Introducing the 2003 Alabama Quarter Value

2003 alabama quarter value

Are you into coins collecting hobby this day? If you’re looking for a unique hobby and want to find the best collection, then you can start collecting coins. The coins are something you can always rely on because it has …

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2022 Ohio Quarter Value and Worth

2002 ohio quarter value

2002 Ohio quarter is one of the circulating coins in the U.S. It is a common coin you can find in your daily life. However, it has some characteristics that make it more valuable for the owners. It also has …

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2002 Mississippi Quarter Value: Design and Worth

2002 mississippi quarter value

The standard 2002 Mississippi quarter created for the state of the United States, Mississippi, in 2002 is a coin made using a layered composition containing copper and nickel. There should be a proof of mint or silver proof sign that …

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The Story of 2002 Louisiana Quarter Value

2002 louisiana quarter value

The design on the face of the 2002 Louisiana quarter features the standard Washington Quarter face design but with minor changes. This Washington Quarter coin has been in circulation from 1932 to 1998. This coin has an inscription showing the …

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2002 Indiana Quarter Value: History and Worth

2002 Indiana quarter value

On the face design of the 2002 Indiana quarter coin, you can still find a photo of the standard Washington Quarter and there have been a number of changes there. Washington Quarter coins that have been in circulation from 1932 …

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2001 Vermont Quarter Value and Worth

2001 Vermont quarter value

The 2001 Vermont quarter is a 4th edition quarter coin that was included in the 50 State Quarters Program implemented in 2001. The coin features an image of Camel Hump Mountain alongside a maple tree, and you can also see …

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2001 Rhode Island Quarter Value and Design

2001 Rhode Island quarter value

You can see that the face of the 2001 Rhode Island quarter coin has a design with the standard Washington Quarter face that is commonly found, but there are some changes in it. The Washington Quarter is a coin in …

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