8 Best Stocks Under 5 Dollars Right Now for New Investors

Many parties recommend new investors trying under five dollars stocks. If you interest in this small stock, this page has provided some companies below. They are the best stocks under 5 dollars right now and suitable to buy this October. Anyway, the small stock is not only suitable for beginners but also everyone likes playing penny stocks. Besides presenting numerous best stocks under $5.00 for 2019, some information also exists here. It is the tips to catch the stocks that you will need so much. Let’s see it!

Best Stocks Under 5 Dollars Right Now

8 Best Stocks Under 5 Dollars Right Now

During October 2019, some companies shine within their small stocks. They become the best stocks under 5 dollars right now which needs to pay attention. Here is a list of under five dollars stocks that you need:

1. Agenus Inc.
AGEN opens the list of under-five dollar stock today coming from a biotechnology company. Exactly, it is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company focusing on developing cancer treatments and a variety of vaccines. Nowadays, it looks not profitable just yet, but it promises in the future.  Seemly, the success comes from the collaboration agreements with several Gilead Sciences (GILD) sciences and notable biotech firms. That is why you need to consider AGEN as your choice. On the contrary, AGEN trade the stock three times with relatively cheap price for an up-and-coming biotech firm.

2. Aurora Cannabis (ACB)
Secondly, it offers Aurora Cannabis or ACB that trade the stock price at $.4.45 with the YTD gain -11%. On NYSE, ACB comes as the best under $5 stock right now. The reason is Aurora’s success to trades more than 50% off highs in 2019. It is because the black market often trades marijuana at a lower price. Indeed, it makes this company stock price look growing pain and risk of go out of business.  Even though, ACB is sure that the condition will not take place in a long time. After getting clarity from the government, this Canadian company stock is ready to soar from current levels.

3. Blink Charging
This month, Blink Charging (BLNK) trades the stock in NASDAQ with the price of $2. 48.  It turns out this company that gains YTD up to 45% is the risky volatility. Before it sits on $ $2.60, the stock price experiences some changes in recent two years. In the beginning, the stock prices appear about $10 to $3 but then it popped about $4.50 to $8. Although it sounds risky, BLNK gives some huge contracts for the electric vehicle charging station companies. It also describes the annual growth at 40% and the rate will be $30 billion in 2023. This best under $5 stock right now does with a $65 million company in a market.


Best Stocks Under 5 Dollars Right Now

By the way, HEXO is the marijuana stock that becomes the heaviest competitor for Aurora Cannabis (ACB) and Canopy. The company that has the head office in Quebec lost over 50% but it ever rebounded after entering the $3-range. By the way, the stock price rallied over 30% although breaking above $5 also makes it lost its steam. HEXO includes a smart company because it can make the right decisions to expand operations steadily.  The company has a small risk to get a write-off crisis because it only has $3 million in intangible assets.

Quebec provincial government plans to guarantee HEXO revenues as the best stocks to buy right now under 5 dollars. To be honest, HEXO wants to chase a big stock in the infused drink companies. Alongside that, it is expecting Canada will realize to cannabis-infused beverages on December 16th, 2019.

5. Histogenics Corp as biotech stock
HSGX is the manufacturer trading as a biotech stock where the profit soars in April 2019. This lucky moment occurs after HSGX announced a stock-for-stock merger which Ocugen hold privately. It will be the majority company stockholders after closing and operate under Ocugen leadership. The merger makes the Histogenics shares rallied as much 71.78% and breaking above $0.30 per share. On August 15, the stock price at $0.17 (15%) with over 2.5 times more trades volume.

6. Plug Power (PLUG)
PLUG is the next best stocks to buy right now under 5 dollars to trade on NASDAQ with the stock price at $2.40. The company of hydrogen fuel-cell makes gain YTD at 94% and becomes headlines recently for much better news. PLUG still has a reason to continue to grow beside the shares up almost100% YTD. It places from the HFC technology that significantly improves and hopefully, the market keeps embracing it.

7. Stage Stores (SSI)

SSI or ZNGA trades the stock price at $1.60 in NYSE with YTD gain 120%. Entering 2019, the stock price at 75 cents but it turns around in 2019. With shares more than doubling YTD, SSI stock can be higher in the long run. The stock’s sales of less than 2% from some sales multiple TJX stock’s is the cause.

8. Workhorse Group Inc
The last best stock to invest in right now under 5 dollars comes from Workhorse Group Inc. WKHS is the code in the stock exchange as the small-cap electric vehicle stock. This up-and-coming electric vehicle manufacturer increases the stock up to 214%.  Workhorse Company will get a USPS contract that you can use to consider to buy it. It is worth about $6.3 billion or over 25 times the current market cap at $226.43 Million.

3 Tips on the Best Stocks Under 5 Dollars Right now

Such as the promise of this page, you will get some tips to buy one of them. Here, you can follow 3 simple tricks such as below:
• Check credibility
Firstly, you should check the credibility of the company trading its stock under five dollars. In general, the market caps are volatile below $500M. Commonly, the stocks under five dollars do not include in the S&P 500 or other. 
• How to find
Secondly, the trick is to find the stock where you can use a screening tool to sort according to current criteria. Each broker has a screener engine inside so that chooses the right brokerage for you.
• Consider volatility
Lastly, it talks on the volatility that you hope on each stock including this type. Such as you know, stocks with small capitalization are usually more volatile. That is why it is very important to keep a close watch this kind of cheap trading stock.
The best stocks under 5 dollars right now to choose consist of eight options. Research those companies properly to get the best result before determining one of them. Always remember the characters of small stocks that high risk, volatile, and so on.

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