Penny Stocks that Went Big: 6 Steps to save and shine Your Small Expertise

Penny stock is the pal of the small entrepreneurs because it gives them the lowest stock price. For only 5 USD per sheet, of course, it is very light for them to own shares.

Penny stock that went big helps you and all small business which has a low reputation in the market. Nonetheless, it is suitable for high speculative trading. So, would you like to continue your intention to buy the stock? Well, check the list of Penny Stocks that went big and learn it properly.

7 Good Penny Stocks That Went Big in 2020

How many stock tradings that you need? Please, read and pay attention to the following 7 Penny Stocks that went big. See them below:

1. Robinhood

The first is Robinhood where it becomes the best trading stock that does not take payment. It differs from the other low-value shares. This does not take large fees can and a greater percentage of your trade. Besides that, the Robinhood does not support Pink Sheets or stocks that are sold freely.

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2. InteractiveBroker

It becomes the best low payment in the market by offering a fixed rate package per share. Alongside that, there is a tiered package that has a fee but charges a lower commission. For your information, tiered packages are better for high-volume traders. Whereas packages with fixed interest rates are better for everyone.

Interactive Brokers offers more trading options that are more attractive and according to your needs. Besides that, the online trading platform is not too bad either. So, do you still hesitate to take this Penny stock that went big?

3. TradeStation

Find the TradeStation as the best trading platform with shares worth $ 5. However, there are some additional fees above the commission if you access OTC data. If you are able to pay, you get access to a high-end browser, desktop, and cellular experiences. On the contrary, you can still use the price per share starting at one cent per share. If you do not want to pay for the additional costs.

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4. Charles Schwab

The next Penny stock that went big is Charles Schwab becoming the best traditional brokerage. Schwab is a different online stock broker by being one of the leaders in low cost. With a commission of $ 4.95, it gives you access to the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB).  Even, it also accesses to some pink online stock sheets.

5. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade comes with a lower price platform, but not the cheapest around. You will also get the choice to be willing to pay a little more or not. Even if you are not willing to do so, you can still choose a platform at a lower cost. So, this saves a few dollars every time you trade.

6. E-Trade

Select this type of broker as the best tool for you the active trader. E-Trade offers a trade of $ 6.95 in discount clubs but not at the bottom of the barrel in terms of stock trading costs. The trading platform from one of the Penny Stocks that went big has various versions. There are web, desktop, and cellular versions.

Then, the E-Trade platform features advanced graphics with various technical indicators and trading ladder with streaming prices.

7. Fidelity

This is the best trading platform for Risk-Averse. You will get a trade offer of $ 4.95 as the lowest cost for trading stocks. Calling and talking with Fidelity’s representatives about risk.

Okay, those are 7 list penny stocks that grew big and ready to maintain your business. Pay attention to those stocks well before making the final decision.

6 Tips to Find the Right Penny Stock for Your Venture

After seeing the list of Penny stocks that went big above, please determine your choice. If you still hesitate, try to follow these 6 tips to find one that fits you:

• Prepare the Stock Scanner

Actually, there are thousands of penny stocks in the US every day, so it’s important to find the highest potential trade. Use a high-quality stock scanner to find pennies every morning.

penny stocks that grew big

• Analyzing Chart Patterns

Find trades that offer big risk or reward opportunities with the smallest amount of capital. You can see chart patterns, prices, and volumes for the biggest potential profit.

• Choosing Technical Indicators

The next step to get the finest Penny stock that went big is with choosing the technical indicators. Technical indicators work by taking price and volume data. Then, manipulate it by showing things like momentum, recent strength, or lack of volatility.

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• News Catalyst

News catalysts are things like getting announcements, news, or product updates. In fact, this can be a big breakthrough on Twitter or online forums. These catalysts often cause price movements so that lure traders to jump in or out of a stock. Paying attention to the news catalyst is one of the best ways to be able to act quickly. Also, it helps you potentially at the forefront.

• Identifying Trends

Stocks are always in the range or in trend and the easiest money often appears when the stock is trending. Try to identify trends by seeing the highest for the uptrend or the lowest consistent for the downtrend. Please, do not skip this steps is you want to get one of the penny stocks big profit faster.

• Check Trading Volume

Penny Stocks that Went Big

The last step to get the best penny stock that went big is by checking the trading volume. Finding the best trade is unuseful if you have enough volume for you to get in and out of position. Therefore, you need to filter all your trades for stocks that have sufficient trading volume.

So, you can easily take the position size that suits your needs. In addition, you can save a lot of heartbreak and help protect your trading capital.

Save your business from the big loss with finding the best stock. Apparently, finding one of the Penny stock that went big is easy. Only with passing 6 steps above you can choose one of the trading stock here. By buying one of the penny shares, you can get a quick and big profit. In addition, you will often excel in competition. Therefore, take your note and pen to write all the information above.

Afterward, start to explore those names one by one. Thus, you do not need to worry if your venture will lose from the other competitor. Let’s try and good luck!

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