2001 Rhode Island Quarter Value and Design

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You can see that the face of the 2001 Rhode Island quarter coin has a design with the standard Washington Quarter face that is commonly found, but there are some changes in it.

The Washington Quarter is a coin in circulation from 1932 to 1998, on the face of the coin, you can see the date written, and there is also the word “Liberty” there.

2001 Rhode Island quarter value

There was a change in coin design when the State Quarters coins were introduced, followed by the release of the Territory Quarters and also the National Park Quarters. Many people wonder about the 2001 Rhode Island quarter value.

2001 Rhode Island Quarter Design

You can see a photo of Washington with its face facing left, then you will find changes to the text on the front where the writing changes to “United States of America” then the word “Liberty”, there is also “In God We Trust” and the words “Quarter Dollar.”

On the reverse side of this coin, you will find a picture of a sailboat with a bridge in the background. The image on the obverse of the coin shows Narragansett Bay with a sailboat in the foreground.

You can also see that there is a picture of the Pell Bridge as the background image.

Rhode Island is known to host a sailing competition called America’s Cup and this event is known throughout the region as the Ocean State.

The image of the boat that you see on one side of this 2001 Rhode Island quarter coin is a historical representation of a ship that won America’s Cup competition held in the early 1900s.

A total of 34,566 votes were recorded, and America’s Cup ship won with 57% of the vote. It was the same with the New York coin, where the Mint hired and then paid a person named Daniel Carr and was given the task of creating a design for the coin. Unfortunately, the Mint did not honor Carr’s design, and you cannot even find his initials on the coin.

Coin Composition

This coin is the 13th release in a program called Statehood Quarters. There is a text behind the coin which says “Rhode Island 1790” then “The Ocean State” then “2001” and also “E Pluribus Unum.”

Statehood Quarters are composed of 75% to 80% copper and about 20% nickel. The core of the coin is made of solid copper.

The coinage also includes North Carolina, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Kentucky. It makes you expect about the 2001 Rhode Island quarter worth.

2001 Rhode Island Quarter Error

It’s hard to find fault with the making of the 2001 Rhode Island quarter. So it’s pretty lucky if you can spot a 2001 Rhode Island quarter error that makes a coin look unusual or rare inside the Rhode Island State Quarter.

You can contact an expert to verify it; you can also send it to a professional who knows it to determine the value of your error coin.

The state quarter’s average circulation is only USD 0.25. You can spend it, save it, or hand it over to the bank.

The variety that belongs to the Rhode Island State Quarter 2001 coin was created by Thomas Rogers and John Flanagan and who produced the silver variety used as part of a proof set.

2001 Rhode Island Quarter Value

A total of 889,694 silver coins in this series have been issued. Its composition is 90% silver and also 10% copper.

How much is a 2001 Rhode Island quarter worth? The price of this silver coin is approximately USD 5 to USD 10; this depends on the error level.

The silver quarter bears the mint mark with an “S” instead of a “P” or “D.” Not only were the quarters made of silver, but many late-night TV channels also started selling 2001 Rhode Island quarter which had gold linings to trick the audience into paying a high price thinking they were expensive. You have to be careful and observant so that you are not deceived and lose money.


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