2022 Ohio Quarter Value and Worth

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2002 Ohio quarter is one of the circulating coins in the U.S. It is a common coin you can find in your daily life. However, it has some characteristics that make it more valuable for the owners. It also has a unique history which is a sign of Ohio’s contribution as part of the U.S.

If you’re a coin collector and looking for a good collection, then you need to know how to use them. In case you choose the most suitable coin for you to collect, then you can experience many things.

2002 ohio quarter value

You can also get some unique things when you explore the coins. Some of them will captivate you and be a part of your valuable collection.

To start your collection, you need to know the 2002 Ohio quarter value. The value is indeed high, which is good and will add worth to your collection.

Get to Know the Value of the 2002 Quarter from Ohio

Every coin has its own history. If you want to get the best collecting experience, then you have to understand how you can get the Ohio coins.

The quarter from Ohio has its own history and specifications that make it more valuable. There are also 2002 Ohio quarter error that is good to collect.

2002 Ohio quarter was released on March 11, 2002. It is a coin released for the 50 State Quarters Program. The coin is the second release for it. When it comes to you having it as your collection, you can find the best one for your collection.

Here are some things you need to know about it:

  1. Ohio, which joined the Union on March 1803, is responsible for the coin theme. The coin was created with the theme of Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers. It is a sign that the coin is a symbol of the state’s contribution to the U.S. aircraft industry.
  2. The obverse inscriptions of this coin consist of texts; United States of America, Liberty, In God We Trust, and Quarter Dollar.
  3. The reverse inscriptions of this coin consist of texts; Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers, Ohio, 1803, 2002, and E Pluribus Unum.
  4. This coin has mint marks of Denver and Philadelphia. It is also a good coin that will make you feel special to have it. The design is unique and will be perfectly suitable for you if you want to collect good coins. The 2002 Ohio quarter worth will make your collection more valuable.
  5. This coin is designed by famous artists. The obverse was designed by John Flanagan and William Cousins, meanwhile, the reverse side was designed by Donna Weaver from the Artistic Infusion program.

Those are some important things you need to know about the coin. It has a great history and will be valuable to collect. You can also get the best from the 2002 Ohio quarter in your collection.

Tips for Collecting Unique Coins

If you want to start your collection hobby, so you need to be ready to choose them. You can start with the most common coins like the 2002 quarter for your collection.

Besides, you can also get some things that will make it more comfortable for you. Don’t push yourself to collect rare items. You need to also know how much is a 2002 Ohio quarter worth before you start collecting.

If you want to have a good experience in collecting the coins, you need to also start having storage for them. Having storage helps you to find the best collection. You can put the unique coins with astronaut figures perfectly in your storage. So, you can collect all coins besides of 2002 Ohio quarter comfortably.


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