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Share This Post is a place to find all references about mortgage loans and finance. You can use its calculator to find out your property values and debt. However, not many people know that this place also have a section where you can have fun playing online Money Game.

It is a browser-based game, so you don’t need to install them. Just have a good internet connection and an updated browser. You will have fun times on this website.

To find the games you can play, you can visit We have tried several games there. And, we have to admit, it was a really fun experience. Among the many games we tried, these two are my favorites.

The first one is LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect. We have the review for this game that we hope will be a good reference before you try it. Let’s start!

LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect Review

Our impression of this game was fun. It was a fun game to play in your spare time. The design also looks cute, especially with the LEGO building style and character. We feel comfortable seeing this pixel-style design, which emphasizes the detail in the 2D style format.

Money Game

As for its gameplay, it is also fun and challenging. You have to build buildings on the slots available in each area. Once you fill in all building slots in one city, you can move to the next one. You can earn gold from the building you built before. Then, use the gold to get materials or build the next buildings.

To get material, you need to play a minigame. It is a mining minigame where you remove the dirt to uncover the material beneath.

You need to guess correctly which position the material (LEGO block) is in. Then, click the dirt to remove and once you uncover the whole part of the material, you will acquire that material.

The combination between various minigames and money-making styles makes this game fun to play for a long time. Moreover, you can face a randomly-occurred disaster, where you have to play minigames to prevent that disaster from destroying your building.

The only drawback we experienced when we played this game is the zoom-in and out feature. It has that feature, but you must click the magnifying glass to activate it. It would be much simpler and helpful if you can do it by using your mouse scrolling button.

Other than that, we think this game is one of the best browser-based online games you can play. You should play this Money Game if you also like to play LEGO.

Merge Blocks

Next, we also played Merge Blocks. This game is simple with gameplay similar to its title. You have to merge many blocks (buildings) to create a higher level of buildings.

Money Game

The game keeps continuing until you run out of a place to place the block. You also only have 6×6 areas to work on your block merging game.

The appearance is simple and it doesn’t have those high-detailed items. But, it is fun and you can easily spend hours playing and trying to get to the highest level of the building, which is the level 10 building.

By the way, we haven’t been able to reach that level yet. The highest level of the building we can create is only level six.

The gameplay, even though it is simple, is quite challenging. You need a strategy and the place to put the block you want to merge. It also has a block feed system like what you can find on Tetris. The difference is after merging the blocks, they won’t disappear.

The blocks will keep leveling up until it reaches the highest level.

You also get a hammer to remove the block. You use it to remove the block you mistakenly put in the building area. But, the number of hammers is limited, so use them wisely.

As for its flaws or cons, we haven’t found any of them. It is a simple game, so it doesn’t have too many elements we can criticize. In short, this could be one of the best simple games out there.

Final Words did a great job providing the visitor with various free-to-play online browser games. It has many genres, from strategy to action.

Moreover, many of them are also suitable for kids. If you are a parent, you should visit the website with your kids.

Your kids will be happy to play the game here. Many games here are also educational-type games, which is good for your kid’s development. The game section is the best place to relax after calculating your mortgage on this website. This place is also the best destination for you who want to play an online Money Game for fun.


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