How Much is 1917 Penny Value UK?

1917 Penny Value UK - Many people still keep ancient coins at home and they hope to get more value from the coins they collect. To get the highest value from a dime, of course, various considerations must be considered.

One of them is to determine the 1917 penny value UK, several factors become important points. This is because the bronze coins are one hundred years old and the condition of the coins has changed drastically.

For those of you who still save the 1917 UK penny, try checking your coins again. Is it still in good condition or not and deserves a high price or not.

1917 Penny Value UK

If you've found it, let's check how much value you get in one 1917 penny.

1917 UK Penny Facts

Just like the article we discussed earlier, the history of penny 1917, this 1917 penny was designed with the face of King George V made of specially designed bronze was smitten.

This bronze coin is the latest alloy, after coins in the 1860s that used copper. Due to the increasing price of copper, finally, a private company in Birmingham made penny coins with bronze.

The front of this 1917 penny was made by Bertram Mackennal, showing King George V's head facing left and not crowned.

As for the back, this coin is designed with the image of the figure of Britannia representing the woman of Great Britain. This woman is sitting holding a trident in her left hand and holding a cross shield and Union Flag in her right hand.

One penny coin 1917 value can be seen from the condition of the coins you still have. Because the coin, which was minted in 1917, was in circulation for 54 years until the pound sterling was introduced.

1917 penny value UK higher with the condition of the coins are still in good condition. Especially for those of you who prefer to keep it, rather than use it for transactions.

Even though this coin has been in circulation for 54 years, it doesn't deny that many coins are lost over time, damaged, burned, thrown away, and eventually cause damage to the surface of the coin.

This 1917 penny was printed with mint marks and a total of 107,905,436 pieces in circulation. Of course, this coin became the change that is commonly used by the public.

How Much is a 1917 British Penny Worth?

This bronze coin is commonly used for transactions because the amount in circulation is very large. Therefore, finding the rarity of this coin is quite difficult because it is printed in large quantities.

The consideration in determining the 1917 one penny value UK is from the condition of the coins you have. Because this 1917 penny is made using metal which is relatively soft and easy to wear.

With time, the condition of the coin is constantly changing as it goes through circulation which makes the coin lose detail, wear out and the design begins to disappear. This is what now determines how much 1917 penny value UK you get.

Lots of coins in circulation but still in good condition. This is because the owner takes care of it and makes it an ancient object that is worth keeping.

Some coins also have scratches, burn marks, or are poorly treated. Of course, all the conditions of this coin will be a deterrent to the price you get.

There are several assessment conditions that you need to know to determine the value of the 1917 penny UK:
VG: Very Good
F: Good
VF: Very Good
EF: Very Good
AU: Unpublished
Unc: Unpublished
More than 100 million coins are in circulation and are now more than 100 years old, there must have been a lot of changes that the coin went through. This is what determines how much you get.

Collectors will significantly notice how your coins are in condition from the surface, shine, scratches, dates, letters, or other parts that can increase their value.

The following is the 1917 George v penny value that you can get if you consider the circulated and uncirculated factors:

• 1917 Penny Circulated

The value of the 1917 penny is £1.60 in the EF-40, £6.80 in the AU-50, and the top price is £9.40 in the AU-55.

This coin has gone through a very long time and changed hands. But the value obtained is still high if you can take care of this coin.

• 1917 Penny Uncirculated

For the 1917 penny which was not circulated, of course, the price was higher. You can get £14.00 in MS-60 condition, £33.30 in MS-62 condition, £52.70 in MS-63 condition and the top price is £131 in MS-65 condition.

Of course, this 1917 penny value UK is influenced by the condition of the coin you have and other considerations that make your coin value.

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