15 Information Technology Stocks to buy shining in 2019 and 2020

Purchasing Information Technology stocks is a great decision because it is not difficult to find it. From day to day, new companies emerge like mushrooms in its season. Besides trading in big stock markets, they also emerge in a small exchange market list. That is why choosing the IT sector for investing in a stock is correct. It turns out many big changes happen during 2019 and 2020. However, they keep being a big consideration to get the best Information Technology service stocks. Due to it is important to know, this article presents them below.

Top 10 Information Technology Stocks to Invest in 2020

In this lucky January, this article summarizes 10 manufacturers as the Information Technology stocks list. Look at below to upgrade your inside to invest in:

1. Adobe (ADBE)

Information Technology Stocks

Adobe which has YTD gains 27% is the name brand with an exceptional reputation in the IT sector. It revenues about 25% a year and still grows up to now. It can happen because millions of subscribers use this software. They are artists, creators, designers, advertisers, and corporate marketers. Adobe creates more recurring revenue by optimizing boost margins and scalability.

2. Alibaba Group Holding (BABA)

Information Technology Stocks

Alibaba Group Holding is one of China’s top tech companies that the stock down 30% entering 2019.  It downs from recent highs because the stocks are still being held back by the endless tit-for-tat game of protectionism. In the last quarter, BABA grows fast and revenue rose 42% and EPS jumped 56%. Nonetheless, the company only gets 19 times forward earnings with YTD return 21%.

3. Amazon.com (AMZN)

Information Technology Stocks

By the way, one of the Information Technology stocks of Amazon.com trades in ticker with the code of AMZN. There is a report of YTD return on August 28, 2019, of 17% so that it remains a winner. This year, AMZN starts the heyday in 2019 through the fourth straight quarter coming from record-setting profits behind AWS. Unluckily, the stock down after Q2 earnings also the investment over $800 million where it still hit profits.com becomes a top-tier tech stock because it dares to foregoing short-term profit for long-term gains.

4. Apple (AAPL)

Information Technology Stocks

Apple (AAPL) is the second-most valuable company in the world because of the iPhone as a blockbuster product. Tens of Billions of revenue comes from its alone hardware and software production. Recently, APPL plans to launch Apple TV in $9.99 a month for streaming video service. For your information, AAPL returned $21 billion to shareholders through buybacks and dividends last quarter. The company with YTD gains 29% also promises to keep funneling back cash going forward. In addition, Apple gets the biggest margin source that grew 13% to the highest level all-time at $11.46 billion last quarter.

5. Baidu (BIDU)
BAIDU underperform the S&P 500 during 2019 until losing streak. However, the company knowing as the “Google of China,” keeps getting down. Even, the stock of Baidu now emerges at the lowest levels since 2013. To be honest, Bidu becomes one of the giant search engines installing base topping 400 million devices.  Baidu overtakes Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL, GOOG) by placing the second rate in the market of global smart speakers. It occurs in the last quarter with the 3,700% increase year-over-year from 4.5 million shipments. Anyway, Baidu gets YTD gain -34% in this year.

6. Facebook (FB)

Information Technology Stocks

Facebook (FB) is the next Information Technology stock that you watch here. It got an issue until the CEO Mark Zuckerberg must fulfill a Congress calling. This year, FB also receives some consequences to settle for $5 billion. Federal Trade Commission is the party that handles deceptive communications to users and user data. Facebook keeps being the best technology stock to buy because of some reason. FB which has Instagram and WhatsApp earns YTD gains 38% and gets the spotlight of international and domestic regulators.

7. iQiyi (IQ)

Information Technology Stocks

iQiyi or IQ comes as a newly public company for the top video streaming platform in China. This year, the stock jumps by 89% in the most recent quarter and the last quarter grew by 50%. Within the rapid at 15% and YTD return 16%, the company currently operates at a loss. Early 2019, the stocks are still up meaningfully to-date.

8. NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)
NXPI reached $125 per stock in 2018 when Qualcomm (QCOM) acquired the company.  The Information Technology stock of NXPI trades in the low $70s. As clearly chipmaker-company, it includes one of the best tech stocks to buy with YTD gains 34%.

9. StoneCo (STNE)
StoneCo includes the highest risk company stock in 2019 according to this page. This manufacturer has seen enormous volatility, but the stock price not too inflated in the months. Even though the revenue of STNE jumped 57% last quarter and EPS almost tripled. With YTD gain 64%, it includes the single biggest winner stock on this list. Meanwhile, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A, BRK.B) is an early savvy investor prooving this company.

10. Twitter (TWTR)

Information Technology Stocks

Recently, TWTR gets YTD gains 46% after the bearish sentiment on Silicon Valley looking at Twitter. CEO Jack Dorsey earns revenue growth of 29% in Q3 2018 by eliminating fake accounts and cleaning up the platform. In this year, the analysts expect just 13% revenue growth and now expect over 17% top-line growth.  Alongside that, this Information Technology stock easily outperforms the market because it earns some awesome quarterly results.

5 Information Technology Stocks Shining during 2019

Differ from above, 2019 saves other tech stock companies shining during the year. Although it looks over past, these Information Technology stocks still deserve to see and consider:
• Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) came in a $19.9 billion market cap and the stock performance +83%.
• Fortinet, Inc or FTNT had a market cap of $11.6 billion within the stock performance +60%.
• Keysight Technologies Inc. within the code of KEYS presented a market cap of $44 billion and the stock performance +44%.
• Motorola Solutions, Inc. (MSI) came with a market cap of $20.7 billion with the stock performance +36%.
• Red Hat, Inc. (RHT) shown a market cap of $31.1 billion and the stock performance +47%.
Well, those are a list of Information Technology Stocks shining in 2019 and 2018. Take research on those companies to find the best stock to buy. Feel free to research, comment, and add information below. Thank you!

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