5 Penny Stocks With Buying with High Potential to Benefits

2019 has reached half of the journey to 2020. It means you had seen a lot of penny stocks worth buying all this time. Today, you will flashback to watching profitable companies appearing before August of the month. Such as you know, this small stock always updates new members during the trading. However, old companies do not always bad to watch again. Therefore, let’s recall several penny stocks worth buying in 2019 which you can use to invest right now. Who knows you never see the stocks before?

Penny Stocks With Buying

Penny Stocks Worth Buying with High Potential to Benefits

Enjoy the offering of 5 penny stocks worth buying right now to give a high profit in October. They are more promising than others and short the risk of loss. Okay, these are 5 stocks to buy:

1. Eldorado Gold Corporation
Such as its name, Eldorado Gold Corporation of EGO is a gold mining penny stock. Seemly, this company is getting a positive effect of the increase in the gold price. Ego has just gotten an advantage claim from the analysis after conducting a commercial operation in min Lamaque. The company does it since on March with producing the gold up to 420.000 tons.

Penny Stocks With Buying

Eldorado Gold Corporation become one of penny stocks worth buying in 2020 because of the increase of more than 200%. The amount of the percentage comes from the lowest price in January of $2.50. Meanwhile, the highest price of the stock on July 18 reached $7.78.

2. Rekor System, Inc.
Rekor System, Inc. or REKR has given a big hope for numerous investors in this year. It did by opening the price of $0.50  and reached the highest stock price on July $3.45.  REKR which help NOKIA to provide an automatic reader plate software trade the stock on NASDAQ. Besides that, this software penny stock worth buying also join NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partner Program. Rekor System, Inc. join to apply deep learning to a video stream.

3. Acasti Pharma, Inc.
Acasti Pharma Inc. or ACST  includes the biotech penny stock that increased on the third week of July. It rose to the highest level of $1.59 from $0.90 where it started since June 18, 2019.

4. FlexShopper, Inc.
FlexShopper, Inc. or FPAY is the company moving on online payment solution and self-rental retail. One of penny stocks worth investing in this year trade the stocks in NASDAQ. Seemly, the company can fulfill the requirement to trade with a minimum price of $1 per share. It turns out this year become lucky because the share increased and growth significantly. It happens after FPAY reported more than 1. 200 retail locations.

FPAY has gotten the increase up to 1.100% same like the previous year. Meanwhile, the organization with the amount of $6.5 million increased 430% making the stock soar 129% all the year. By the way, that percentage comes from the calculation since in January up to July in the third week. It increased from $0.73 to $1.67.

5. Neptune Wellness
Kinds of companies for penny stocks worth buying are various enough. Next, there is Neptune Wellness (NEPT) as marijuana penny stock resulting money. This cannabis stock reported an increase of + 25% since the early week of July. However, the increase of the stock since January 2, 2019, reached more than 130%. NEPT plans to close $41 million of private replacement to accurate Forest Remedies and SugarLeaf Labs assets. It turns out this news attracts the attention of many investors to buy which helps the company to extend its capacity.


Tips to Buy Penny Stock without existing of Loss Shadow

There is a shadow of easy to lose when investing in penny stocks. It makes many people hesitate to buy although the high profit is also real. Both have the same opportunity in the trading but you do not need to be afraid again. Use the following tips to get penny stocks worth buying successfully:
• Find the right place to buy
The first thing to do when you choose this under $1 stock is finding the right place. You indeed can find some penny stocks in NYSE or NASDAQ but the opportunity is very small. It is because the investors prefer to trade in OTCBB (Over The Counter Bulletin Board) and Pink Sheet. Why do trade here? They are the stock with cheap price and those exchanges are not the big stock markets. So, they have gotten the right place. 
• Involve the right brokerage
Need to know that penny stocks have different brokers both online and offline. When you intend to buy in OTCBB, you can use some online brokers. It is such as E-Trade, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, or TradeStation. Even though, you need to use Robinhood if you target NASDAQ or NYSE to buy and invest.  
Ignore the companies that trade in low volume because it does not make you profit. At least, you have to find the company trading less than $1 and less than 100.000 per share. 
• Understand penny stocks’ pattern
Besides choosing the high volume stock, you need to identify the pattern of this small stock. You can do it to find the right penny stocks worth buying with reading the graph and practice.  
• Use a mentor
Remind to the character of penny stock, you need a mentor to train. Even, the presence of the mentor is very important when you are still new in trading. Usually, the mentor will teach you the tricks and the story. You will get the story of how do they overcome the failure to reach success.  
• Search the stocks at a low price and volatile


Penny Stocks With Buying

Volatility is the quality of the stocks that refers to the speed and sharp of the price. This quality makes your stock move and potential to get profit.

• Do not use leverage and quite conduct the small transaction
Leverage is the term of the position for big trading with small capital. It is not suitable with penny stocks.
Okay, those are 5 potential penny stocks worth buying to invest in 2019. You can use tips above to buy without getting the shadow of lost profit. Always remember the characters of penny stocks which are so important and never forget it. Good luck!

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