How Much is a 1916 One Penny Georgivs Value?

1916 Penny Value UK - Some people who still have a penny must be curious about how much value they get today. One of them is the 1916 one penny georgivs value which has a fairly high value and is still kept by several people.

Because the 1916 penny is one type of change that is generally used for transactions. To get the highest value from a coin, of course, you must have a coin under certain conditions.

1916 one penny georgivs value

One penny 1916 georgivs are no exception, which must meet certain grading criteria based on the condition of the coin, luster, error, or current coin demand.

Facts About 1916 British Penny

The 1916 penny is a coin made of bronze. Whereas the previous coins used copper which was only made until 1860. The price of copper which tends to rise makes private companies switch to bronze.

New combinations in the composition of these coins were even more durable, including the 1916 Georgia V penny. Between 1860 and 1895, these coins had an inverted Britannia design and Queen Victoria's "Bun Head".

However, for 1916 this penny used the fourth design which was both created by Leonard Charles Wyon. Unfortunately, during the reign of King George V, the problem faced was the portrait of the king made by Bertram Mackennal.

Because a lot of empty bronze can be used to produce coins by private companies. The highest difficulty is encountered when hitting a coin by design.

The front of this 1916 UK penny features a King George V design by Bertram Mackennal and has the initials "B.M". This portrait of King Georgia V faces left. 

Georgivs v dei gra britt omn rex 1916 value depends on the condition of the coins you have because most of these coins are in circulation.

As for the back of this coin, it was made by Leonard Charles Wyon with a Britannia design which is the personification of British women.

This woman sits facing the right and wears a Corinthian crested helmet and carries a trident in her left hand. 

The back design of this 1916 penny is similar to the design of penny UK coins in general and contains the date of manufacture of this coin.

How Much is a 1916 Georgivs Penny Value?

Just like the article we discussed earlier 1912, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1937, and 1971 new penny value, to calculate the 1916 one penny georgivs value there are several conditions that you must understand.

Even with its age of over a hundred years, this 1916 penny must have had many changes. 

Starting from circulation, loss of design details, worn coins, and other conditions.

one penny 1916 georgivs

The following are some of the conditions to consider when assessing the 1916 UK penny:
• VG: Very Good
• F: Good
• VF: Very Good
• EF: Very Good
• AU: Uncirculated
• Unc: Uncirculated
With the rating categories above, you can determine the 1916 British one penny value with the condition of the coins you have. Over time, many of these coins were lost, dropped, buried, misused, and not properly cared for, 1937 penny value UK.

Eventually, a lot of scratches, discoloration, bumps, and other conditions appear that bring the value down. Yet most people still keep 1916 penny coins in excellent condition.

1916 Penny Value UK

This 1916 UK penny was made in as many as 86,411,165 coins with a mintmark. It weighs 9.4 grams because it is made of bronze. Because it is printed in very large quantities, there is very little chance of scarcity or error.

This makes the value stable in the market with a predetermined nominal. To get high 1916 one penny georgivs value, of course, you have to have coins in good condition.

Here is the 1916 penny value that you get in circulating and uncirculated conditions:

• 1916 Penny in Circulated Condition

Because it was minted in such a large quantity, these coins were mostly used for transactions and many people chose not to keep them.

Some people who still keep it will of course get a higher value because the condition of the coin is still good. For the 1916 penny in circulated condition, mostly found in VF condition with a value of £ 3 and EF condition with a value of £ 16.

This is also considered from the conditions possessed such as scratches and the design is still clear or the edge

• Penny 1916 Uncirculated

Although minted in very large numbers, there are still people who keep these coins at home. These uncirculated coins are in better condition.

So the price you get also tends to be higher than the coins in circulation. The nominal you can get is £40 in AUnc conditions and more than £55 in Unc conditions.

Even the 1916 one penny georgivs value that you get can be even higher if the condition of the coin is still shiny, the design is still clear, there are no missing parts and the surface is still clearly visible.

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