10 Lithium Mining Stocks 2020 for profits of all time

Gold might be the most popular mining stock in the exchange market but it is not the only one. Many kinds of mining exist in the big and small stock exchange. Even, lithium mining stocks emerge to consider by all buyer including you. Existence rapidly increases thoroughly the world. The utility of the metal stone is very large both for daily necessities and technology. Anyway, many of the best lithium stocks to buy especially this January 2020 emerge here. You will hunt for the best along with the right reason to choose!

10 Best Lithium Mining Stocks to Watch and Buy in January 2020

Keep fighting to find the best company to invest in the stock. Select one of the top 10 best lithium mining stocks to buy below:

1. Albemarle (ALB)

Lithium Mining Stocks

Albemarle includes the strong mining company which success to rise after getting a big decrease in 2016. Even, ALB trading in NYSE also has lost 32% in the market during 2018. Even though, this company had ever soared in 2017 by reporting Q2 earnings per stock. It turns out this moment can raise its full-year EPS guidance. Nowadays, people see the weakness of ALB in the entry point.

2. Galaxy Resources (GALXF)

Lithium Mining Stocks

Galaxy Resources using OTCMKTS (GALXF) as the exchange market is one of the companies with diversified portfolios. This best lithium mining stock claims to have projects in its native Australia and Canada where both regions are geopolitically stable. At this time, GALXF trades as a legitimate under $1 penny stock. It experienced stock plummeted over 85% during the past year.  It turns out relatively new market volatility is the cause. Although it is a distraction for Galaxy stocks, Toyota comes to help pick up the slack.

3. Lithium Americas (LAC)

Lithium Mining Stocks

Lithium Americas exists in NYSE (LAC) has already climbed back and added more than 18 percent year over year. This speculative stock still has a big chance to get some measure of confidence from the investors. It is because the demand for lithium is broadly trending higher although commodity prices fluctuate year-to-year. At this time, lithium enters in electric vehicles, technologies, and e-cigarette or vaporizer.

4. Livent (LTHM)

Lithium Mining Stocks

Formerly, the lithium mining stock of Livent trading in NYSE within the code of LTHM is the arm of FMC. Nowadays, it stands alone as the publicly-traded entity in November 2018. Livent company indeed has a speculative contrarian chance but it stock downs 63% since the initial public offering.

5. Panasonic 

Lithium Mining Stocks

Panasonic within the code of PCRFY in OTCMKTS is the customer electronic device. It turns out it has a big role for Tesla by producing lithium-ion batteries for its vehicle. This lithium-based technology of Panasonic also gets more credibility for the long-term gains after cooperating with Bromance. Recently, PCRFY stocks down 25% since the year-ago period. Even though, Panasonic is a smart company that can use its acumen for other things.

6. Pilbara (PILBF)
Pilbara in OTCMKTS (PILBF) stock is down 56%. Even, it dropped a staggering 64% over the trailing 52-week period. Luckily, it is the high-risk lithium mining stock with a high-reward opportunity. In Australia, Pilbara has a good reputation, especially in the resource-rich Pilbara region. Anyway, Pilbara is the name of the strategic location producing one of the largest lithium-ore in the world. It turns out PILBF stock can feature an intriguing narrative in deflating prices.

7. Power Metals (PWRMF)
Power Metals is one of the mining companies putting the hard-rock concept. The metal manufacturer that trades in OTCMKTS as PWRMF comes as a significant lithium provider in Canada.
Nevertheless, PWRMF is a genuine, over-the-counter penny stock that down 68% over the past year.  Nonetheless, it is still potentially explosive to play among lithium and battery stocks.

8. Sociedad Quimica y Minera (SQM: NYSE)
Talking on lithium mining stocks cannot apart from Sociedad Quimica y Minera or SQM. Most investors consider this company because it has a strategic location and history. Chili is the location of the company where this country includes one of the biggest lithium contributors. On the other hand, Chili has a good relationship with the United States so that it very benefits for SQM.

However, the country producing almost 75% million metric tons of the hotly metal cannot save SQM from the stock downing. Last year, the stock decrease by 31 % because of the fundamental bullishness and technical trading divergence.

9. Tesla

Lithium Mining Stocks

NASDAQ introduce it within the code of TSLA is the vehicle company recently getting into the lithium-mining business. It produces a lithium-based vehicle battery and success grows the company’s larger-scale. TESLA realizes it by changing the battery with a lithium battery system.

10. Toshiba (TOSBF)

Lithium Mining Stocks

Toshiba is the electronic devices manufacturer especially in laptop computer shifting resources heavily toward lithium technologies. At this time, Toshiba applies a lot of innovation in the pipeline, fast-recharging battery in high-power. This lithium mining stock resembles like Panasonic trades in OTCMKTS as TOSBF. Toshiba suffered prior missteps beginning in May but it is up roughly 15% year-to-date gain.

Brief Reasons purchasing Lithium Mining Company

Well, you have seen a lot of potential lithium companies to watch and buy. However, only pursuing one of lithium mining stocks look incomplete without having a strong reason. Now, you need it and this page has prepared some points as additional consideration. Look at below:
• Versatile Metal

Lithium Mining Stocks


Lithium includes the multifunctional metal using in pharmaceuticals, ceramics, grease, lubricants and heat-resistant glass. Recently, it appears in the form of lithium-ion batteries growing quickly. This soft silver-white metal powers cell phones, laptops, until the electric vehicles. Lithium comes from the hard-rock deposits where the world’s largest hard-rock mine is the Greenbushes mine in Australia. Chile and Argentina are the bulk of the world’s lithium brine production and China follows it in 2018.
• Different lithium type for battery
Battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide are the material for lithium-ion batteries which are much more expensive. It turns out the lithium products are useful for emergency technical applications.
That is why you need to consider buying the lithium mining stocks in January 2020. The utility of mining is various so much. Even, it keeps increases for daily goods and technology. Up and down a company is a common thing but lithium is exceptional. Try it, please!

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