Top 20 Penny Stocks to Buy!

If you have entered the world of penny stock and have understood and studied it, you should know where you trust to buy penny stocks. You are a brave investor when you are ready to enter the world of penny stock. Every investor must try to determine what their goals and objectives are before investing. There is not necessarily a wrong goal, but it is more important to understand your goal because it will help direct your decision.

Top 20 Penny Stocks

For example, if you plan to trade in and out of stocks regularly, you might be better off opening an IRA account so you don't have to pay taxes on your trades. If you plan to become a long-term investor, taxes will not be as important as factors and you can keep your account in a taxable or tax-free account. Even though penny stocks are relatively cheap, they come with great risk.

Investors who are considering penny stock trading must decide whether this investment is truly within their risk tolerance level and whether it is an appropriate use of IRA funds. One risk reduction option before trading penny stock is to find out if the stock to be invested in an eligible DTCC. 

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), are responsible for clearing securities for brokers. If a stock has several types of restrictions, or vice versa if DTCC does not meet the requirements, it will usually be very difficult for investors to sell back the shares that have been purchased. The lack of eligibility for DTCC also usually means that trading costs are much higher than when reselling its shares.

Understand the risks associated with the stock that you are investing in. In 10-X companies, there is a broad section that discusses company risk. You also need to understand your tolerance for risk. If you invest in stocks that are very volatile and you are not comfortable with market fluctuations, having an investment will make you anxious and more likely to sell when it makes no strategic sense.

Before looking at the Top 20 Penny Stocks to buy, consider 3 ways to sell stocks with little capital!

Make use of all free resources
There are so many training videos, blogs, and other resources that will help you to start learning about stocks. One of them you can visit the YouTube channel Timothy Sykes which has a collection of more than 100 hours of training videos to become a successful stock trader. Everything is provided free.

You can imagine that you will become a successful trader if you study all of these videos. Let's say you take two hours a day to study the suggestions in the video. You will need two months to complete and guaranteed you will be in a better position than the people out there who buy training tickets, but never act on the information they buy.

Create a virtual trading account
After learning all the theories about stocks, you certainly have to apply them in practice. But because to be able to trade stocks you must have money, while you don't have one, you can create a virtual/demo trading account that you can use to practice. Many securities companies or brokers provide virtual/demo trading account facilities that you can use to practice. Thus, when you use a real account and make a deposit, it is already smooth to use it.

Start saving at a broker account
When observing and trading on a virtual account, try to practice buying and selling third-tier stocks or penny stocks. So penny stock is a stock with a small nominal value. Thus you can start stock trading with small capital, we will give you the information about the Top 20 penny stocks to buy. But you must be conscious of penny stocks to watch.

Here are the Top 20 Penny Stocks to buy for those of you who are ready to enter the world of Penny Stocks!

• Chesapeake Energy (CHK)
• Power Plug
• DHX Media
• Full House Resort
• Noodles & Company
• Dover Motorsports
• Denison Mines
• Castle Brands
• Sportsman Warehouse
• Mdm Permian Inc.
• Patchouli Resources Inc.
• Aslan Pharmaceuticals Ltd ADR
• Allied Security
• South Beach Spirits Inc.
• Appiphany Technologies Holdings Corp
• Ironclad Encryption Corp
• Flooidcx Corp
• Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group Inc.
• Ocugen Inc
• Arch Therapeutics Inc
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