Keno- a Simple Game of Luck or an Illegal Activity

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Keno is one of the oldest casino games, having a history of 2,000 years. Even though its background is argued a lot among people, everyone agrees that the game’s origin is closely linked to Asia and not the United States. Some even consider Keno to be originated in China, but the name of the game itself is French, “quine”- representing a group of five. 

In order to understand why this entertaining game gained such popularity across the globe, it’s necessary to dive into some key facts, rules, and gameplay.

The Origin Of Keno

It is commonly believed that this game was first presented by a Chinese ruler in Ancient China, who wanted to utilize Keno as another source of income. The fund of wars, as well as the termination of the Great Wall of China, was associated with huge financial resources. 

The government didn’t possess that amount of money due to the fact that the citizens weren’t willing to pay the taxes. So, Cheung Leung came up with the unique idea to acquire these funds using a different method. 

That’s the point where Keno was presented to a huge auditory. Leung assumed that this entertaining hazard game would play a huge role in collecting a significant amount of money for the countries well-being, as well as it would give Chinese citizens a chance to fund their personal needs. 

Soon after the game was introduced it started rising in popularity and a certain percentage of the population even become dependent on this thrilling casino game. Keno has spread in the United States thanks to Chinese immigrants in the mid-1840s and surprisingly, the game was soon added to a lot of casinos across all the states. 

Which factors contributed to the popularity of Keno?

Like other famous casino games, Keno is a game of chance too. The fact that it’s loved by most gamblers in different parts of the world, is due to its simplicity. This game doesn’t require complex mathematical calculations or multiplex strategies based on the estimation of probability. Of course, the chances of winning a life-changing amount of money are rather small, but enthusiasts still give it a shot.  

Another attractive factor is the straightforwardness of the gameplay. It only takes a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the rules and since the main character is the element of chance, it doesn’t require huge practice, so it’s easily accessible to almost anyone. 

The players simply have to pick a set of numbers (3-20) from a bowl of 80 possible choices. That’s why it’s often referred to as “keno 20/80 game”. It may come as no surprise that the game is characterized by low entering barriers too, making it appealing to everyone who wishes to try their luck in the gambling industry. 

India and the gambling Industry

The gambling sector is evolving every day due to various major software companies introducing high-tech and modern entertainment games frequently. They’re constantly improving the quality of their products, offering unique characteristics. 

But, on the other hand, a lot of countries introduce gambling laws and regulations, in order to prohibit running both online or land-based casinos as well as the usage of their service. The governments especially confront gambling houses that do not possess licenses or aren’t regulated by authorities. 

In several regions across the globe, including India, lotteries did not have the right to offer Keno for a certain timeframe. The Indian government argues that this casino game “is not a true lottery”, so it’s illegal. This statement caused mainly negative opinions among players. 

But even though the state lost a serious source of income from this hazardous game, the government representatives were happy to have the opportunity to close down several casinos in Indian lands as well as reduce gambling activities. 

The Indian authorities went even further by enforcing the federal laws, which included the limitation of other kinds of lottery games and restriction of casinos as well. 

The confrontation between the state and several major casino operators as well as entertainment game providers, lasted several years in court. As a result, nowadays different states of India operate under different laws. The gambling regulations aren’t specified making it hard to control the industry overall. 

Final Thoughts 

As we already mentioned above, the lotteries most popular game, Keno, spread across different regions and is still steadily increasing in popularity. Even though for many people this game is just a matter of entertainment and relaxation, its addiction has led to some serious problems in several cases. It’s crucial to remember that it’s impossible to obtain stable financial funds with this kind of activity. So, both veteran and newcomer gamblers should keep in mind that Keno, among others, is a game of chance that doesn’t guarantee success in most cases. 

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