Where to Buy Penny Stocks: Explore 5 Best Brokers in 2022

Where to buy Penny stock is being the trending topic in business people. They believe that this holding is very siding with small or developing entrepreneurs. So, the businessmen do not feel afraid to buy the stock.

Nowadays, many places sell this stock such as in India, UK, and Canada. Besides those countries, you can get it online. 

So, have you known how to buy Penny stocks easily? Do not worry if you are trying to get it for the first time because this page comes to ease your planning.

Where to Buy Penny Stocks?: Start from 3 Best Brokers

For your information, there are 5 brokers and this page will describe them one by one. However, it will start from the 3 brokers first because the explanation might belong. 

You will get the review, pros, and cons. Hopefully, this complete information stops you to ask about where to buy Penny Stocks. Okay, let’s start:


where to buy penny stocks for free

Introduce Interactive Brokers! This holding offers $ 0 for the minimum account and a fee of $ 0.005 per share. $ 0.005 is a very low cost. That is equal to a minimum of $ 1 per trade and real-to-the-split real-time margin calculation. Both are ideal for penny stock traders. Interactive Broker also received several awards.

There are Best Overall Online Broker, Best for International Trade, and Best for Low Cost. Also, there are the Best for Options Trading and Best for Daily Trading.

Perhaps, you think that you have found where to buy Penny Stock but wait for a while. Save it as your reference and continue to read about the pros and cons:

• Pros
This broker has a low commission until 1% of the value of trade, stream real-time data, and account information. In addition, AI supports IBot, IB's online assistant to help find features.

• Cons
Unluckily, this broker flows data only on one device and at a time. Then, this broker is on a steep learning curve because of Traders Workstation.

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2. TradeStation

where to buy penny stocks for free

TradeStation offers a Minimum Account of $ 500 or $ 5,000 for an IRA. Meanwhile, it costs $ 5 shares and ETFs, $ 0.50 / contract. Then, there is a $ 5 / trade options fee. If you want to have lower costs, multiply the shares that you trade per month. TradeStation flows all data in real-time.

So, you can place, change, and cancel trades from the chart. Cancellation can also use keyboard shortcuts. In addition, TradeStation received an award for Best for Day Trading and the Best Overall Online Broker. 

Now, you have two references to answer the question of how and where to buy Penny Stocks. Even though, do not decide one of them before you finish reading the review of this broker. Here are the pros and cons of the TradeStation:

• Pros
TradeStation has a real-time, flexible, and customizable market scanner. Here another, this broker has excellent charting and technical analysis capabilities. Furthermore, per-share costs will decrease if you trade more shares.

• Cons
Has a steep learning curve for preparing trading strategies. Then, some price packages that might make you confused.

3. Caption

where to buy penny stocks for free

The minimum account is $ 500 and costs $ 3.00 per trade. So, is eOption able to answer where to buy Penny Stock well? Let’s see the next information from this broker. The eOption has an average price of $ 3 per trade that can reduce your costs.

Apparently, this broker has a cheap and no-frills web platform. Even able to offer fast execution but a little comfort creature. 

The eOption also offers the use of Sterling Trader Pro or DAS Trader. Their trading engine helps you to see graphs and analyses better. even though it will add to the cost of $ 230 every month. On the other hand, some OTCBB trades require an additional $ 6 / trade fee for direct broker placement.

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By the way, eOption also received an award for Best for Low Cost. Directly, these are the pros and cons of eOption:

• Pros
You can get automatic trading newsletter notifications. Like the statement above, they have a web platform that is easy to use

• Cons
Actually, the statement about some OTCBB trades must be with the direct broker above. Apparently, this is part of the eOption cons. Have limited educational, news, and research offers.

Where to buy Penny Stocks: 2 Best Brokers for You

Indeed, this page promises to give you the 5 best brokers and there are 3 references above. Next, it is time to present the rest of the best brokers. Surely, it will overcome your wonder about where to buy Penny Stocks. Here, what to do:

1. Fidelity

Just like the first broker, Fidelity offers a Minimum Account of $ 0. Then, there is a fee of $ 4.95 per share / ETF, $ 4.95 plus $ 0.65 / contract per option trading. 

Overall, Fidelity Research can help you filter penny shares based on the market sector with a very good one. Now, their Active Trader Pro Platform is available to all customers. However, that is regardless of trading frequency or account balance.

Fidelity also received many awards as the Best Overall Online Broker, Best for Beginners, and the Best Stock Trading Application. There are Best for ETFs, Best for Roth IRAs, Best for IRAs, Best for International Trade, and Best Web Trading Platform. Here are pros and cons to answer of where to buy Penny Stocks:

• Pros
Access to Active Trader Pro is available for all customers. Able to execute trading on stocks that are registered very well. Offer a filter to find your trading potential.

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• Cons
Unfortunately, residents and non-US residents cannot open an account. To find tools, you may need more than one platform.

2. Charles Schwab

where to buy penny stocks for free

The minimum account of the broker is also $ 0. Meanwhile, the fee is $ 4.95 per share and trading ETFs. Costs $ 0 for Schwab ETF and $ 4.95 with an additional $ 0.65 per contract for options.

Remember that it is the last option to answer where is the best place to buy Penny Stocks. Schwab shows the exchange of stock trading as information about inherent risks. There are various platforms such as the StreetSmart platform that have customizable graphics and stream quotes.

Some awards include the Best Overall Online Broker, the Best Web Trading Platform, and Best for International Trade. 

Furthermore, there are the Best for Options, Best for Beginners, Best for Roth IRAs, and Best for IRAs. Additionally, there are also the Best for ETFs and Best Stock Trading Applications. Reading the pros and cons below you can know where to buy Penny Stocks:

• Pros
Has a mobile application that is aligned with a desktop platform. There is a refund for the trade costs of the Schwab Satisfaction Guarantee. Serve with fixed costs without hidden surprises.

• Cons
Apparently, it requires more than one platform to use the tools you like. Besides that, the margin level is higher than average.

Soon, save your business by choosing one of those brokers. Definitely, one of them is the response to the question of where to buy Penny Stocks. Learn and Decide!
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