5 Top Marijuana Stocks Come with 7 Strategies to Invest

It sounds strange and violates international rule when the US legalize a cannabis business. However, they have a strong reason why they do it until the result in $9 billion in 2017. Besides that, people search the top marijuana stocks the trading of cannabis increased up to $11 billion in 2019. Furthermore, they predict the income reaches $21 billion in 2022. The sharp increase in its business because they use cannabis as their medication necessary. So, do you attract to hunt the top marijuana stocks to watch?

5 Top Marijuana Stocks to Buy and Trade

Canada, apparently, also legalizes the trade of marijuana since last year. It becomes the best place to invest in the US. The country has the same consideration that cannabis has a lot of benefits for health. 

Behind its dangerous when the user does not follow the rule, it can heal some serious diseases. The medics usually use it to heal Arthritis, epilepsy, parkinsonism, anxiety, glaucoma, and so on. Although it relates to the medical field, anyone can buy the stocks. 
Okay, if you interest to hunt it, let’s see the 5 best marijuana stocks below:

1. Innovative Industry Property (IIP)

top marijuana stocks by market cap

This year, IIP becomes the best work performance cannabis stock because its profit that keeps increasing. REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) make it as the marijuana company in the US with a limited payment option. IIP can make you richer because it has a repeating work system. Even, it can increase the payment up to 140% during 2018. How can the company do it? 

IIP has a stable customer’s flow to increase its portfolio and offer 1.9% result on recent price. The portfolio that increases 100% has had a long-term rent for the tenant until getting reward up to 15%. It turns out investing in the best marijuana stocks here is very profitable. Moreover, when the tenant cannot pay the renting which commonly for 15 years. Of course, they will be difficult to take the positive reward from the stock.

2. Organigram

top marijuana stocks that pay dividends

Organigram is the Canadian manufacturer that reports 49% of clean income in the first quarter. The report is outside of the depreciation tax, amortization (EBITDA), and the profit before interest. It turns out the clean income soaring 117% from the prior quarter. In the same time, the expenses of administration, selling, and generally only increase 27% become CA $5.7 million.

Truthfully, what is organism company? Okay, it is the only Canadian cannabis company which has a significant profitable income during the last quarter. Organigram trades its top marijuana stocks 2021 Canada in 23, 7 times. Seemly, it includes very high trading for the company like Organigram.

3. Trulieve

top penny marijuana stocks 2021

Trulieve becomes the most profitable cannabis company in America after reporting its profit of $16.5 million. The company that exists in Florida operate 28 from 123 open drugstores there and it may reach 44. Although it is the most profitable marijuana company, Trulieve may unable to maintain its predicate in 2020 and so on. However, you do not need to worry if you want to own the Florida cannabis stocks. Recently, it bought some assets in Connecticut, California, and Massachusetts. It is an effort to give a reward.

4. Emerald Health Therapeutics

top penny marijuana stocks 2021

It is a flower and cannabis manufacturer in British, Columbia which have 262 rewards in the last year.

5. Hydropothecary  Corporation

top penny marijuana stocks 2021

For your information that it is the only cannabis manufacturer in Quebec, Canada. The last 5 best marijuana stocks for growth in 2021 increase its stock 203% in the last year. It occurred when Hydropothecary Corporation was preparing to launch a separate recreation cannabis label.  

7 Strategies to Trade Marijuana Stocks

Well, you have seen plenty of marijuana stocks above. It implies you must prepare a good strategy to win the trade. By the way, there are 7 strategies to catch one of the marijuana stocks to buy and watch below:

1. Find its legalization
You must remember that it includes the penny stock with many volatilities, newcomer, and uncertain. It sounds difficult to predict how the market will run. However, you do not need to worry because more than 30 states have legalized cannabis since the end of 2018.

2. Use ETF 
Rely on ETF (Exchange Trade Fund) to invest in some top cannabis stock with a minimum risk. The fund derives from some good research stock in this industry with own risk rule. Another minimum risk reason is the fund exists in the US basic banks that reluctant to hold business with them.

3. Buy the stock that focuses on additional product
The strategy is useful for you who worry on the impact of federal marijuana law on your investment. Numerous cannabis companies create a current bag with a pocket to bring their saving secretly. 

4. Long-term thinking
Well, the strategy relates to the volatility when you trade the stock. To catch the top marijuana stocks on the NASDAQ or other exchange markets, you must have long-term thinking. You should be able to see the big potential growth of the cannabis business which can increase your investment. 

5. Diversity 
Diversity is the key to the success strategy to buy stock in other industries. This way is also useful for the beginner trader and to reduce the loss potential.

6. Do the overall test
You must conduct a thorough test for all cannabis companies that you want to buy. It is extremely important to know the detail information about the company. It is useful to trade the stock on NASDAQ, NYSE, and others.

7. Always follow the trend
Follow the latest trend in this marijuana industry to have a higher profit margin and prevalency. 

Well, those are 5 top marijuana stocks along with 7 strategies to trade them. Do not only read the information but perceive each point well because it is very important. Most people fail to get their benefit not only lack of information. Nevertheless, it is because of their bad habit that only skimming without understanding the content. So, read more than 3 times to get the real comprehension before practicing. Good luck!
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