The Story of 2002 Louisiana Quarter Value

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The design on the face of the 2002 Louisiana quarter features the standard Washington Quarter face design but with minor changes. This Washington Quarter coin has been in circulation from 1932 to 1998. This coin has an inscription showing the date on the front, and then there is the word “Liberty” there as well.

After the release of the State Quarters, followed by the Territory Quarters and also the National Park Quarters, the design changed slightly.

2002 louisiana quarter value

The new coin design still retains Washington’s face facing left, and on the front side of the coin the text wrote:

  • United States of America
  • Liberty
  • In God We Trust
  • Quarter Dollars

The reverse side of the coin shows a trumpet-shaped image at the top of the coin, a pelican at the bottom, and the United States of America in the center.

2002 Louisiana Quarter History

History records that in 1803, a character named Thomas Jefferson bought 530,000,000 hectares of land from a French ruler at that time, namely Napoleon Bonaparte. The purchase of the vast tract of land cost USD 15,000,000 and includes the entire central United States to date.

This land purchase event eventually added as many as 13 new states.

It is known that France had an influence on the culture of jazz music which was a result of the musical revolution that was taking place in Europe at that time.

In other words, with the representation of the trumpet image and also the Purchase of Louisiana land, the existence of the coin is not only used as a symbol or story about the land being purchased and also the roots of jazz music, but also a culture that has French roots.

2002 Louisiana Quarter Design

You can see that on the bottom face of the 2002 Louisiana quarter coin there is a bird that represents the state, namely the pelican.

This coin is devoid of enthusiasts, especially for people who are looking for coins because of their aesthetic 2002 Louisiana quarter value.

This coin is the 18th released during the Statehood Quarters program. You can find the text on the back of the coin:

  • Louisiana 1812
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • 2002
  • E Pluribus Unum

Silver 2002 Louisiana quarter coins for the purpose of Silver Proof Set specifically include manufacturers for Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, Louisiana, and Mississippi counties.

Features on Coin

  • – Publisher: United States
  • – Federal Republic Period: 1776
  • – Year of Manufacture: 2002
  • – Currency Value: ¼ Dollar or 25 Cents (USD 0.25)
  • – Dollar Currency: The year 1785
  • – Coin Composition: Copper plated with copper and nickel
  • – Coin weight: 5.67 grams
  • – Coin Diameter: 24.26 mm
  • – Coin Thickness: 1.75 mm
  • – Coin Shape: Round
  • – Manufacturing Technique: Grind
  • – Coin Orientation: Alignment ↑↓
  • – Coin Number: N#621
  • – Coin Reference: KM#333, Schön#333

2002 Louisiana Quarter Worth

How much is a 2002 Louisiana quarter worth? The 2002 Louisiana quarter coin, which has the front designed by John Flanagan and William Cousins, and the back coin by John Mercanti, can be valued at a high 2002 Louisiana quarter worth up to USD 10, and at the Proof level, it can reach USD 90.

This is quite a large value even without any errors. it is very hard to find coins in this series.

If you have this coin with a unique 2002 Louisiana quarter error, you can try to ask a professional who has been in the world of collecting and grading coins for a long time to verify and determine the right value for the coin you have. Maybe you are lucky enough and can make a lot of money at antique auctions.


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