18 Popular Penny Stocks to Invest in January 2020

Hello, stockholders! Could you identify which include popular penny stocks or just fraud? Let this page saves you from the real fraud which is ready to prey on you anytime. You will not realize their movement because they do it very soft as though come as your friend. Do not worry you not only get a lot of numerous famous companies traded as penny stocks. However, some additional information also such as the characters and how to avoid fraud come here. So, follow and save it as your tool to face them and get the best.

Popular Penny Stocks

18 Top Penny Stocks during December 2019 for Fighting Next Month

Just to remind, penny stocks are the stocks trading under $5 and include the small stock. Then, it will stop to include as this type when the price reaches five dollars and more. Differ from the big shares which are easy to find in NASDAQ, NYSE, and other big stock exchanges. The top penny stocks exist in OTCBB (Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board) and Pink Sheet. On the other hands, you must beware toward the fluctuate character emerging a high risk. Besides the high risk in the form of fast-losing and fast-profit, it still shows several characters.

The market capitalization, volume, the volatility are low in general. Penny stocks also include as the secured holding and liquid where you need the right brokerage to trade. If you want to get the best stock in NYSE or NASDAQ, precisely, you choose Robinhood. On the hands, TD-Ameritrade, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and TradeStation can help you in OTCBB. In the following, you will see 18 top penny stocks that you can buy through those brokers. Anyway, these stocks include in three categories:

A. 10 Penny Stocks to trade using Robinhood

1. Fitbit (FIT) reaches the popularity up to  225.799
2. GoPro (GPRO) has the popularity in 197.180
3. Hexo (HEXO) sits on the position of 158.637
4. Plug Power (PLUG) reaches 120.734
5. Chesapeake Energy (CHK) has the popularity in 97.751
6. NIO sits on 92.900
7. Groupon (GRPN)  sits on 77.623
8. Nokia (NOK) holds its popularity in 33.666
9. Denbury (DNR) has the popularity in 29.030
10. Glue Mobile (GLUU) sits on 28.337

B. 3 Popular Penny Stocks to buy are Up Big in September

1. Clearside Biomedical (CLSD)
2. Bioanalytical Systems (BASI)
3. Neptune Wellness (NEPT)

C. Top 5  Stocks Pick for the Month

1. Owens & Minor Inc.
It trades in NYSE with the code of OMI.

2. Net Element Inc.
You can buy it in NASDAQ within the code of NETE using Robinhood.

3. Gran Columbia Gold Corp.
The penny stock with the code of TPRFF trades in OTC.

4. iBio Inc.
It trades in AM-EX using the code of IBIO.

5. Ardelyx Inc.
Within the code of ARDX, you can find it in NASDAQ.

Things to consider to Choose Penny Stocks

Today, you have seen eighteen best penny stocks in three categories. Certainly, they are real and ready to trade in December falling several days more. Even though, some aspects need to consider using those stocks properly. It includes:
• Pros
Penny stock can make you rich only in one night although you invest in the small bankroll. On the other hands, the entry barriers for trading are low enough and the opportunity is real.
• Cons
Talking on the risk, the chance to get lost is similar to get profit in one night. It includes a poor selection because the best penny stocks in high-quality are hard to come. Commonly, the company is not a good investment because they are in financial or legal trouble.  Lastly, the stock has limited regulation so that the pump-and-dump scamps often plague it.
• How to find
Nonetheless, it does not mean you will not get the best and well-known penny stocks. You only need some strategies to do it and avoid the scamps. Always the list of 10 best or the top 100 active penny stocks in OTCBB and Pink Sheet. Use trust website to do it every morning and sign up for free. The service will give community access, video lesson, email coaching, and so on by SMS or Email.

Beware and Face Penny Stocks Scamps

Well, it is time to face the scamps in penny stocks! You should be able to differ between the real companies in popular penny stocks.  In general, the fake companies never do anything although being legally incorporated and not active. They also only invest in real ventures producing real products or services. Anyway, the scamps like giving many tips, guides, and other useful information through your social media. Even though, the purpose is only to attract your attention and buy their stocks.
On the other hands, the pump-and dumps scamps like to throw a high stock price to trade. After you and many stockholders attract and sell, the scammer will sell their stocks at a low price. It makes the stockholders’ loss profit and much money. Do not worry, you only need to avoid hot tips, holds high-pressure trading, and diligent to research it.

Lack of Information on the way to trade Penny stock?

If you have been sure that you find the real shell company to trade, you need the best tips to trades.

Here are 7 tricks to win your popular penny stocks in January 2020:

• Research every stock in detail also check the fine print.
Manage your money because penny stock does not guarantee your profit will increase or go.
• The patient is looking for the rightest penny stock is very important moreover your account need to grow.
Start to practice for trading and you can do it first on paper while ensuring your method works properly.
• Always remind on the frauds that exist around you and ready to prey your money.
• Leave the bad stocks quickly which only will make loss profit.
• Do not be hurry to trade your stock but wait for it for the best time to trade come. Just take “A+” trades for this small stock type.
• Want to win the stock is the main desire for each trader but penny stock do not allow focusing it. In spite of this, prioritize the method that you use has been right so that a victory will follow behind.
Look! How perfect the information on this article! You get a lot of popular penny stocks along with other essential things to understand. Do you know other famous penny stocks in this month of the year? Add it in the comment!

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