quarter Specifications

  • First Release Date: On August 6, 2001
  • Reverse Side: There is writing “Freedom and Unity”
  • Engraver Name: T. James Ferrell
  • Standard Weight: 5.670 grams
  • Standard Diameter : 24.26 mm
  • Coin thickness: 1.75 mm
  • Coin Edge Details: Reed Shape
  • Coin Composition: Coated coins made from Cupro – Nickel (8.33% from Nickel and 91.67% from Copper)

2001 Vermont Quarter Score

For those of you who are new to, interested, and about to start collecting this kind of 2001 Vermont quarter coin, then these are some guides that are suitable for common people like you to know about the 2001 Vermont quarter value.

The 2001 Vermont quarter worth in Average Circulated or AC condition will cost around 25 cents or more, Coins that are in good mint condition and MS+ certified level will net you at least USD 2 at auction.

The price given is a reference not based on the rating scale that exists on standard coins.

For those of you who like coin hunting and want to learn to know more about the 2001 Vermont quarter value of the state of Vermont, then below you will be able to find calculations for this coin series.

The quarter that comes from the State of Vermont is the highest priced. The price list that you will see is with the MS-65 certificate level.

The rarest Coin

You can find out the rarest and hard to find Vermont State Quarters through the following chart

2001 S889,000
2001 S3,094,000
2001 P423,400,000
2001 D459,404,000

Standard Pricing

Standard pricing refers to standard supply and demand, then dealer premiums, as well as varying market variations and also the 2001 Vermont quarter error.

That price represents past value based on online auction counts, then land sales, as well as certified coins sold by many professional dealers, and based on the value submitted by many users.

You will be able to find out how much is a 2001 Vermont quarter worth and an accurate and honest price estimate based on many more factors than appearance alone, namely taking into account the metal content, as well as the level of rarity that will increase the overall value of the 2001 Vermont quarter coin.


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