Dollar General Penny List Today Coupon 2022, Let’s Shop It!

dollar general penny list december 2021

Interested to invest a penny? You can come to the dollar general penny list on Tuesday. Why should on Tuesday? It is because every Tuesday, you can get products for only a penny. 

Well, it is not only Tuesday, but it is depending on the holidays. However, Tuesday is the most day to use. Item 1 cent is hard to sell. It is also past 90% of the penny. 

So, if you want to help sales in identifying them, you have to know that they will be destroyed or donated. Well, how to find the dollar general penny list in 2022?

Dollar General Penny List Today for 2022

Dollar General Penny List May 24, 2022

As we told you about a few weeks ago, these have gone through the clearance cycle from 50 to 75 to 90% off and are now a penny!
  • Easter Candy
  • Fall and Winter Gray Dot Apparel
  • Kit Kat Mint Duos – 34000318285
  • Reese’s White Chocolate Cup with Pieces – 34000215959
  • Snickers Peanut Brownie Squares – 40000563723
  • Trident Vibes Peppermint Gum – 12546012676
  • Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Fruit Punch Gum – 34000701902
  • Pringles Scorchin Wavy Loaded Nacho – 38000263835
Be sure to scan everything! All Holiday items will eventually be marked down; especially gift sets, decor and food/candy.

Dollar General Penny List May 17, 2022:
  • Easter Seasonal
  • Easter Stationery and Books

Dollar General Penny List May 10, 2022:
  • Artskills Foil Paper 5ct – UPC 672125064184
  • Artskills Poster Board Gem Frame 1ct – UPC 672125058251
  • Artskills Poster Board Quadrafoil 1ct – UPC 672125058053
  • Baked w/Love Pastry Brush 1ct – UPC 672125061138
  • Bendon C&A Glamour Girl 1ct – UPC 805219525180
  • Bendon Create A Face Boys Asst 1ct – UPC 805219185537
  • Bendon Create A Face Girls Ast 1ct – UPC 805219185544
  • Bendon Dry Erase Addition 1ct – UPC 805219522820
  • Bendon Dry Erase Alphabet 1ct – UPC 805219522738
  • Bendon Dry Erase Fractions 1ct – UPC 805219522769
  • Bendon Dry Erase Time 1ct – UPC 805219522776
  • Bendon Imagine Ink Addition 1ct – UPC 805219522745
  • Bendon Imagine Ink Alphabet 1ct – UPC 805219522752
  • Bendon Imagine Ink Colors&Shapes 1ct – UPC 805219522783
  • Bendon Imagine Ink Numbers 1ct – UPC 805219522721
  • Bendon PDQ C&A 1ct – UPC 805219525098
  • Bendon Play Pack Clrs & Shapes 1ct – UPC 805219522912
  • Bendon Play Pack Ltrs & Numbers 1ct – UPC 805219522929
  • Bendon Play Pack Math 1ct – UPC 805219522875
  • Bendon Play Pack Sight Words 1ct – UPC 805219522981
  • Bendon Stickers Pup & Kitten 1ct / 160pg – UPC 805219687079
  • Hawaiian Punch Drink Sticks Juicy Red 6ct – UPC 850003766454
  • Hawaiian Punch Gallon Lemonade 128oz – UPC 14800646573
  • Hi-C Drink Sticks Fruit Punch 8ct – UPC 72392370115
  • Hi-C Drink Sticks Grape 8ct – UPC 72392370146
  • Hi-C Drink Sticks Mango Melon 8ct – UPC 72392370139
  • Kool-Aid Drink Mix Lemonade 1ct – UPC 43000955697
  • Licensed Act Bk Trolls WT 1ct – UPC 9781505087062
  • Licensed C&A DM3 1ct – UPC 805219409169
  • Licensed C&A Toy Story 4 1ct – UPC 805219397169
  • Licensed Coloring Book Lic H9 1ct – UPC 805219454824
  • Licensed Scratch Ast Lic K 1ct – UPC 697675117937
  • Licensed Sticker Book Jumb Skr G2/H2 1ct – UPC 805219110294
  • Licensed Sticker Book MMRR 1ct – UPC 805219417447
  • Licensed Stickers Blues Clues 1ct – UPC 805219522950
  • Licensed Stickers Disney Princess 1ct – UPC 697675468848
  • Licensed Stickers Thomas & Frien 1ct – UPC 697675468855
  • Licensed Storybook Mickey G11 1ct – UPC 805219456941
  • Licensed Workbook ABC Book 1ct – UPC 805219522936
  • Licensed Workbook ABC Book 1ct – UPC 805219522943
  • Licensed Workbook Highlights 1ct – UPC 805219522790
  • Licensed Workbook Highlights 1ct – UPC 805219522806
  • Master Lock Lock Combination 1ct – UPC 400022314626
  • Office Hub Labels Garage Sale 180ct – UPC 400022329736
  • Stationery Activity Book Edu Rdng 1ct – UPC 810044166217
  • Stationery Books My Busy Ast 1 1ct – UPC 9782764324844
  • Stationery Books My Busy Ast 2 1ct – UPC 9782764335581
  • Stationery Cards EDU CARDS 1ct – UPC 806008727983
  • Stationery Edu Workbooks Edu Workbooks 1ct – UPC 806008727990
  • Stationery Pad Learning Pad 1ct – UPC 806008728003
  • Stationery Pen Ceramic 1ct – UPC 16687750053
  • Stationery Pen Gel Bee 1ct – UPC 16687039257
  • Stationery Workbook Workbook 1ct – UPC 806008728027
  • Stationery Writing Boards Writing Board 1ct – UPC 806008728096
  • V8 + Energy Juice Pom Blueberry 8oz – UPC 51000196217
  • Welchs Juice Drink Grape 10oz – UPC 41800326006

Dollar General Penny List May 3, 2022:
  • Easter Se3asonal Items and Easter stationery – up to 70% off.
  • Register Pens and Children’s books – up to 90% off
  • No new penny list

As we told you about a few weeks ago, these have gone through the clearance cycle from 50 to 75 to 90% off and are now a penny!

  • Cheez-It SNAPd Parmesan Ranch 7.5oz – UPC 24100119745
  • Cheez-It SNAPd Bacon Cheddar 7.5oz – UPC 24100119721

  • ST PATS 1 DECOR – UPC 430001647131
  • ST PATS BUTTON PINS 6CT – UPC 430001408206
  • ST PATS COINS 25CT – UPC 430001647032
  • ST PATS CRAZY HEADBAND – UPC 430001647070
  • ST PATS DANCING SOLAR – UPC 430001406424
  • ST PATS EMBSD PU STICKERS – UPC 430001647186
  • ST PATS FELT HAT – UPC 430001647049
  • ST PATS FLSG NECKLC 4LED – UPC 430001406752
  • ST PATS GEL CLING – UPC 430001406462
  • ST PATS HAIR EXTENSION – UPC 430001408336
  • ST PATS HEADBAND – UPC 430001647056
  • ST PATS MINI HAT 4CT – UPC 430001406592
  • ST PATS NECKLACE 3PK – UPC 430001647100
  • ST PATS NECKLACE LITE AST – UPC 430001408459
  • ST PATS TINSEL CLOVER – UPC 430001647087
  • ST PATS TINSEL GARLAND 9FT – UPC 430001647117

  • HOT HANDS HAND WARMERS 3 – UPC 94733070669
  • HOT HANDS WARMER 2PK – UPC 400002726432
  • HOT HANDS TOE WARMER – UPC 94733100014
  • ICE MELT 2OLB – UPC 41482247064
  • ICE SCRAPER SIN – UPC 72358170018
  • ICE SCRAPER W/BRUSH – UPC 430001174279
  • LITTLE HOTTIES BODY – UPC 96506070029
  • LITTLE HOTTIES HAND – UPC 96506070388
  • LITTLE HOTTIES TOE – UPC 96506070395
  • PLASTIC SHEETING 10X20 – UPC 42351512009
  • SPRAY DE-ICER – UPC 52948004824
Be sure to scan everything! All Holiday items will eventually be marked down; especially gift sets, decor and food/candy.

How To Get Dollar General Penny List?

Do you know how to find a dollar general penny list?

It is not difficult to find them. Well, not all people know about dollar general penny deals. Dollar general penny deals happen when she or he will sell for items for $0.01. 

You may be confused about whether this item will you donate or destroyed. If this case happens to you, you have to check it first before tracking down deals.

1. Code beneath the barcode

Firstly, you should check the barcode. Commonly, the code is in combinations. For example, SP for Spring, WI for Winter, 13 for 2013. So, if you find the code WI13, it means the item is from Winter 2013. Understand?

2. Look at the symbol

After checking the barcode or code, you should continue checking the symbol. There are many symbols on penny deals. For example Pink dot, or another colored symbol. If you see code from a prior year, it does not mean that the price has dropped. Maybe, the colored symbol shows that the penny is well.

3. Be Careful

Why? Maybe, the store will not allow you to buy it. If the penny has been removed from the inventory, it is no longer an item they sell.

Maybe, some stores allow you to purchase the item, but some others are not. If it happens to you, be careful, do not angry with the store. Maybe, the store is not obligated to do that.

Well, after knowing about how to deal with the dollar general penny list above, you can determine the penny deals at your store. Look for a code combination first, then check the symbol. Please understand that nothing is guaranteed at 100%.

Dollar General Penny Shopping List

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022
SURPRISE PENNY ITEMS!  YMMV but check those stores!  Remember, to scan with your dollar general app while connected to the store's wifi!  HAPPY SHOPPING! 

Gain Flings Fresh Island 14ct- 37000775287
Snuggle Fabric Softener Sesitive 48oz- 72613738694
Airwick Scented Oil Lavender Chamomile 3ct- 62338814650
All Mighty Pacs Free & Clear 19ct- 72613739776
Tide Liquid Laundry Coral Blast 40oz- 37000737339
Febreze One Lemongrass Spray 16.9 oz- 037000906209
Suavitel Fabric Softener Lavender 50oz- 35000390158
Febreze One Car Clips- 037000745914
Gain Liquid Laundey Orango Blossom 75oz- 37000737117
Febreze Plug Refill Whispering Woods- 037000386520
Sergeants Dual Action Flea and Tick Collar (dogs)- 073091032861 / 073091032847
Febreze Plug Refill Whispering Wood 2 ct- 037000387022
Clorox 2 Dry Bleach Citrus Blend 26oz- 44600017006
Gain HEC Liquid Laundry Original 100oz- 37000127864
Gain HEC Powder Detergent Hawaii Aloha 49oz- 37000849377
Snuggle Scent Booster Spring Burst 9oz- 72613738755
Faultless Spray Starch 20oz- 17500207228
All Liquid Laundry Stainlifter 100oz- 72613739363
Sun Liquid Detergent Clean and Fresh 250oz- 72613708987
Sun Liquid Laundry Lavender Bliss 150oz- 72613463497
Xtra Liquid Laundry Calypso Fresh 75oz- 94514428849
Gain Fabric Softener Orango Blossom 44oz- 37000757917

Check out the Dollar General Penny List December 2021 for This Week!

The new penny list will start Tuesday, December 21st, 2021. REMEMBER NOTHING IS CERTAIN ON THIS LIST UNTIL WE GET IN STORES TO VERIFY! These items will not ring up a penny until TUESDAY.

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY – MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE DOLLAR GENERAL APP AND UPDATE IT. There is a price scanner at the upper right hand side where you can price check items to verify the pricing. 
  1. Harvest Home
  2. Harvest Seasonal
  3. Harvest Party
Looking for more info on Penny Shopping at Dollar General?

Tuesday December 7th, 2021
Back To School ITEMS!!!!
Bic Marker Dry Erase 4ct – 70330328563
Bic Marker Kids 10ct – 70330365421
Houseware Lunch Bag Dual Compartment 1ct – 768410555700
Licensed Backpack Ast 1ct – 840716216025
Licensed Lunch Bag Ast 1ct – 840716216049
Loctite Mounting Putty Fun-Tack 80unit/1ct – 79340647435
Sharpie Highlighter Accent Pckt 4ct – 71641271746
Sharpie Pens Note 6ct – 71641186675
Sharpie Roller Pen Black 2ct – 71641171336
Stationery Backpack $8 1ct – 89305087473
Stationery Backpack 5 In 1 Ast 1ct – 430001265397
Stationery Backpack Animal 1ct – 89305280430
Stationery Backpack Animal Ast 1ct – 430001265427
Stationery Backpack Boys Ast 1ct – 430001265403
Stationery Backpack Deluxe Ast 1ct – 430001265380
Stationery Backpack Fashion Ast 1ct – 430001265441
Stationery Backpack Girls Ast 1ct – 430001265410
Stationery Backpack Small Ast 1ct – 400003410385
Stationery Glitter Wand Pen 1ct – 430001479930
Stationery Icepack Novelty Ast 2ct – 810748033730
Stationery Lunch Kit Ast Colors 1ct – 430001265458
Stationery Planner Fash Student Ast 1ct – 806008718189
Stationery Rainbow Gel Jewel Pen 1ct – 430001479985
Stationery Spiral Planner Student Ast 1ct – 806008718165
Unbranded Backpack Colorblock Ast 1ct – 768410268396
Unbranded Lunch Bag 6 Can – 768410429100

Dollar General Penny List Nov. 30, 2021
Looking for a different date? Have a question (like, what is NCI?) Items usually stay a penny, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years — so, check all of the older lists in our master list too!

  1. Red Dot Home
  2. Airheads Gum Watermelon Fr End ck (2L) – 73390013325
  3. Boogie Mist Saline Mist Fresh Scent 3.1oz – 816167010741
  4. Dentyne Ice Gum Spearmint Fr End ck (2L) – 12546315012
  5. Extra Refreshers Gum Polar Ice Fr End ck (2L)  – 22000021977
  6. Extra Refreshers Gum Spearmint Fr End ck (2L) – 22000021908
  7. Gentle Steps A0064 Baby Bth Night-Time 13.6oz – 72785138742
  8. Ice Breakers Mints Citrus Sours Fr End ck (2L) – 34000000982
  9. Project 7 Gum Cherry Lime Fr End ck (2L) – 844911005835
  10. Reese’s Standard Bar White Choc Fr End ck (2L) – 34000000289
  11. Ring Pop Gummy Gems Standard Fr End ck (2L) – 41116261008
  12. Russell Stover Marshmallow Single Fr End ck (2L) – 77260080141
  13. Sugar Pova Cookie & Crème Mini Bar Fr End ck (2L) – 859967007498
  14. Twix Candy Bar Cookies & Crème Fr End ck (2L) – 40000551829
  15. Twix Caramel Bar White Choc Fr End ck (2L) – 40000502449
  16. TIP: download the free Dollar General official app. Point the barcode scanner in your official Dollar General app at the bar codes and then click “Change” next to your store to search all the stores in your area for these pretty pennies!

The new penny list will start Tuesday, October 26th, 2021. REMEMBER NOTHING IS CERTAIN ON THIS LIST UNTIL WE GET IN STORES TO VERIFY! These items will not ring up a penny until TUESDAY.

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY – MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE DOLLAR GENERAL APP AND UPDATE IT. There is a price scanner at the upper right hand side where you can price check items to verify the pricing. 

Bush Baked Beans Vegetarian 16oz – 39400016335
Fun Pops Freezer Bars Ast 24pk-2.5oz – 71041000069
Hershey Cookies N Crm Red White Blue 6.2 oz – 34000939077
Icee Freezer Bars 10ct – 72392604814
Jolly Rancher Freezer Bars 10ct – 72392632916
Juicy Juice Freezer Bars 10ct – 72392607013
M&M Orng Van Creme Single Pack 1.4 oz – 40000571537
Otter Pops Ice Bars Beach Breaker 20ct – 72392850259
Pop Ice Freezer Bar Original 80ct-1oz – 72392700806
Pop Ice Freezer Bar Tropical 80ct-1oz – 72392700882
Pop Ice Freezer Bars Patriot Pops 20ct – 72392930951
Powerade Freezer Bars 16ct – 72392613960
Pringles Fried Pickle Wavy 4.8 oz – 38000249402
Skittles Freezer Bars 20ct – 72392636921
Slimfast Keto Fat Bomb Peanut Butter 14ct – 8346874828
Sonic Freezer Bars Sonic 10ct- 72392614912
Sunkist Freezer Bars Smoothie 10ct – 72392624218
Warheads Freezer Bars 10ct-1oz – 400000011127
Worlds Finest Literacy Bar Almond 1.3oz – 43268310108
Worlds Finest Literacy Bar Caramel 1.3oz – 43268310207
Worlds Finest Literacy Bar Crisp 1.3oz – 43268310306
Worlds Finest Literacy Bar Dark Chocolate 1.3oz – 43268310405
Worlds Finest Literacy Bar Milk Chocolate 1.3oz – 43268310009
Wyler’s Italian Ice Berry & Cherry 6ct-2oz – 72392947065
Wyler’s Italian Ice Original 6ct-2oz – 72392948062

Check out the Dollar General Penny List for This Week!

Tuesday September 7, 2021
Yerbae Energy-Tea Iced 3x Berry 16oz – 853156007399
Yerbae Energy-Tea Blk Chry Pnapl 16oz – 853156007436
Yerbae Energy-Tea Mngo Passnfrt 16oz – 853156007221
Yerbae Energy-Tea Wtrmin Strwbry 16oz – 853156007207

Tuesday August 31, 2021
Super Poligrip Denture Powder Adhesive X/Str 1.6oz – 310158078012
Fixodent Denture Tabs Plus Scope 60ct – 37000604693
DG Health A0465 Den Crm Adhesive Orig 2.4oz – 71031938532

Tuesday August 24, 2021
Whatchamacalit (near front end checkout candy)- Upc 34000002474
Whozeewhatzit chocolate standard bar 1.7oz- Upc 34000443871
Reeses Big Cup stuffed chips 1.35oz- Upc 34000939367  (Could be the packages with either the chips, reeces pieces or pretzels in them)

Tuesday August 17, 2021
Hostess Key Lime Cupcakes- upc 888109115357
Hostess Sundae Cupcakes- upc 88810911534

Tuesday August 10, 2021
Jolly Rancher Fruit and Sour Peg Bag 3.8 oz – 10700101082
Trolli SB Blast Peg Bag 3.8 oz – 41420102660
Nerds Big Chewy Sour Peg Bag 3.5 oz -79200978723
Sweet Smiles D0430 Candy Fruit Candy 5.43 oz -850006869039
Sour Patch Kids Big HeadsPeg Bag 8 oz – 70462005172
Candy and Snacks Johnny Appl Candy Theatre Box 5 oz – 8582180079997
Now & Later Morphs Peh Bag 3.5 oz – 41420042423
Hershy Pretzel Bites Peg Bag  2.3 oz – 34000216376
Candy and Snacks Alexander Candy Theatre Box 5 0z – 858218006945
Sunkist Fruit Bites Mixed Fruit 5 ct – 818480015540
Dunkaroos Cookies Vanilla Fr End Chk (2l) – 16000288010
Biscoff and Go Breadsticks Cookie Butter Fr End Chk – 21788016977
Oreo Cookies Single Fr End Chk (2l) – 44000047009
Clover Vally D0436 Cookie Vanilla Wafer 1.4 oz – 654954238776
Rice Krispy Treats Caramel 8 ct 6.2 oz – 38000235566
Goldfish Crackers Multipack 6 ct – 14100046127
Keebler Variety Pack 12.4 oz – 27800101508
Combos Snacks Pizza Cracker -1.70 oz -41419714737

Tuesday August 3, 2021

Dollar General Multipurpose Contact Solution- UPC 095072100123
Dr. Topper Soda- UPC 22196000763
Clover Valley Brand Orange Soda- UPC 22196000534
Clover Valley MTN Explosion- UPC 22196000121
CV Cola- UPC 22196000046
Clover Valley Root Beer- UPC 22196000152
Clover Valley Grape- UPC 22196000015
Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime  Herbal Tea UPC- 70734000034
Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sampler UPC- 70734055003
McCafe Premium Medium Roast 18 count UPC- 43000060674
Maxwell House Original Roast 18 count UPC- 43000060032
Folgers Gourmet Coffee Grounds UPC- 25500004013  MUST CLIP THE $1.00 COUPON FOR FOLGERS COFFEE PRODUCT
Currently there is no REGULAR Penny List for this week!

TIPS!!!!!  We have been seeing a lot of Penny Deals found at stores that are being REMODELED!  Check to see if you have a store near you!!!  We will also update if there are any SURPRISE pennies found!  Stay Tuned!

Dollar General Penny List

Tips For Learning Penny List for Dollar General

You have learned about how to deals with the dollar general penny list. Sometimes, you can get some information from your general penny list Group. However, you can also get it from this page. 

It is important to know that you never allow asking employees about penny items. Also, these items are not supposed on the shelves. If you want to go, you should research first.

There are some items can you get from dollar general penny shopping. It starts with food until clothing. Do you like them? You can check out a dollar general penny list first. If you still confused about penny shop, you can learn some tips below.

1. Read different source information
If you want to know more about the dollar general penny list, you can read different source information. Find some information about the general penny list. Read up all the information on them.

2. Read the group post
If you have a group of dollar general penny shops, you can read all the posts in your group. It is not only read posts but also you need to read comments to. 

By doing so, you will learn about how all works. The more you read, the more you will be a good one if you want to go to the store. Got it!

3. Youtube tutorial
Well, it is one of the simplest ways to do it. You can read the tutorial on Youtube. It is the best way because you will get the information easily. You can download some videos first. Then, you can see it anytime.

Those ways above are important for you. Be better and always read some information even you do not need it.

Why is Item at Dollar General Penny List App

Well, many people still confused about it. Some items at dollar general are in a penny. 

Dollar General Penny List

How it happens? Why it can happen? Dollar general in a penny or 1 penny means that they have already gone the lowest one. They are supposed to be removed from the shelves. If the dollar general employee does not want to remove its items from the shelves, so they will ring up just 1 penny!

Do not panic. You can do these tips.

1. Follow dollar general penny list
There are many websites that show the dollar general penny list. You can follow them. Commonly, they will update the information to stay up to date. For example, the dollar general penny list from 2021 to 2022.

2. Look what other people are getting
It is also better for you to look at what other people get. It is the best way for you to find items. You have to find and match them

3. Subscribe dollar general penny list newsletter

Dollar General Penny List

If you want, you can subscribe to the dollar general penny list newsletter. Many people are looking for some items for a long time. You can find them in the newsletter. Try it and find some items you want for your penny.

Many people do not know about dollar general penny shopping. To know more about it, it takes a little bit of work and effort. Not all people want to do this. However, you can spend a bit of your time studying up it. After that, you are ready to hunt and rewarded from dollar general that cost 1 penny. 

Do you want to try it?

By understanding tips in shopping the dollar general penny list 2022, you will concentrate on what you do. You can do many ways like the explanation above. You just need to choose the easiest way for you. There is nothing impossible if you want to try and study it. It just needs your effort to get what you want. Be the best one to do this. Good luck!
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