All About 1940 Wheat Penny Value

1940 Wheat Penny Value - Old things always bring valuable stories. That is why many people are obsessed with collecting old things such as books, maps, hunting collectibles, and even old pennies. 

Many collectors enjoy buying and collecting coins for their pleasure or it is an enjoyable investment for them. Yes, collecting coins is one of the most enjoyable investments for some people who can see deeper value on old coins. 

1940 Wheat Penny value is precious for coin collectors as that coin becomes one of the must-haves for penny collectors. During the 1980s up to 1990s, coin collecting was not really popular but now, it becomes more popular and beneficial.

1940 wheat penny value

Coins have become increasingly rare since the US. Mint stopped making about half of the cent coins in 1857. 

They decided so because the cost they spent to make coin money was more than its value and it has small purchasing power in use. The rarity of coins attracted lots of collectors to collect rare coins as their collection or investment.

Coin or penny collectors find out some benefits or advantages of penny collecting. Here are some of them. 

The Advantages of Coin Collecting

The older coin, the more expensive it is. When you are trying to collect coins, let your coin collection age as time because it will raise the value of the coins

Here are some advantages of coin collecting you should know, before deciding to be a coin collector. 

1. Beauty and Rarity 
The first advantage of coin collecting is to get its beauty and rarity. It brings satisfaction and enjoyment for all coin collectors to get unique and rare coins. It becomes the personal pride for the collector to get the rare coin. 

Besides, old coins also provide beauty for those who understand. Each coin has its own unique design, captivating stunning detail, and also artwork. 

The physical appearance might be beautiful, but the story, the meaning, and the history of the coin show something more than beautiful, it is precious and valuable. 

2. Moneymaker 
Coin collecting as a hobby is not just giving enjoyment and satisfaction to the collector, but also money. Coin collecting can be an alternative to invest money and it is really promising. 

One of the examples is the value of the 1940 wheat penny which is very valuable for the collector and investor. 

It is a good hobby that is worth trying if you are interested. You will find out the value of coin collecting when you let your old coinage because it will raise the value of that coin. 

You can see how much a 1940 Wheat Penny value is nowadays and it will give you an advantage too if you collect one. 

3. Challenging 
Coin collecting always is challenging for coin collectors as they should find and fight other collectors to get the coin they want to get. 

The rarer coin, the more valuable it will be. But of course, it is not easy to get it because other coin collectors are fond to find that coin as well. 

1940 wheat penny value

Those are three advantages of coin collecting that drive collectors to collect and invest in old coins. It is mentioned before that one of the most famous coins to collect is the 1940 Wheat Penny. 

1940 d Wheat Penny value might be more than you think because this coin is special. If you are interested in coin collecting, you must have heard about this coin. 

But for you who are new to this field, you have to know some facts about 1940 Wheat Penny Value and why this coin is on most of the coin collectors’ favorite coin lists. 

About 1940 Wheat Penny

1940 steel Wheat Penny value is precious for the collector as their collection and also an investment

1940 Wheat penny is a coin that has Abraham Lincoln’s portrait and has been on most collectors’ favorite list. The reason is that this coin has numismatic value. 

The name of the 1940 Wheat penny is from the high demand for this coin in 1940. This coin was designed by Victor Brenner in 1909 to replace the previous coin which had an Indian Head portrait. 

The designer, Victor Brenner chose Abraham Lincoln's portrait as an appreciation to him because he was such a great leader for the US. 

Short History of 1940 Wheat Penny 

The common reason for the 1940 Wheat Penny production was to celebrate the 100th of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday as he was the 16th president of the US who brought lots of values to the country. 

This penny was the first coin which has the president’s portrait on a coin. This coin production also showed how much economic improvement the US had that year. 

The country was getting better after struggling with all the financial problems during the Great Depression. Most of these coins were minted in Philadelphia and they had no mint mark. 

1940 Wheat Penny no mint mark value is depending on its condition and you should know that if you are into coin collecting. 

Others Penny coins that were produced at the Denver and San Francisco came with D and S mint marks. 

1940 Wheat Penny Features 

If you are interested in coin collecting, you should know well the features of 1940 Wheat Penny as this is one of the favorites among penny collectors. 

1940 Wheat Penny Value depends on its condition as mentioned before. You should know which coin condition will increase the value of the coin as you have known about the coin features. 

1940 wheat penny value no mint mark

1. Abraham Lincoln’s portrait 
The portrait of Abraham Lincoln is the icon of this coin as 1940 Wheat Penny was produced to appreciate the 16th president of the US. On the coin, the portrait of Abraham Lincoln is facing the right direction and it is on the center of the coin. 

The portrait captures Mr. President wearing his iconic suit and bow tie. The clearance of the portrait depends on the condition of the coin. But collectors like the one which looks old and historical. 

2. Slogans 
There is a slogan you can find on the top of the coin, right above the portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The slogan says “IN GOD WE TRUST” to show that people should trust in God. 

This slogan was popular during the Civil War as the religious sentiment was increasing during that time. The strong belief that people give to God became the slogan which is written on the 1940 Wheat Penny. 

3. The reverse side of 1940 Wheat Penny 
The name Wheat Penny is given for a reason. That is because there are two kinds of wheat on the reverse side of the coin. This wheat represented how the nation depended on farming at that time. 

The amount of the coin is also stated on this site. The UNITED STATE OF AMERICA is also stated close to the amount of the penny. 

4. The mint marks 
Each penny has a different mint mark depended on where they were being minted. There are three different places where the pennies were minted. 

They are Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. Each place has its own initiative as the mint mark on the penny. The Philadelphia has no mint mark, Denver coming with a D mint mark, and San Francisco used S as their mint mark. 

1940 Wheat Penny Value 

What is the value of a 1940 Wheat Penny? As a coin collector, you might not be wondering how much 1940 Wheat Pennyworth was. But for you who are new to becoming a penny expert, you should understand how much this pennyworth is.

The 1940 Wheat Penny has different values as it depends on the mint mark of the coin, the state of preservation, and also the condition of the coin. 

The condition of the coin is important because if you carelessly try cleaning it, you may cause permanent damage to the coin. this action will definitely decrease the value of the coin.

The existence of this coin is actually not really rare because there is a bunch amount of this coin that has been produced so far. But, because of the high demand for coin collectors, many collectors are still collecting them. That is why this coin is still valuable.

1940 Wheat Penny with no mint mark worth 3-5 cents, and if the coin is in good condition, the value may increase up to more than a dollar. 

1940 Wheat Penny with D, Denver, mint mark costs more than 5 cents, and the one with S mint mark costs more than 7 cents. The most expensive 1940 Wheat Penny is the proof Lincoln cent which is worth more than $25.

The Proof Lincoln coin is commonly only found in estates or collectors in decent condition. Those coins have been graded by the coin grading company and it is proven that the condition was decent. 

1940 Wheat Penny Value for the proof one was the higher because it is proven by professionals already that the condition of the coins is good.

To get this proof Lincoln coin, you should find it from the collectors because they will only collect the one that is best and the proven one.

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