16 Best Robotics Stocks to Watch and Invest in 2020 - 2021

Hello, penny stock lovers! Are you still loyal and spirit to play here? It is good and you will be an expert player and ready to share your experience. At this time, this page presents the best robotics stocks to catch a new profit in your investment. Moreover, looking for a good robot stock here is a piece of cake. Besides knowing some profitable companies, it also wants to add some information on the pros and cons. Anyway, it is the character of this page adding other important things. What lucky you are today!

Best Robotics Stocks

Top 16 Best Robotics Stocks Shining in 2020

You might only need one best robotics penny stock to invest in 2021. Nevertheless, you will get more than 16 companies. Before step further, let’s know the meaning of robotics. A robotics or robot is a machine that replicates or substitutes for human actions. The machine can do it properly because it applies the intersection of science, technology, and engineering. Without wasting time, this page presents 16 robotics companies in the following:


Best Robotics Stocks to Watch

STRYKER with the code of SYK stays in Kalamazoo, Michigan as one of the largest biotechnology companies in the US. The company produces robotic-arm-assisted surgery machines using 3D modeling of bone anatomy.

Through the NASDAQ stock exchange, Cognex trades with the stock price at $46.01 and the market cap at $9.07 billion.

In Sunnyvale, California, you can meet the next best robotics stock namely Intuitive Surgical. It includes the best option to choose because ISRG is the coordinator of surgical robotics while developing the da Vinci System. The function is to minimize invasive surgery.

FANUC trades the stock with the price of $18.15 and the market cap at $35.03 billion in Pink Sheet. The company that was headquartered in Japan provides leading robotics, CNC systems, and factory automation. 


Best Robotics Stocks to Watch

ARAY is the code of the company that the location is in Sunnyvale, California for cancer treatments and surgeries. The Accuray CyberKnife System pinpoints specific cancers area and keeps collateral damage to a minimum.

6. iRobot
In September 2019, the stock price of $121.48 with a market cap: US$3.39 billion on NASDAQ. This best robotics stock company designing and building robots ever generated a record $1.1 billion in revenue in 2018.


Best Robotics Stocks to Watch

RTN’s location is in Waltham, Massachusetts. It comes to help soldiers on the ground, autonomous aircraft, and the logistics personnel to move heavy military equipment. Coyote drone is one of Raytheon’s newest military robots to track and shoots down enemy UAV’s.

KUKA is a German manufacturer of industrial robots that trade in Pink Sheet with the code of KUKAF. The stock price of the company providing solutions for factory automation is $64.33 while the market cap is $2.55 billion.


Best Robotics Stocks

BOEING is the best robotics stock to buy according to this page that stays in Chicago, Illinois. It also becomes one of the world’s largest producers of civilian and military aircraft.

10. Medtronic
MDT trades in NYSE using the stock price of $90.40 and the market cap at $121.33 billion. In December 2018, Medtronic acquired Mazor Robotics was worth US$1.7 billion. It turns out it becomes one of the largest deals in the orthopedic industry during 2018.

11. AeroVironment (AVAV)
Monrovia, California is the basic of AeroVironment developing unmanned aircraft systems. The manufacturer produces it for the Pentagon and dozens of other allied nations.

12. Rewalk Robotics (RWLK)
On NASDAQ, the stock price or Rewalk is $5.20 and the market cap reaches $19.35 million. For your information, RWLK works to design, develop and commercialize exoskeletons for people with mobility impairments the ability.

The best robotics stock to buy of Amazon uses AMZN as the code and it comes from North Reading, Massachusetts. The manufacturer creates Kiva Systems and implements it for its fulfillment center operations. The implementation of robotics has cut 20% of Amazon's costs.

14. Rockwell Automation
ROK which trades in NYSE gives the stock price at $182.07 and the market cap at $21.38 billion. It works through two segments of control products and solutions also architecture and software.

The location is in Houston, Texas, and trades the stock within the code of OII. Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) is the fleet of OII to assist oil and gas companies operating underwater.

Boston Dynamic in Waltham, Massachusetts uses the stock symbol of Softbank 9984. The last best robotics stock here creates human- and animal-like robots to heavy loads in factories and U.S. military reconnaissance.

Pros and Cons of Robotics Stocks to Invest in

Behind the popular names of the companies, you must note one thing. Everything contains the pros and cons including the best robotics stocks above. Precisely, you understand both aspects so that you are always ready to receive one of both. Just to remember, all companies including penny stocks are high risk but also easy to profit from. At least, there are two points that can be the advantages of invest in robotic stocks. It gives a promising future where most analysts agree that these kinds of industries have a better future.

Then, it offers a major upside potential as long as you invest in the right company. For example, you do not choose the companies applying its product for a manufacturer. However, you choose it that serves customers operating their daily equipment. It is such a car with a self-driving system. On the contrary, there is still a significant risk as to the cons of robotics stock.  It turns out buying stock in individual companies includes a greater risk when you lose to a newer, flashier competitor.

Alongside that, these kinds of stocks have higher premiums where it makes inexperienced investors difficult to identify poor investments. Okay, those are the presents from this page about the best robotics stocks to invest in in 2021. Hopefully, knowing the pros and cons above does not make you despair but vice versa. Due to the company get rates from higher to lower, you must use it as the tool to identify. Do not be afraid and feel free to research those companies alone one by one. By the way, this step is very important and must do in earlier. Okay, good luck and thank you for reading!
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