Worth and The Types Of 2019 Penny Value

2019 Penny Value – Over the centuries the penny has gone through many changes. That also affects the 2019 penny value. There is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln made by Brenner and seen on the obverse of the coin which …

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1942 Nickel Value: D, S, No Mint, and Error

1942 Nickel Value – While not a collector’s dream, the 1941 Jefferson nickel is a fascinating coin specimen. It was the final complete pre-World War II coin of the Jefferson nickel series, and its minting occurred during a turbulent period …

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1940 Nickel Value: What is a 1940 Nickel Worth Today?

1940 Jefferson Nickel Value

1940 Nickel Value – The United States of America celebrated its 100th birthday in 1938. The face of the five-cent coin was redesigned by the Mint. The Buffalo Nickel was replaced by the newly created Jefferson Nickel. The Jefferson Nickel …

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1946 Nickel Value: Error, Silver, and No Mint Mark

1946 no mint nickel value

1946 Nickel Value – The Jefferson nickel is one of the most famous and long-lived coins in American history, and it is still in circulation after 80 years of production. The Buffalo nickel, which was notoriously difficult to strike in …

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1948 Nickel Value: Error List and No Mint Mark

1948 no mint nickel value

1948 Nickel Value – The 1948 nickels were minted in three separate facilities, and they come in three distinct varieties. Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco are among them. The Denver nickel will feature a D mint mark, while the San …

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1941 Nickel Value: No Mint Mark, Error List, and Worth

1941 no mint nickel value

1941 Nickel Value – Starting in 1942, the United States Mint began striking five-cent coins with varied compositions: a blend of copper, silver, and manganese to devote the nickel used in the coins to artillery manufacturing during World War II. …

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