2002 Mississippi Quarter Value: Design and Worth

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The standard 2002 Mississippi quarter created for the state of the United States, Mississippi, in 2002 is a coin made using a layered composition containing copper and nickel.

There should be a proof of mint or silver proof sign that is visible and printed clearly enough for you to sell it and make more money.

2002 mississippi quarter value

You need to add knowledge about this so you can better understand and know the 2002 Mississippi quarter value according to the conditions.

2002 Mississippi Quarter Design

You can see that on the reverse side of the coin there is an image of a Magnolia which is the type of flower that is the symbol of that state. You can also see that at the top of the flower image there are the words “The Magnolia State”.

The year 1817 is written in the design of this coin because that number is the year Mississippi was declared to have officially joined the union.

Coin Information

The United States minted several series of coins of different types owned by the 2002 Mississippi quarter, including the 2002 P quarter, then the 2002 D quarter, then the 2002 S quarter proof, and there was also the 2002 S silver quarter proof.

You can find the mint mark on the face of all coins and its exact location is under the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

The following is information regarding the number of coins minted according to the series, the location of the minting, and also the quantity of the prints.

Series Location Quantity Printed
2002 PPhiladelphia290,000,000
2002 DDenver289,600,000
2002 Exhibit SSan Francisco3,084,245
2002 Silver Proof SSan Francisco892.229


The 2002 Mississippi quarter worth of each coin is basically influenced by the series and also the conditions that the coin has.

Below we will examine the values for each series. 2002 Mississippi quarter P and Mississippi quarter 2002 D, both coins can have a value of approximately USD 1 if the coin is not in circulation and has a standard value of MS 63.

A coin in uncirculated condition and has a value of MS 65 allows you to get prices up to USD 1.50 or even more if you are lucky enough.

The Mississippi quarter proof 2002 allows it to reach a value of approx. USD 5 provided the coin has a PR level rating of 66DC.

Then you can get a price quote of approximately USD 15 if your coin is in a condition that has a PR level of 69DC.

Silver Proof Quarter

This type of coin has at least a silver value. The melt value for this type of silver coin is USD 4.07 as of December 6, 2022.

This type of melt value will be calculated based on the updated silver standard price which is USD 22.51 per ounce.

Mississippi quarter-proof silver produced in 2002 can be valued at approximately USD 11 when rated at a PR of 66DC, and can be priced at approximately USD 20 when rated at a PR of 69DC.

Coin Grading System

  • MS 63 in non-circulating condition – In the area that is used as the main focus, several 2002 Mississippi quarter errors can be seen which could be an indication of contact marks. The luster on the surface of the coin will most likely not be as prominent.
  • The MS 65 gem is in an uncirculated state – you can tell there is a strong, firm luster, and could be appealing to many eyes. There may be small and light contact marks but they are very small and barely visible to the naked eye.
  • PR 66DC Proof – Has slight faint markings and hairline markings.
  • Proof PR 69DC – There are very few imperfections that you can see.

That’s some important information about this 2002 Mississippi quarter coin. Hopefully, it can add to your knowledge about how much is a 2002 Mississippi quarter worth and help you determine the price of a coin according to its conditions.


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