7 Penny Stocks Trading App and 4 Steps to Get It

Trading penny stocks must have many tricks and strategies. So, you do not need to know the word of loss. Most investors use the penny stocks trading app to win a big profit easily. Follow their way with using the most appropriate trading app according to you. 

Find the best penny stocks trading app of 2021 here so you can trade directly. Do not worry all that you want is available here. It provides some steps to get and you have a list of the trading app. Could you take this opportunity? Why not?

Penny Stocks Trading App

4 Steps to Find Your Penny Stocks Trading App Quickly

Well, you will start your journey by getting the best stock brokerage for penny stocks 2021 here. You only need to use the following steps to decide on one app:

Firstly, you merely need to look for it that has a low deposit or no deposit needed

Then, assure the application has credible research and resources on penny stocks.

Next, you must check for hidden transfer fees, inactivity fees, and maintenance fees.

Afterward, you can select the app that has volume discounts if you intend to trade penny stocks in the thousands.

Penny Stocks Trading App to invest successfully in 7 Choices

Now, it is time to watch the 7 best penny stocks trading app of 2021. Let’s start it if you are already ready:

1. Interactive Brokers 
Interactive Brokers are the first trading app that claims the best low cost.  This trading app uses a tiered plan or a flat rate per stock to give the fixed-rate plans. When you use one of them, you will the fees but charge lower commissions.

Interactive Broker offers the tiered plans for better high volume traders while the fixed-rate plans are better for everyone else. The fixed rate makes you pay 005 cents per share. That amount is the result of a minimum of $1 per order and a maximum of 0.5% of the trade value.

You should know that there are some different rates. The interactive broker can be cheaper than any other broker on this list except Robinhood. Although it is still higher, Interactive Brokers dare to offer far more attractive trading options than many other brokerages. You will get an online trading platform that is not too shabby either.

2. Robinhood for the best no-fee trading app
Secondly, this page offers the Robinhood that appears as the best no fees penny stocks trading app. Robinhood does not serve the stock trading in the OTC stock exchange and Pink sheet but in Biggers stock exchanges. On the other hand, it serves you in NASDAQ and NYSE for small stocks with no fees or commissions.

Why does Robinhood choose this way?

It is because these trading apps know that penny stocks more prioritize their fees and margins than the larger stocks.

Penny Stocks Trading App

So, when the value of a stock is so low, it can take the trade in a larger percentage in a big fee. Nonetheless, Robinhood helps you to find penny stocks in those big exchange markets properly. Robinhood itself is useful to reach the farthest corners of the market and save on fees for most penny stock investors. Lastly, you should know that this app is mobile-only and there is no web interface available.

3. TradeStation 
TradeStation becomes the best penny stocks trading app platform after offering $5 stock trades. It claims the low-cost brokerages with some fees for commissions. TradeStation also offers a $5 fee per month to access OTC data and some other facilities. With the fees, this trading app allows access to a high-end browser, desktop(Mac), and mobile experience. If you disagree, you may choose to use $1 per share and unbundled pricing of 002 cents per share.

4. Fidelity 

penny stocks trading app uk
Fidelity offers $4.95 trades and protects risk-averse investors. This trading app which moves in OTC and Pink Sheet is willing to inform the rest of penny stock. Then, access a wide range of OTC and pink sheets which are available to trade with no surcharges. You surely will get a big satisfaction because Fidelity has great customer service and a wide range of accounts. 

5. Charles Schwab 
All this time, people often compare this trading with Robinhood but all have their features. Charles Schwab is one of the big online stock brokers with a huge variety of stocks and a $4.95 commission. The trading app of Charles Schwab is well-known higher than Robinhood but you access to OTCBB and pink sheet.

6. E-Trade 

penny stocks trading app uk
E-Trade offers $6.95 trades but there is a new price of $4.95 for more than 30 times trading per quarter. The trading serves through the web, desktop, mobile versions, the advanced chart features. The advanced chart features use running prices for a wide range of technical indicators and trading ladders. 

7. TD Ameritrade as the best major brokerage platform
TD Ameritrade is the platform with a lower price but it is not the cheapest around. It trades of $6.95 for stocks and it will be a good choice if you pay a bit more for that platform. Thus, TD Ameritrade offers a lower-cost platform to save a few bucks each time you trade.

Penny Stocks Trading App

It turns out many trading apps options that you can use to invest easily. At least, there are seven kinds of trading apps that you can watch today. It will be your best way to invest in penny stock in 2021. Each app comes with current categories so you can use it as you are necessary. Feel free to choose one of them because many traders have proven its capability. Nevertheless, never forget to remember 4 important things to choose the apps. As long as you hold those tricks, you will easily and fast determine the most appropriate trading app for you.

Do not forget to share the information pretty other people can upgrade it too. Let them become your healthy competitor after knowing it. Your playing will be more exciting and challenging. Happy exploring penny stocks trading apps and win your profitable game. Play with passion and good luck!
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