5+ Robinhood Penny Stocks to Watch, Play, Buy, and Trade for High Profit

What is new in the latest Robinhood penny stocks? You must always follow the information on the online broker. Moreover, this platform is very useful for new traders in penny stocks. It can be the first step to reach success in this trading. So, let’s check the last update of Robinhood penny stocks to watch this week.  Well, this topic is so interesting to discuss and reveal. Prepare yourself to receive a new upgrade of the day. Then, always become the master of penny stock trader. Let’s update and upgrade!

Gather Robinhood Penny Stocks with understanding Both

Have you paid attention to the movement of the penny stocks on Robinhood platform? You should not skip one moment there this week. It is because many new stocks are coming here. One of them, of course, will be useful for your financial future.

Robinhood Penny Stocks

Let’s flashback for a while to remind on the stock and this platform. You should always be careful and do not get tempting from the big profit soon. The fluctuating character will control your movement to get high profit always. Besides that, other factors are making you to always be careful to take a step.

Meanwhile, Robinhood is the platform or online broker which is ready to help all traders. It provides new penny stocks to invest smartly that do not exist in OTC. Usually, it shows the stocks which usually trade in NASDAQ, NYSE, and Pink Sheet.

The performance of this broker is very professional and easy to perceive the new traders. So, they can find their best under $1 stock easily and quickly.

5 + Penny Stocks that shine during this Week

During this week, Robinhood had highlighted more than 5 penny stocks to buy with a good price. It includes:

1. New Gold& Coeur Mining (NGD &  CDE)
NGD and CDE results to surge by 10% and 8% respectively. The event came after gold hit the highest level this week. Seemly, the increase occurred because the price of the gold gets triggering from the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. His name is Jerome Powell how had just give his comment about the mining.

Robinhood Penny Stocks

On his comment, Powell indicates an interest rate cut could be a possibility. The price of spot gold rose at one point reaches $1423.80 per ounce. It turned out reflected a rise of 0.4%. 

2. Transenterix (TRXC)
The Transenteric manufacturer is developing a robotic surgical system and success to do. Seemly, penny stock has a big role in its success and now the company has announced it. The stock grows higher after making a significant deal and sold some units of an image-based laparoscopic positioning system. It turned out the price reached $47 million. Recently, the stock soared 26% after the news broke on Wednesday. Nonetheless, this Bio-Tech penny stock to watch is still down 75%. TRXC counts it from its 52- week high of $6.98.

3. Vislink Technologies (VISL)
VISL has announced a significant contract from the US Army. It turned out the contract is worth $2.8 million. Nonetheless, both will be able as a long term association. That is why the investor piled into Vislink Technologies's stock. VISL had gained 148% after the news broke. Unfortunately, the stock stayed on  32% in the premarket session. Then, it has been rapidly falling since it broke out. It is better to see the stock's performance in the next session.

4. Sunesis Pharmaceuticals (SNSS)
The stock of SNSS jumped by as much as 26% in yesterday’s session. Unluckily, the stock was still down up to 16% in the pre-market session. The event occurred after the company announced a plan to sell a common share. SNSS stated that the stock is as well as convertible preferred stock.

However, this pharmaceutical penny stock to watch initiative to meet the governor by the market condition. Nowadays, the condition of the market will be better and take place soon. Even, there is no information has been forthcoming on the actual size of the sale.

5. Sunwork Inc. (SUNW)
This is a solar energy manufacturer to become another choice to get the penny stock. By the way, it is the provider of a high-quality solar power system. The company has signed a contract with Cibao Meat Product on Thursday. Both have a deal to develop a carport system with 200kW. Sunwork also will handle the project of engineering and procurement aspects. The stock railed more than 10% after the penny stock break.

6. ConforMIS, Inc
In this week, the movement of CFMS is quite significant after its iFit Image-to- Implant secured debt financing. For your information, it is the technology platform developer. It came from  East West Bank and Innovatus Capital Partner that gave $30 million. Meanwhile, the second partner provides $3 million worth of equity financing.

This penny stock on Robinhood 2019 gave its reaction immediately after the news broke and rallied by 7% to $4.14. In this year, CMFS becomes one of the biggest penny stock. It starts from the beginning of the year with gaining of 960%. Next, the stock made $4.83  during 52-week in early June. 

7. Digital Turbine (APPS)
Well, APPS is the company running mobile and media communication. It gained as much 165% and become the great run in 2019 so far. APPS reached it on Thursday after its bank increased the credit line. In trading this session, it made a new 52-week high of $5.10.

Previously, the Bridge Bank announced this Robinhood penny stocks today raised the credit line. Now, it became $200 million but it will help the company in its growth path. Alongside that, the stock that railed by 8% also gets help from the credit line in service working capital needs.

Well, those are 7 new Robinhood penny stocks to watch, buy, and trade. It does not only shine in this week but also since several months ago. Do you still remember the method to catch those penny stocks? Please, never forget it or you can open the previous article here. Do not be afraid to play penny stock although the risk is high enough. Make it as your challenge to always win and reach a lot of profit. Good luck!