1999 Connecticut Quarter Value and Worth

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Do you have some spare old pennies and quarters? When you find some pristine old coins and quarters from the back of your sofa and are curious about how much they will be worth, first don’t throw them out. Sometimes, some old coins and pennies could be worth so much more than their initial face value. One example is the 1999 Connecticut quarter worth and value.

Now, in our discussion, we will discuss the worth and value of the 1999 Connecticut quarter how much they can be valued in the market and the value behind it.

1999 Connecticut quarter value

We will also talk about how this quarter penny could be worth your time, and how the error pennies can make some sum worth of money.

The Standard 1999 Connecticut Quarter

The 1999 Connecticut penny is also sometimes called as 1999 clad quarter. It is made from a composition of nickel and copper, as well as some clad-proof pennies, and silver pennies.

They are also minted in the same year and worth some money, especially for some pennies that are in good condition, especially some of the uncirculated conditions.

The design on the Connecticut quarter features the charter oak tree, and back then it was granted from the royal charter of King Charles II, it is a well-known story that the colonists hid some charter on the famous oak tree, and then the oak tree itself was burned, and become the symbol of American independence.

Coin Specifications and the 1999 Connecticut Quarter Value

The design on the reverse side is the charter oak tree, It has three different series from the 1999 Connecticut coin, the 1999 P, 1999D, and the 1999 S Proof penny, and each of them differs in where they are minted, and quantity minted.

The S proof was specifically produced as collectible pieces, and not marketable, or circulated.

For the worth and value of the 1999 Connecticut quarter error, it depends on the conditions and series of the quarter.

The standard value would be the same as one quarter, but some of the good conditions quarter and S proof could reach around $1.50, and some uncirculated could be around $5.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 1999 Connecticut Coin

So, here are a few of the FAQs that might help you in collecting some old noteworthy coins, especially some older coins.

  • How much is a 1999 Delaware Quarter worth?

It all depends on the condition, and grade. For the Delaware quarter, most of the circulated conditions penny would only cost an initial face value of $0.25, or a quarter. If you wanted to know about some worthy penny, you should try to get some higher grade, and uncirculated grade pennies as well.

  • How much is a 1999 Connecticut Worth?

As we have mentioned earlier, most of the 1999 Connecticut penny quarter is the circulated grade, meaning that it is mostly in bad or at a best good grade. It is only worth around a quarter of $0.25, however some uncirculated, and higher grade pennies could be worth it for more than $5 to even uncirculated grade with $15 to $50 more.

  • How to know if your penny is worth it?

You can go to the coin grading service or goes to the local coin dealer that can appraise your coin grades, and how it is worth in the current market.

  • How to find the old quarter worth your money?

Most of the time you will only see circulated pennies, meaning that they won’t be worth so much money. If you want to find some old quarter that has good worth, then you might as well try to visit a coin dealer and auction.

That’s it on the discussion about the 1999 Connecticut quarter, how they are worth it, and how should they be valued in the current market.


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