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This time, we are going to review, a site that provides many Solitaire Games you can play for free. We have tried several games from this and come up with two favorites among all. So, let’s see the first game we have here, the FreeCell Klondike.

FreeCell Klondike Review

This game is one of our favorite Solitaire version games. It offers more challenges than the classic Klondike solitaire. As for the FreeCell Klondike from this website, we can say that this game is well-made.

Place to Play All Solitaire Games

The design is simple and not as high-detailed as the FreeCell game you can play on your PC. But, that is reasonable because it is a browser and online game.

Therefore, it needs a simple design, so you can play it regardless of your internet connection quality. It means even if you don’t have the fastest internet connection, you can still play it without any problem.

The gameplay is the same as the FreeCell we know. It is fun and challenging. We lost several times when we tried it here. But, finally, we won the game. Moreover, we also scored a good one and ranked third on the leaderboard.

The leaderboard system is also a good addition to this game. Moreover, you can submit your score immediately after you finish the game, whether you win or lose. Then, you can see your rank compared to other users that also have submitted their scores.

In general, the FreeCell Klondike from is a fun and good game.

Now, let’s talk about the flaw. The first flaw is this game has no hints feature. Therefore, it is a bit difficult when you don’t know which card you should move. Moreover, this game is a time-based type of game. So, that wastes more time. It has sound and music options, but you can only turn them on or off. It has no level setting.

Kings Klondike Solitaire Review

The other game that we like is the Kings Klondike Solitaire game. To be honest, we never played this game before. So, it surprised us how challenging this game is.

The Kings Klondike Solitaire uses eight-card decks. The 56 cards are lying down on the screen with the open and closed positions.

Place to Play All Solitaire Games

Your job is to sort the card in red and black from the lowest to the highest value. This Solitaire game looks easy to play, yet challenging.

We had to try it several times to finish and win this card game. That is all about Kings Klondike gameplay. We have to say that it is one of the most fun Solitaire Games you can find on this site.

Design-wise, this game has a similar style as other Solitaire games on this site. It is simple and minimalist. We don’t mind this design because it is easy to notice. It also didn’t cause too much burden on our internet connection. So, even if your internet connection is slow, you can play this game without a problem.

This game also has a similar feature to the other game on Once you finish the game, you can submit the score to get ranked on the leaderboard.

Then, compared it with other players, which is so fun. And, to be honest, the ranking system makes us want to play this game more and more to get better ranks. It was so fun to see when our score finally placed on top of other players.

As for its flaws, it is similar to other games here. It doesn’t have a hint feature. Therefore, if you get stuck on one move, you would spend more time to find where you should put the card. Other than that, this game was fun to play and a good exercise for your brain.

Final Words is a good website to visit when you get bored and just want to have fun playing a simple online browser game. It has all kinds of Solitaire games. The only things that we see that needs some improvement are the variety of the game.

Many games here use the basic Solitaire game and only change its rule a bit and add a different theme or appearance.

We hope can add at least three other Solitaire games that we think should be there among many types of Solitaire. They are Spider Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, and TriPeaks Solitaire Games. Those three are the best additions that will make many people visit and play the game here.

One more thing that could be also important is the hints feature. If we can get those games and this feature, we believe players will have a much better gaming experience in As for now, we think this site is the best choice for you who want to enjoy Solitaire Games in your spare time.


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