Penny Stocks Paying Dividends Todays brings 5 Special Companies

One goal for all investors when they invest a stock gets high dividends or profit. This desire is not only for big holders but also for small shares like penny stocks. Finding penny stocks paying dividends become your main task when choosing to invest here. Could you do it meanwhile this stock has unstable profit and high risk? You will see, prove, and believe that that miracle is real. Get the right information on the penny stocks that offer dividends. It comes today along with its importance and the risk. Well, let’s start!

Penny Stocks Paying Dividends to invest at the early of January 2020

Do you understand what stock dividends are? According to the expert, stock dividends are the distribution of ordinary share to ordinary stockholders. The dividends aim to reduce the amount of profit which the company holds. Due to you invest in under $1 stocks, you should find the companies that are suitable for your objective. It turns out 5 penny stocks paying dividends below are the best options to try:

Penny Stocks Paying Dividends

1. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
Start your journey to find this kind of stock from Europe to meet RBS. For your information, the Royal Bank of Scotland or RBS is facing a problem. It includes one of the banks which involves a major foreign exchange fraud suits. However, it also brings “bonanza” £ 1.1 billion in dividends for its stakeholders. This penny stock with dividends 2020 brings the salary day becomes extraordinary for the investors for 6 months. Even, the result in a full year will increase up to £3. 5 billion.

2. SNP (China Petroleum & Chemical)
SNP or Sinopec is the nickname of China Petroleum & Chemical companies with the basic office in Beijing. The corporation runs oil, gas, and petrochemicals refining business that had just established a new company in Sri Lanka island. This one of penny stocks that pay dividends has a strategic location near Hambantota port for service a fuel in main maritime route.

The ships that pass the ports from Malacca Strait to Suez Channel and vice versa will stay here. Moreover, Sinopec has prepared the production capacity until 10 million metric tons which it will come true in 2020. Alongside that, it also focuses on the low sulfur bunker fuel supply which has fulfilled emission requirement. The International Maritime Organization has approved it and it becomes a key to increase over its competitors.

3. ING Group
The next penny stock with big dividends comes from Netherland namely ING Group. It is giant banking that gets primary customer growth in Q2 2019. The bank as well shows the strong result on the main loan business. ING also successes to pass the difficult economic time in Europe carefully. Seemly, this bank does not agree with the number of banknotes in the market from the central bank. ING feels it too much and does not helps to increate the self-defense.

4. CenturyLink (CTL)
CenturyLink is getting a bit lucky in 2019 because it gets a big project of a big fiber expansion plan. The company does it along with its old partner namely Corning to put 4.7 million miles fibers in Europe and the US. Besides that, the function of the fiber’s planting is to strengthen CTL position in the second market. Well, the company has prepared 3. 5 million miles of the black fiber to sell as the first phase. Then, the second phase will finish in 2021 primarily in Europe.

Due to the company has a strong infrastructure, it hopes to continue the extent of a black fiber project. This penny stock that pay big dividends has a normal expectation because the demand for the back fiber is quite high. CTL also wishes that the income will increase in this quarter even until this year.

5. The Bank of Lloyds (LYG)
Llyods is the next Europe bank which strong relatively faces the ultimatum of Brexit. However, this company keeps getting some side effects with the lower credibility of the customers. Besides that, the lower credibility refers to the low interest of the debt both the company and independent.

Seemly, England loan giver makes Llyods get a decrease up to 70% in the first-half investment in 2019. Nonetheless, this company which also has an England car sector keeps recording strong dividends. Moreover, this penny stock paying dividends still have 15 billion pounds of motorcycle payment business.

The Importance of Stock Dividends and The Dangerous

Okay, there are 5 kinds of penny stocks paying dividends in January 2020 which are suitable for your investment. You had read the definition of the stock dividend too. Even though the information is still lack and you should add it again. Firstly, it wants to talk about the importance of the stock dividend. This page notes some important roles such as below:
Penny Stocks Paying Dividends
• It becomes the only one that gives you the real distribution for your share. On the other hands, the dividend helps you to get a realistic income from your investment
• The monthly dividend payment is more profitable for specific investors that rely on it as the only income. Retirement is one of the examples that get benefits. Thus, the presence of the dividend is better for all aspects primarily for the long-term investment.
By the way, the danger of the stock dividend refers to the investment in the monthly payment. The reason is a lot of monthly stock dividends are speculative with a high payment ratio. It makes the result of the business may decrease both temporary and permanent. The high ratio can increase the growth of the debt because the company only save a little money. Surely, high ratio and the debt will be a dangerous combination to subdue the dividend in the future.
Although you do not take the monthly payment stock dividend, you should always beware. Who knows you will find it in other kinds of the stock dividend payment. Okay, those are some information on the penny stocks paying dividends to invest now.  Do not hesitate to give your comment, suggestion, testimony, or others that you think need to do. Your role is very meaningful for the success of this page. Thank you

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