Discovering of a 1977 5 Dollar Bill Value

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1977 5 Dollar Bill Value – For every coin collector and antique dollar bills hunter, you might already be familiar with the old dollar bills, such as the 1970s dollar bills, and with the 1977 5 dollar bill and coins. Whenever you need a coin appraisal and looking for specific coin value and worth then you have come to the right place, this time we are going to tell you about the 5 dollar bills, from the year 1977.

At first glance, the 1977 5 dollar bill might not look much, but they are quite valued and worth it in the market somehow.

1977 5 dollar bill value

The dollar bills like with the 1970s series can fetch quite an amount of money, but only for finer grades, or if you are lucky you might stumble upon some of the very rare uncirculated grades of the old dollar bills.

The 1977 5 Dollar Bill Value In The Open Market

Most of the time, when you happen to get the 1977 5-dollar bill in the open market or get it through the open market, you will get the circulated bills. Circulated notes won’t fetch quite a good amount of money, due to them having already touched the market of US money circulations.

If you are lucky, however, you can find some of the uncirculated grade dollar bills that could have better or even extremely grades.

One thing for sure, however, is that finding a finer grade, or the uncirculated grade is very hard, and the chances of finding one are vanishingly small.

There are many ways you can try to get your hand on some rare and valuable bills, such as with the coin rolling, hunting for coins in the open market, or you can also try your luck on the coin auction and dealers.

1977 $5 Bill Value Specification

Let’s learn more about the $5 bill of the 1977 series, and learn about some value behind it, as well as the varieties that could fetch quite an amount of money.

  • Nominations: USD 5
  • Dollar Type: Federal Reserve Note
  • Note series: 1977 and 1977A
  • Seal on the notes: Green seal, red seal, and the rare star notes.

1977 5 dollar bill value

1977 Series, 5 Dollar Bill Value

If you have the circulated grade condition of the 1977 five-dollar bill worth notes, it won’t be worth much more than its initial face value. The best you can get from it is around $5 and if it is in better or finer grade, they can be sold for at least $7 to $10.

If it is in extremely fine grade, or better yet in uncirculated condition, it can be sold for a premium, and in addition, there are also star notes variety.

As for the finer grade of the 1977 5 dollar bill, it can be worth at least $7, and the uncirculated condition with grade MS 63 to MS 67 could be sold for at least $12 to $15 but they are very rare.

The 1977A bills, roughly have the same value, for at least $6 for finer conditions, and the uncirculated bills can be sold up to $12 to $15 for the premium conditions.

1977 5 Dollar Bill Star Notes

There are rare dollar bills that have star notes on them, star notes are rarer bills, and it is supposed to be used as replacement bills printed by the Federal Reserve of the United States. These star notes are more valuable, and they are also rarer finds.

You can identify the star notes by looking at the end of the serial number, if there is a star symbol on it, then this visible star symbol is a sign of the rare star notes.

Most of the star notes are worth at least twice the amount of the usual good or fine-grade red seal or green seal of the 1977 five-dollar bill and they are valued at least $12 to $15 in extremely fine conditions.

The uncirculated star notes however can be valued at least $40 to even $50. These star notes are limited and only issued in very limited numbers, in Boston, St. Louis, and Dallas.

Most of the star notes are in good condition, but they are quite hard to find. Most of them can be found only in the collector’s cache, or you can also try to get them in the coin auction. For the coin auction, they can be found at least sold for around $50.

If you are lucky though, you might also happen to see some of the 1977 5 dollar bill error and valuable notes being sold in the online market, and through the coin roll.

Where You Can Get a 1977 5-Dollar Bill Worth Your Money?

If you want to get the most valuable dollar bill, especially the 1970s and 1980s dollar bills, there are many ways you can try. If you want to try out your luck, you can purchase coin rolls in online shops such as eBay, Amazon, and many more.

Beware though, coin roll is sometimes worth it, but most of the time you won’t get any valuable or notable coins for your collection.

If you want for a bit more specific, yet worth more, then you should try to check on the local coin dealers and coin auctions.

Keep it in mind though, most of the coins that are in the auction or the hand of coin dealers are worth something, so you will need to spend more money on it.

Therefore you need to get ready with your research first and understand the value behind it.


So, how much is a 1977 5-dollar bill worth in the current market? That depends on the category and type of dollar bills.

If it is a regular green seal note, it won’t be worth much value than $5, with some extremely fine grades that could be sold for at least $7. For the star notes of 1977 five five-dollar bill value is rarer and more valuable with $40 to $50 for each of the uncirculated 1977 5 dollar bills.

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