Allen and Atherton Graduate Employment Programme

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Starting a career as a new business, finance, or related field graduate can be challenging in the UK due to several factors. Among them are lacks of experience, high competition for jobs in this field, and keeping up with the constantly changing tax laws in the UK.

You can face this challenge despite your degree and other qualifications, such as from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England.

That’s why you need to join a graduate employment programme in a reputable firm like Allen and Atherton, which you can access at this link You stand to gain within side the following ways:

Job Placement

Job Placement

A graduate employment scheme from such a consulting firm can help you with job placement through a range of support and resources.

For instance, the programme may provide one-on-one career counselling that enables you to identify your career goals, strengths, and interests. Such sessions allow you to find suitable opportunities.

You can also find job search assistance by providing a job search database, revamping your resume, and offering resources that prepare you for interviews.

Staff Quote: “I was impressed by the job placement services offered through the graduate employment programme. They helped me find a job that was a great fit for me and gave me a strong start in my career.”

Career Development

Such as programme can also help you develop your career by offering training opportunities through workshops and seminars. You will also get on-the-job training through this programme.

Career Development

This training will allow you to apply the theory and concepts you learned in a realistic-world tax consulting project.

Additionally, it exposes you to industry standards and best practices. From it, you will also gain confidence in providing tax and accounting services.

Staff Quote: “The graduate employment programme has been instrumental in my professional development and growth in finance. The graduate programme has provided me with a solid foundation to build my career, from the training and mentorship opportunities to the access to job openings. I am grateful for the support and resources that have allowed me to reach my career goals.”


As a new graduate, this employment programme will allow you to work with experienced professionals in the accounts and tax consultancy field.

In addition, you will have regular check-ins between you and your mentor, giving you support. You can ask questions, seek guidance during one-on-one sessions, and receive valuable feedback from your mentee.

Your mentor can help you identify your strength and guide you on how to use them in developing your career.

Staff Quote: “The mentorship opportunities provided through the graduate employment programme have been invaluable to my professional development. My mentor has provided me with guidance, support, and industry knowledge that has helped me navigate my early career. I am grateful to learn from someone with such experience and expertise.”

Networking Opportunity

Joining this programme gives you a networking opportunity by introducing you to experienced professionals in your field. In addition, you will meet other industry players like lawyers who can help in your career.

The networking will also expand your knowledge in this consultancy industry and help you learn about the company culture.

Attending networking events organized by the firm will help you develop soft skills such as communication and confidence in a realistic professional setting.

Staff Quote: Networking is one of the most important aspects of a successful career in tax and consulting. This graduate employment programme allowed me to connect with experienced professionals and build meaningful relationships that can lead to long-term career success.”

Graduating from college is a big milestone. Unfortunately, you still need to be ready for the job market because you lack real-life experience and might struggle to balance interpersonal skills and technical knowledge. Adapting to a professional workplace can also be a challenge.

That’s why you need to join Graduate Employment Programme in a reputable firm like Allen and Atherton, accessible here at The firm is arguably the best for employment programme as a new graduate due to its network of five offices worldwide and over 200 employees you can learn from.


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