Best Marijuana Penny Stocks: Here are the Reasons and How to Search

Penny stocks have a lot of fans so that the players inside come from various sectors. They come from biotech, healthcare, pharmaceutics, mining, marijuana, and so on. From those sectors, many traders are interested to find the best marijuana penny stocks. Indeed it includes illegal goods in most countries in the world but Canada and the US treat it differently. They have own reason to categorize cannabis as the legal good. So, it becomes the best marijuana stocks to buy in 2020 and start stealing many investors’ interest.

Best Marijuana Penny Stocks

5 Best Marijuana Penny Stocks Now shining in 2020

After conducting long-term research, this page finds a lot of cannabis shares that success trading during this month. It seems still having good potential to keep shining in January 2020.  Okay, let’s see 5 best marijuana penny stocks for next month purchasing:

1. Anavex Life Science Corp.
Introduce, Anavex Life Sciences Corp. or AVXL as a new Alzheimer disease’s treatment company which has patent until 2037. This news makes many traders and investors attract to pay attention to AVXL. On the other hand, a stock exchange likes this news and makes the stock price increase in higher volumes.

2. Aphria Inc.
Aphria or APHA states as the lowest price cannabis producer in the form of oil and dry cannabis products. The company produces its products in varying strengths and qualities show the market cap at $1.807 Billion. April 2018 becomes the fortune time for APHA because the stock prices surged. It occurred after selling the products a major Canadian pharmacy chain of online Shoppers Drug Mart. Even though, Aphria’s stock price slumped about 16.8% total year-to-date in 2019.

3. Aurora Cannabis

Best Marijuana Penny Stocks

It trades and earns in the market caps of $5.071B on OTC of LEAF stock exchange. Nevertheless, the company with the code of ACB began the stock on TSX (Canadian venture stock exchange). It started in October 2016 and move on NYSE in the same month in 2018. This one of the best marijuana penny stocks down the price of about 30.7% YTD. When trading on OTC, the stock price returns 347% for over a year.

ACB not only produces dry cannabis but also sells marijuana oil with the license applying since January 2017.  In early 2019, the manufacturer purchased Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation (organic cannabis producer). Nevertheless, it had bought MedReleaf (LEAF) for $2.5 billion in May 2018.

4. Canopy Growth Corps
Canopy Growth Corp. enrolls its stock on NYSE from May 24, 2018. It turns out the stock price down about 33% YTD and it becomes the lowest level for 52 weeks. Even though, the stock in the CGC symbol includes the first Canadian unicorn in the market of the pot. This manufacturer which has a market cap of $6.969B sells its product with brand ‘Tweed’.

If you do not know, NUVM is the leader or Pepsi merger and Lipton ice tea. The merger makes the stock price moves up thousands of a percent. However, you must consider the high reward/ risk stock and DCGD comes as a strong competitor with over $2 per share.

Well, those are the five best marijuana penny stocks to consider and have good potential in November’s trading. Besides those names, you might want to search Cronos (CRON), CTST, EMHTS, HEXO, OGI, Namaste Technology, or Supreme. Very sorry if this page does not appear all information because it wants to outline other essential things. So, keep following and find tips to catch one of those cannabis penny stocks.

How to find the Best Marijuana Penny Stocks and why do you must choose this Sector?

Up to now, a lot of investors wonder why this kind of stock appears in the market. Why they must get the stock that the selling product is still limited? Seemly, you should listen to some reasons below before knowing how to find the best company:
• Marijuana selling surged twice in 2018 from the prior selling in 2017. In the US, the cannabis index increased by more than 71% or far from the gain of 12% by the S&P 500. By the way, it happened between June 2017 and June 2018. 
• At this time, many legal marijuana markets including women and baby boomers expand rapidly. The current revenue at $110B invites many analysts to try to estimate the potential growth. It seems will grow as large as the beer industry. In the US, the cannabis totalized $3 billion in the quarter of 2018. Nowadays, the United States has a legal and illegal cannabis market that estimates at $52.5 billion. 
• Later, many countries will legitimate this good so that the best marijuana penny stocks will more attractive to choose. According to the Wall Street Journal, the cannabis legitimation makes the US cigarette sales revenue almost $94 billion annually.
• 2022 will be the golden time for cannabis companies because they will get double income in medical-usage selling. Alongside that, it matches for growth investors. On that year, many states and cities will invest in social programs that effect to cannabis industries of $75 billion.
• The stock of marijuana has good growth from year to year of 21% and it will take place until 2022. It takes from one of the examples of the best marijuana penny stocks in the healthcare project.  The cannabis stock in this sector has been growing 2% each year in the same period.
At least, there are five reasons as the guideline to feel sure investing in cannabis stock. Next, you need to know the way to find it and this page asks for starting from research. When researching those names you must conduct based on some consideration.

For example, the condition of the finance can be the sigh of the best marijuana penny stocks or not. Then, find the information on how long the manufacturer has been establishing. Alongside that, research it from the kind of investment. Find out whether the company only focuses on marijuana products or investing in other products. 

Okay, those are five best marijuana penny stocks to watch and buy in this month until November 2019. The information above is very complete so you can start to include those company names in your research plan. Good luck and do the best!

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