1996 Series 100 Dollar Bill Value

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The 1996 series $100 bill was printed from December 1995 until October 2001, when the new 2003 series notes were released. It was the first U.S. Federal Reserve note to contain the motto In God We Trust. If your $100 bill has some kind of defect that could prevent it from being re-circulated, it may have value above its face value (though still probably less than you think!).

1996 Series 100 Dollar Bill value

This article will provide tips on how to determine if your $100 bill is valuable, as well as how much it’s worth if it is deemed collectible or rare.

During the past decade, the Federal Reserve has issued American Dollar banknotes in ten different denominations. This particular 100 American Dollar banknote is included in the previous series of US dollar banknotes.

Since 1996, the Federal Reserve has issued these 100 American Dollar banknotes. In 2004, they were withdrawn from circulation.

This banknote depicts Benjamin Franklin, the sixth president of Pennsylvania. The paper banknote is endorsed by the Federal Reserve. Could you please let me know if you have a series 1996 100-dollar banknote?

It is the first series of $100 bills to use a contemporary style design since 1929. To prevent counterfeiting, a number of new security features were added (a higher-quality portrait of Franklin, a watermark, color-shifting ink, and fine-line printing).

Generally, 1996 one-hundred dollar bills aren’t very valuable. However, star notes can be more valuable. These bills were updated in 1996 with new security features, so continue reading to learn more. Franklin’s portrait was modified in an interesting way.

1996 Series One Hundred Dollar Bill

1996 Series $100 Dollar Bill Value

In circulated conditions, standard bills aren’t worth more than their face value of $100; they will only sell at a premium in uncirculated conditions. In MS 63 condition, a 1996 series $100 bill is worth around $130 in uncirculated condition.

1996 Series 100 Dollar Bill With Star Note

Notes with three stars are replacement bills that the U.S. Federal Reserve printed. Star notes have a star symbol at the end of the serial number, so you can determine if you have one.

In uncirculated condition with a grade of MS 63, the 1996 series $ 100-star notes are worth around $165. Star notes issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland are worth around $1,150.

1996 Series $100 Dollar Bill by Grading System

The note is still as crisp as it was when it was first issued. A choice uncirculated note shows no evidence of ever having been in circulation. Also, the note is well-centered.


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