2002 Indiana Quarter Value: History and Worth

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On the face design of the 2002 Indiana quarter coin, you can still find a photo of the standard Washington Quarter and there have been a number of changes there.

Washington Quarter coins that have been in circulation from 1932 to 1998. Then, you can also find the date written on the face of the coin, there is the word “Liberty”.

2002 Indiana quarter value

The design changes occurred after the introduction of the State Quarters, followed by the release of the Territory Quarters followed by the National Park Quarters with a variety of 2002 Indiana quarter values.

2002 Indiana Quarter Design

This new design still consistently shows Washington’s face facing left; you can find that the text on the front currently reads “United States of America” the word “Liberty”, the sentence “In God We Trust” and the caption “Quarter Dollar.”

Then on the back of this coin has an image of one of the most widely known racing events in the United States, namely a car race titled Indianapolis 500 NASCAR.

On the outline of this state is a race car heading toward the coin holder. On the reverse side of this race car image, you can see a circle of 19 stars which represents the position of the state of Indiana which was crowned as the 19th state.

The Indianapolis 500 has always been held regularly every year and started in 1911 and was not held during the World War. As per the Mint’s policy, there were no commercial items worthy of being displayed in coins.

The Change of 2002 Indiana Quarter Design

The 2002 Indiana quarter worth is in danger since this coin is considered to be against the rules because it shows a car representing a commercial event.

The wife of the Governor of Indiana named Judy has started the process for idea development which was assisted by 3,737 entries that were shortlisted to 17 choices.

After the committee determines the four finalists, it is then sent to the Mint as a final approval step, until finally a design was chosen with a picture of a basketball player and also a racing car.

The design of the 2002 Indiana quarter was done by 17-year-old Josh Harvey. Other designs available are the Crossroads of America logo, Cardinal, state flag, torch, and also Chief Little Turtle.

The Mint returns a revised design with a look at Josh’s idea, which is without the basketball player.

The car image also changes to a different position. The Fine Arts Commission was not entirely pleased with the new look designs seen during the quarter and suggested the Mint would follow Chief Little Turtle’s lead instead.

This 2002 Indiana quarter coin is the 19th coin that has come out through a program called Statehood Quarters.

The text on the back of the coin reads “Indiana 1816” then “Crossroads of America” the number “2002” and the words “E Pluribus Unum.”

These Statehood Quarters are made of 75% to 80% copper and about 20% nickel with a solid copper core.

Coins minted include the territories of Tennessee, Louisiana, Ohio, Mississippi, and also Indiana.

2002 Indiana Quarter Errors

It’s hard to find the 2002 Indiana quarter error. You can contact experts and professional collectors to find out a fair price for your coin. The average circulation from the State Quarter is only $0.25. You can spend these coins, store them, or take them to the bank.

The 2002 Indiana quarter coin was designed by John Flanagan and Donna Weaver in silver in the proof set. The number of series made is 888,826 coins made of silver and the composition is 90% silver and also 10% copper.

2002 Indiana Quarter Value

How much is a 2002 Indiana quarter worth? You can get one silver coin for around USD 5 to USD 10, according to the level. Use the mint indicator to tell if the coin is made of silver. Do not be easily fooled by offers from TV sets where coins are gold plated to make them look expensive and used to trick people because they find it tempting.


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