2001 North Carolina Quarter Value: History and Worth

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The front view of the 2001 North Carolina quarter has the design of the standard Washington Quarter but includes a few changes.

The Washington Quarter which has been in circulation from 1932-1998 has the date and the word “Liberty” written on the front.

State Quarters, Territory Quarters, and National Park Quarters were introduced which then changed the design and also affect the 2001 North Carolina quarter value.

2001 North Carolina quarter value

The image of Washington facing left is still used as the design; the text that appears in front is now different, reading “United States of America”, then the words “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and the words “Quarter Dollar.”

The Back Design

The Wright brothers who are trying to fly the plane can be seen in the design of the back. The event is widely remembered as a successful flight with a duration of 1 minute for the first time.

The year 1903 marked the first flight that occurred at Kitty Hawk, this is the name of an island located in the far eastern region of North Carolina.

The design on the back is of the Wright Brothers from this part of Ohio, it depicts the journey of life of those who owned the repair shop that was bought by Henry Ford.

Many gave ideas regarding the design of this coin until June 5, 2000; the design chosen was the plane belonging to the Wright Brothers which was chosen by the Governor of North Carolina.

This coin is the 12th release in the Statehood Quarters program. On the back of the 2001 North Carolina quarter is the text that reads “North Carolina 1789” then “First Flight” of “2001” and the words “E Pluribus Unum”, and obviously it can show you the 2001 North Carolina quarter worth.

Coin Composition

Statehood Quarters are coated by 75 – 80% copper, and 20% nickel. The core of the coin is made of solid copper. Coins are also produced using silver for special edition Silver Proof Sets.

This coin was minted including in the regions of North Carolina, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Kentucky.

2001 North Carolina Quarter Errors

The 2001 North Carolina quarter had nothing to go wrong with. It will be very lucky if you can find a 2001 North Carolina quarter error, if you can find such a rare thing, it is better for you to contact an expert to verify the error so that you can estimate the price correctly and validly.

It should be noted that the state quarter’s average circulation is only $0.25. You can just save the coin or take it to the nearest bank.

2001 North Carolina Quarter Value

This coin variety, which originated in the 2001 North Carolina quarter, was designed by a man named John Flanagan along with John Mercanti who produced the silver variety used as part of a proof set.

A total of 889,694 silver coins have been issued for the series. Its composition is 90% silver and also 10% copper.

How much is a 2001 North Carolina quarter worth? The price of one silver coin is approximately USD 5 to USD 10, the value adjusts the level.

Avoid Loses and Get Profit

The thing that determines whether your coin is made of silver is to look at the existing mint marks. The silver quarter has a mint mark with an “S” instead of a “P” or even a “D.”

Many parties offer gold-plated State Quarters to scam people and illegally make bigger profits. The gold-plated quarters are scarce and insufficient to interest collectors.

Try to find out on the internet, if are there some mistakes that might give you unexpectedly large amounts of money. Try going to coin collector forums and so on. Look for credible people who can describe high coin values and comply with existing standards so that you don’t experience losses.


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