List of Penny Stocks to Watch and The Best Tips to Trade

What is your story during your trade-in penny stocks? Hopefully, there is serious trouble or even zero that makes you fall. Upgrade your list of penny stocks to watch and invest regularly. You should do it every day in the morning because it is the right time to do it. Use the best strategy to get the best one and win the trading. In this free list of penny stocks to watch now, you also get additional information. What is it? It is more than the definition of penny stock.

List of Penny Stocks to Watch

List of Penny Stocks to Watch From  Biotech and Mining

Penny stock is suitable for short-term investment where the traders can save it until 3 years. This holding does not suitable for long-term investment because it fluctuates and risky so much. Nonetheless, many people like to play this holding because it does not need a lot of money.

Speaking on the list of penny stocks to watch, these pages offer you two kinds of stocks. Two of them come from the healthcare sector and another is mining. For more information, let’s watch the companies:

1. TherapeuticsMD (TXMD)
As the opening, there is a biotech list of penny stocks to watch namely TherapeuticsMD. In the stock chart, TXMD has climbed up significantly. TXMD success to climb a highly positive Q2 2019 financial report. By the way, TherapeuticsMD is a medicine manufacturer that moves, especially for women's healthcare. One of its products namely Imvexxy for menopause has boosted TXMD stock by sales.

Agenus includes healthcare or biotech companies that trade in Stock Chart. This venture had announced its Q2 2019 financial results and managed to beat expectations. The company has given the estimation with a loss per share of $0.33. Fortunately, Agenus succeeded to manage and generate revenues of $15.72 million for the quarter. AGEN blows the consensus estimates out as much as 192.92%. So, many investors get a lot of optimism. Then, the stock has increased up to 19%.

3. DRP Gold
At this time, the mining sector carries DRP Gold. Since June, DRP Gold mining had increased up to 130%. Include one of the lists of penny stock to watch is still gaining where DRP Gold stock rose by 10%.

4. Asanko Gold Company
Asanko Gold closes the information with a result on a roll since around the middle of June. Nevertheless, the gaining of the stocks is still far as much as 100 %.

List of Penny Stocks to Watch in $6 or Less

List of Penny Stocks to Watch

Next, there are other 5 names including the list of penny stocks to watch today. Differ from prior names, it claims a cheap stock price of $6 or less. It consists of:

1. Zynga (ZNGA)
ZNGA appears with a stock price of $5.55 and YTD at 6%. Zynga is a company running in the mobile gaming sector. The venture which trades in NASDAQ found the key to success in the mobile gaming world.

2. Pier 1 (PIR)
Pier offers its stock price of  $3.36 with a year-to-date of -45%. It is a furniture retailer company that trades in NYSE with the code of PIR. It turns out the stock of PIR has collapsed over the past year where it is not the problem again. Even, PIR’s stock has lost more than 90% of its value over the past five years.

3. Arotech (ARTX) of Defense Company
ARTX is the US defense company that appears with a stock price of $2.24 and a Year-to-date of –15.4%. Arotech company that trades in  NASDAQ uses ARTX as its code. For your information, the financials at Arotech have not gained any ground before the last past five years. However, it was an old story. The earnings were $103.5 million and the amount net profit was about $3.5 million. Even during 2017, the earnings of ARTX were $98.7 million and gets the net profit was $3.8 million

4. Groupon (GRPN)
A list of penny stock to watch of GRPN offers its price of $2.32. Meanwhile, YTD or year-to-date is -28%. It turns out the company that almost similar to Pier 1 trade-in NASDAQ. GRPN savings and deals with the accommodation and market so it is not a household name for coupons.

5. Blink Charging (BLNK)
The last list of penny stocks to watch is BLNK. Blink Charging offers a stock price of $2.60 and the YTD reaches 100% when coming to cheap stocks. Even though there are few as volatile as Blink Charging and it trades in the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Additional Information: Tool and Tips to Trade Penny Stocks

List of Penny Stocks to Watch

Well, there is a little bit of information besides the new penny stock list above. It is about the tools and tips that you can use to trade. You can use some simple online tools such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Technical Analysis (TA).  On the other hands, the investors can follow 3 tips to trade in the form of:

Trade-in limit orders
Depending on the market order, you better use the limit orders to trade penny stocks. The reason is applying the limit orders can get the result in the price changing because of your trade. Your purchasing might cause the shares to temporarily and artificially increase, then drop back down immediately.

Always beware of confirmation bias
Beware of confirmation bias if you choose penny stocks. The tendency to interpret information that conforms to your preexisting beliefs.

Try the stop-loss orders 
Stop-loss orders can be one of the great tricks to invest in penny stocks
The ways are with selling the losing positions at the early. After that, you can let the gains run the trading result. 

Okay, that is some information on the list of penny stock to watch, buy, and trade. You can see and buy one of them directly. Besides choosing the company, you can use the tools and tips to support your way to select the company. So, what you have got today is very complete. It implies you can start to move to chase penny stock. Be careful and good luck always because its high risk is real.

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