How Much is a 1992 Close AM Penny Value?

1992 Close AM Penny - Who would have thought a Lincoln Penny was sold at such a fantastic price. In July 2012 a Lincoln penny was sold for $20,000. 1992 close am penny value managed to reach its highest price and was sold at auction at the Heritage Auction Gallery.

Not only in 2012 but the 1992 close am penny was also successfully sold in 2017 for more than $25000. This variety is not ordinary because the price is very high. These specimens include rare specimens that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

1992 Lincoln Penny Close AM

Specimens of this rare variety are "Close AM" which you can find in AMERICA writings. Close AM means that there is a very close distance between the legs of the letters A and M in AMERICA writing.

Coins that have been sold for thousands of dollars are the rarest varieties and are in uncirculated condition with a value of MS-64. This 1992 close am managed to reach its highest record value in 2017 at auction.

Before we discuss the reasons why the 1992 lincoln cent close am is a special and rare coin, we will first discuss how the design of the coin and the composition of the coin affect its selling value.

1992 Close AM Penny

The coin, designed by Frank Gasparro, features a portrait of Lincoln facing right. On the front, it says IN GOD WE TRUST, LIBERTY, and 1992 is the year the coin was minted.

On the other hand, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and ONE CENT are written which indicate the nominal value of this coin. The main varieties of these coins are minted in the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint.

For coins minted in Philadelphia, no mint mark became the coin that was generally used. Additionally, coins minted in the Denver mint have a mintmark D behind the year of manufacture.

These two main varieties affect their value, as the 1992 close am penny value is only found on coins minted in the Denver Mint or 1992-D penny. This is something that is still very rarely found and this error was only found in 2012 and 2017. 

Why is the 1992 Penny Close AM Special?

There's a reason why this penny 1992 close am is rare and special. In the 1990s and early 200s, the US Mint used two different mints to mint circulating coins and special coins for collectors.

Due to these two different prints, an error occurred on the 1992 penny value which should not have been printed with this tool. Because this coin mint should have only been used when minting coins in 1993.

This is what causes the distance at the foot of the letter AM. This affects the 1992 close am penny value you will get. In addition to the very close distance between the letters AM, there is also a distance between the initials FG.

Because of this error, the 1992 d close am penny value is high because it is rare and is an uncirculated coin that is not circulated or only becomes a collection for coin collectors.

How Many 1992 Close AM Pennies Are There?

This specimen includes coins that are very hard to find. These coins were only sold in 2012 and 2017 at significantly different prices. To determine the 1992 close am penny value also requires a coin professional who provides a decent value.

How Rare is a 1992 Close AM Penny?

Coins minted due to this error are only available in a limited number. Maybe you don't need a magnifying glass to see the close AM on this coin. However, the initials FG on penny close am are closer to the Lincoln Memorial.

This variety has become very rare because it is only in limited print and only a few collectors have it. 1992 penny no mint mark close am value is also quite high value.

• 1992 No Mint mark Close AM Penny Value
This variety is also rare, but its value is not as high as the 1992 D penny. Because this variety is a coin that is generally used and in a circulated condition.

Unlike the 1992-D close am which was sold in uncirculated condition and became a special collector's coin. 

Because of this, the value of the 1992 no mint mark differs greatly from the value obtained from rare coins.
1992 close am penny value that you can get from this coin is $ 2,600 and is much different from the 1992 d close am coin.

• 1992 D Penny
This 1992 close am sold for a record high of $26,000. The value is very different from the 1992 no-mint mark penny. Because of this, many collectors are willing to spend a lot of money to buy it.

Then how do you tell if you have a 1992 close am penny? You can contact coin collectors or ask online in certain communities. Usually, many people are looking for rare coins online.

1992 d close am penny

You can ask if your coin is one of the high-value rare coins. In addition, you can also see from a magnifying glass whether the letters AM are close together or not.

Where To Sell 1992 Close AM?

To sell these coins, you can contact the nearest coin auction gallery or look for information regarding coin collectors in your area. You can find it online.

Before selling it and getting 1992 close am penny value, you need to check it first in the AM and FG posts. Because many think that they have a close am 1992 penny, but what they have is a wide am 1992 penny.

How Much is a 1992 Close AM Penny Worth Today?

The highest value ever obtained by the 1992 penny close am is $ 25000 and this is the highest price in the condition of the MS-62. Until now, there are still commonly used Lincoln cents in circulation, but errors are very rare.

It is estimated that there are 50,000 coins scattered. You can determine the 1992 close am penny value from the condition of the coin and the error it has.

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