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How Much is a 1985 Canadian Penny Value Today?

1985 Canadian Penny Value – Many people keep lots of ancient coins at home and hope to get a high price when they are sold. Maybe you are one of the many people who keep this coin.

One of them is the 1985 Canadian penny value which is currently having a lot of fans and the price is increasing. Many people may not realize that the value of a coin can be measured in many ways.

But the most important thing is the condition of the coins and the errors in the coins that make them rare. For those of you who want to get the highest value from your coins, read this article to the end because we will provide a guide for you.

Make sure you have the coins in their best condition to get a high price.

What Is A 1985 Canadian Penny Worth?

Before we discuss the 1985 Canadian penny grading criteria, you need to know what the characteristics of this coin are and the conditions in which the coin may have a high value.

This coin is made of 98% copper, 1.5% zinc and 0.5% tin. This coin was designed by GE Kruger Gray with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front of the coin. This is a portrait of the Queen when she was 39 years old.

As for the reverse design, it shows maple leaves, which are the pride of Canada and the hallmark of this country. In addition, there is the inscription 1 CENT and the year of manufacture of the coin is 1985, and the initials of the maker, namely K.G.

1985 Canadian Penny Value


This coin was minted in the Canada Royal Mint in as many as 771,772,500 pieces which made it a coin that was commonly used for transactions. Of course, this large amount will affect the 1985 Canadian penny value.

The thing you need to know is that even though it is recorded in large numbers, there are errors that make these coins have different values. You can find the 1985 Canadian penny error below.

The errors that occur on this coin are blunt and pointed. There’s a difference between 1986 Canadian penny blunt vs pointed that you should know, maybe you’re stocking up with two different types.

This error lies in the number 5 contained in the 1985 article which indicates this coin was minted. On the penny Blunt, the number “5” has a blunt variant and is a coin that is generally used by many people.

How Much Is A 1985 Canadian Penny Worth?

After knowing that there is an error on this coin, then you can now determine how much 1985 pennies worth money by looking at the condition of the coin and the error on the coin.

This 1985 Penny pointed error penny makes it rare Canadian pennies, especially in uncirculated conditions.

This is similar to the 1973 Canadian penny value which has a fairly high value due to errors experienced during printing.

The following are some of the assessment criteria used to determine the 1985 Canadian penny value:

• F12 Fine – This coin shows a circulated condition or through hand movement which causes the surface to start to wear out. The most visible part of the maple leaf looks worn. In addition, the upper and lower ear hairs are also almost missing.

• Very Good VF20 – This coin also includes coins that circulate and show traces of use. The most visible areas are above the eyes and the hairline which show wear and tear.

In addition, the folds of clothes on the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II are still clearly used.

• EF40 Excellent – This coin shows some surface wear with time and use. Including one of the circulated coins, but it only has a few worn parts and doesn’t have a mint shimmer.

• AU50 Uncirculated – This condition indicates that the coin is uncirculated or uncirculated. Most likely because it was stored, it shows only slight wear and tear and still has a hint of mint shimmer.

• AU55 Uncirculated – This coin shows a disused condition and very rarely wears out. It still has the mint shimmer visible when this coin was photographed.

• MS60 Uncirculated – This coin shows absolutely no signs of wear. Every part of the pictures and letters still shows good condition and still has a shimmer.

• MS63 Uncirculated – The condition of this coin shows no signs of use and no stains on the surface of the coin. You can even find real mint sparkles in this condition.

• MS65 Gem Uncirculated – This coin shows no signs of wear and almost the entire surface is as perfect as freshly minted. There are some stains in certain areas and it still has the original mint shimmer.

1985 Canadian penny worth today is getting higher because of the errors this coin has and the condition of the coin that determines its value. If you have rare and uncirculated coins, you can get hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

We will give some 1985 Canadian penny value that you can get depending on the condition of the coins you have:

• 1985 Circulated Canadian Penny

Based on the variety that this coin has, we will look at the Blunt 5 and Pointed 5 varieties. For the circulating Blunt 5 coins, it means that they have passed hand shifts and are showing signs of wear and tear.

The value you can get starts at $0.03 in the F12 condition and the highest price is $0.04 in the AU50 condition.

While Pointed 5 coins in circulated conditions you can get a price of $ 0.90 in AG3 conditions, $1.50 in VG8 conditions and the highest price is $5.00 in AU50 conditions.

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• 1985 Uncirculated Canadian Penny

1985 Canadian penny value you get on a Blunt 5 coin from a low of $0.10 in MS60 condition and a high of $155 in MS66 condition.

As for Pointed 5, the lowest price you can get is $14.70 in MS60 conditions, $34.40 in MS-63 conditions and the highest price is $260 in MS66 conditions.


The Cents Of 1985 Canadian Coin Currency

Details About Canada 1985 Blunt 5 1 Cent Copper One Canadian Penny Coin

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