10 Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks that Have a Big Potential Benefits in 2020

Penny stocks start getting big attention from several companies with different fields. Even, the amount always increases from times to times although there is a big risk behind its trading. Pharmaceutical penny stocks are one of the famous sectors in trading where it competes properly along with others. It often emerges among the energy and mining stocks in the exchange. Today, you will give more attention to the healthcare penny stocks. You have a demand to more focus to win the battle both buying and trading. Let’s go to the battlefield of penny stocks!

Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks

10 Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks to play and win in this Month

Commonly, you merely get about 3 healthcare penny stocks to watch. However, today is not the same with the usual discussion where this page spoils you so much. This post conducts with presenting 10 penny stocks list such as below:

1. Orexigen Therapeutics (OREX)
Who are undergoing a weight loss program? You should try one of this drug namely Contrave. This weight loss drug is the creation of Orexigen Therapeutics or OREX in the US. At this time, the company is trying to get approval from the FDA. If it successes and releases in the market, OREX will have a sweet story in the penny stock.

2. Prana Biotechnology (PRAN)
PRAN becomes the second top 10 pharmaceutical penny stock list because of its role in the big research. It turns out the Prana Biotechnology is involving its company to find the medication of Alzheimer. The company wants to break the assumption that there is no medication to heal the illness. PRAN does it with conducting the research and development of PBT2. If the medicine can release in the market and the people welcome PBT2 properly, it will be good news in penny stock.

3. Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc (RNN)
RNN is doing the clinical trial for Archexin, Serdaxin, and Zoraxel as cancer and the central nervous system medications.  Those drugs are the big hope for many patients and investors.

4. IsoRay Inc. (ISR)
Many investors claim ISR as one of the best penny stocks to buy right now. The company is working on manufacturing brachytherapy seeds necessary for the treatment of a wide array of cancers. ISR plans the medication is to heal prostate, lung, pelvis, colorectal, etc. It turns out the company targets its stocks prices of $5 per share by the end of the year.

5. Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CYCC) Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals also includes top pharmaceutical penny stocks to consider in 2019. It is because CYCC is focusing on research and development of several drugs to treat cancer. It creates unique small molecule drugs to stop uncontrollable cell division. It is typical for leukemia and other forms of cancer.

6. Athersys, Inc. (ATHS)
Athersys Inc becomes the promising biotech penny stocks to trade. It gives a big role in the production and development of several drugs. The drugs are for weight loss, attention span disorders, and narcolepsy. Nowadays, ATHS stocks have an average volume of 800K over the last 30 days.

7. Columbia Laboratories (CBRX)It is the company specializes in novel drugs development, molecular and bio-adhesive technologies. Columbia Laboratories currently offers several products to the pharma market. It consists of progesterone and testosterone cream and suppositories, extended-release pain medications.

Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks

8. Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners (CPRX)Recently, CPRX appears on NASDAQ to its penny stock. If you want to know, it is a small-cap pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of several drugs. CPRX targets the drugs to heal the central nervous systems such as nervous disorders, addictions, and epilepsy. On the other hands, the company focuses to participate in stage III for developing a drug. If it successes so the drug will remedy the rare autoimmune disorders affecting their muscles and central nervous system.

9. Neuralstem (CUR)Neuralstem works in several directions to find the cures for many deadly diseases. It plans to make the drugs to heal injuries, cancers, and others. CUR also works to control abnormal cell division through the stem cell transplantation technologies and on molecular drugs.

10. Luna Innovations, Inc. (LUNA)This medical penny stock company works to develop Nanotechnological medicines. It will diagnose and target treatment of many human health conditions using highly innovative carbon nanomaterial. Luna also mainstay the medical supply and technologies too. The greatness of the company creates well-diversified penny stocks to invest in.

What Pharmaceutical Penny Stock is and how does its Potential Benefits!

The penny stocks from the pharmaceutical sector are the small and early-stage companies. It researches, develops and manufactures new drugs through chemical or plant synthesis. These companies appear a ‘microcap’ penny stock that has stock is available in over-the-counter which is relatively cheap. The investors can buy typically less than five dollars per share with a large volume.
Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks

Meanwhile, the stock includes an attractive sector because of its project’s growth. People live to an older age where there is a greater call for new and better medications. Sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy habits also increased the occurrence of chronic illness. The resurgence of old diseases such as pertussis or tuberculosis are the reasoning behind the projected growth becomes clear.

With its low buy-in cost, the stocks of pharmaceutical are an attractive, and accessible way for investors to enter this market. Moreover, they also offer higher possible returns and potential for explosive growth. It implies the investing early can pay off big.  Nonetheless, it can also lead to great losses.
There are many reasons to stay in the pharmaceutical sector when you decide to buy penny stocks. It comes with a never-ending sector because all people need it for many necessaries. They need the medicine and medical services from they were small into getting old. It does not matter the function is to remedy the illnesses or just treatment.
Thus, there is no hesitation to invest in pharmaceutical penny stocks again. Moreover, there are a lot of choices for the company that you want to buy. Just to remember how risky the penny stock is to prevent something bad happen. Good luck!
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