Discovering of a 1981 5 Dollar Bill Value

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1981 5 Dollar Bill Value – If you love collecting old coins and want more collections of old bills, then you might have come to the right place here, we are providing complete information on old dollar bills, coins, silver coins, and copper mixed coins, and now we are telling you about the complete information regarding about the 1981 5 dollar bill of the green and red seal and the very rare star notes.

1981 5 dollar bill value

One thing you should remember about old dollar bills like the 1981 5 dollar bill is the most deciding factor of what makes them expensive or makes the value is the condition of the bill itself.

The condition would determine the grading of each bill, how much it is valued, and of course, if it is circulated or not would be the number one factor in deciding how much can be valued.

The 1981 5 dollar bill is the most commonly circulated bill that has been around in the market for decades, therefore it isn’t valued much compared with other coins, uncirculated grade, or finer grade.

For now, let’s see what makes them valuable, and how you can find them, sell them, or invest in the valuable dollar bills from the 1970s through the 1980s.

How Much Is A 1981 5 Dollar Bill Worth In The Open Market?

If we are talking about the 1981 five dollar bill worth in the current market, most of the bills are in circulated condition, which means they mostly have the same value as their initial denomination. Most of the bills that still survive today would be worth at least $5.

With better condition, the bills themselves can be graded into good, or better and then can be sold at a premium price.

In addition, some of the star notes of the 1981 5 dollar bill would be valued more since it is very rare, especially if they are in uncirculated grade. The 1981 series of the 5 dollar bills can be worth its initial face value, and in finer grade could be worth at least $7.50.

If it is in uncirculated grade, the MS 63 grade, it can be worth around $25.

Another series of the 1981A could be worth around $15 for the extremely fine conditions, while the uncirculated grade could be worth at least $35 to $50, but they are very rare finds. We will talk about the star notes of the 1981 five dollar bill value in a bit.

1981 5 dollar bill worth

What Makes The Old 5 Dollar Bill Value Increase?

There are many reasons why old dollar bills such as the 1981 $5 bill value increased in the market, however, there are at least two factors in deciding the worth and value of old dollar bills, and that is grading or conditions, and the type of bills.

The bills are made of paper which means that it has no melting value, unlike old coins which are made from coin with inflated prices such as copper and alloy.

The grading refers to the general condition of the old dollar bill itself. If the dollar bill is pristine, and the condition was as good as when it was first printed, it would be valued more compared with other bills that have been damaged from circulation.

Some of the uncirculated grades are also incredibly rare, but they are worth more, at least twice more than the circulated grade.

As for the different types of dollars, you can search on our official website here for more information regarding the rare, and valuable dollar bills, from the territorial states quarter, the rare star notes, and many more.

Star Notes 1981 $5 Bill Value

If you are unfamiliar with the star notes, historically, the star notes are dollar bills used in the United States printer Federal Reserve. These special star notes are rarer and more valuable, and they can fetch more value in the open market.

To differentiate between star notes and regular $5 bills, you can see on the serial number, if there is a star symbol at the end of the serial number, then it is a star note.

For most of the 1981 series, star notes could be worth at least $20 to $30 if it is in fine condition. Some of the uncirculated grades of star notes could fetch around $60 to even $70, more valuable than some of the 1981 5 dollar bill error and coins.

Where You Can Get The 1981 5 Dollar Bill Worth Your Money?

If you are an avid collector and have already built sizeable collections, then you might have already understood how to find some valuable coins, and where you can invest in them. If you are an amateur coin collector and want to know where is the best place to find, collect, and invest in the most valuable coin, here are a few options you can try to get better and more valuable collections.

First, you can try to bet on your luck in the coin rolling, or hunting it in the online shop.

One thing to take note of, however, is that hunting old coins and dollar bills in the online shop might not be safe, and it is not recommended if you want to deal with some high-end collections.

For more trusted sources, you better go to the local coin auction, and coin dealers. They could give you the best selections of the old coin dealers and on the 1981 5 dollar bill value in the market. Furthermore, they can give you the best and most valuable pieces, but of course, the price and value would be more high-end.


In the end, is the 1981 5-dollar bill worth it or not? Well, that depends on many things, such as category, different varieties, as well as the condition, and grading. Most of the circulated grades won’t fetch much money, as they will be worth around $5, while the uncirculated bills or bills that have star notes on them would be valued at least $50 to even $70.

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