My Christmas Is Different This Year After Playing Noel Navigates

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I have a 5-year-old boy at home and want to welcome Christmas a little bit differently this year. Besides preparing a special Christmas gift and tree, I want to introduce an online game. Luckily, I found

This website offers a variety of online games and keep updating it. I check the games and stop on the game entitled Noel Navigates. The theme of this game relates to Christmas and Santa Claus. After playing this game a few times, I want to share my opinion here.

About Noel Navigates

About Noel Navigates -

Most children are waiting for Santa Claus every Christmas. Indeed, it is a super busy time for Santa since he has to deliver the gifts to all children. Noel Navigates uses this storyline where players must navigate Santa Claus to deliver gifts to children.

There is a simple navigation on the snow to guide players to direct Santa to a specific house. The players also must direct Santa in the correct order based on the number of houses. Players will unlock the next level anytime they accomplish a specific level. Your kids will be curious and addicted to this game since there are up to 50 different levels to unlock.

The Graphic of Noel Navigates

I think the graphic looks attractive. Players are about to feel the Christmas atmosphere once they open the game. We are about to see snow as the background, Santa, and the special Christmas gifts.

The title of the game is also interesting enough to see because of the Christmas ornaments. Indeed, children will be more enthusiastic to play Noel Navigates.

The Navigation Buttons

The navigation buttons are also easy to understand, especially for 5-year-old children or older. They only have to click or tap the play button on the screen and play the game.

There are also audio buttons to control the volume in case your children are too sensitive to sound. The icons for each button are also clear enough. I think children can adjust the setting at their convenience before playing the game.

Things I Love from Noel Navigates Game

Clear Instructions to Play the Game

Players can scroll down to read the gameplay instructions first. Here, we will get the information about the way to play the game. Then, you will also get the instructions step-by-step to direct Santa.

This complete instruction is good not only for children but also for parents who want to explain it again to their children. As a result, they don’t have to get confused to start the game.

Players even can learn more about the levels, winning, and losing. I was also pleased by the tips to play Noel Navigates. It helps beginner players to understand the game well.

Change the Setting into a Free Web Application

It is also a brilliant feature the developer gives to its players. I only have to click the link to change the setting from the web page into a web application display. I love to play the game in the web application display because it looks clear and simple.

Children will also love it since they can focus on the game. They are not distracted by the texts around the page. The most important thing is that I can still feel the Christmas atmosphere even changing the setting into a web application.

Easy to Play

I think this game is suitable for 5-year-old children and older. Adults even love to play this game to kill their boredom. The best part is the easy game controller. I only have to use my mouse to control the Santa. Hold the left-click mouse and move it in the direction you want.

Indeed, my little boy can also play this game well. Best of all, I don’t have to explain too complicated instructions to him before playing the game.

This Game Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Children who often play Noel Navigates may have better problem-solving skills. It is because the higher the levels, the more difficult the challenge. Some players may take a few seconds or minutes to direct Santa to pass all the houses in the right order.

I think it is good to increase the difficulty level step-by-step. My kid is curious enough to help Santa pass through all the houses after playing this game for a few minutes. The difficulty levels also prevent boredom while playing this game.

The locked Levels Keep Players Curious to Play the Game More and More

I am also addicted to this game because of seeing the locked levels. Because of that, I’m curious to unlock the next levels. That’s why I play Noel Navigates over and over again.

Luckily, I don’t have to save my achievements manually. The system is about saving my gaming achievements automatically. It is also a good idea so children can close the game anytime they want to stop.

They can continue to play the game later without worrying about losing their achievement. Best of all, they don’t have to start the game from the beginning.


Noel Navigates is a fun game to play with children and the entire family during Christmas. It is a great activity for children to celebrate Christmas besides gathering and revealing their special gifts. Parents can also accompany their children to play this game while explaining about Christmas, Santa, and other things related to Christmas.

Due to the simplicity of the game, Noel Navigates is perfect for 5-year-old children and older. I think children in schools should play this game to boost their problem-solving skills. The improvement in the difficulty levels is about to trigger kids to think about the way to solve it and lock in the next levels.

This game can be a good learning medium for kids to improve their knowledge and basic skills. I am also glad that updates the game regularly. Kids can play other games if they want it.

You can check the official website to learn more about Noel Navigates and other games. This website has hundreds of games based on several categories. I hope that your kids get a new Christmas experience this year after playing Noel Navigates.


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