Best Healthcare Stocks: Top 5 to Watch and Buy for 2020

Healthcare sector is increasing sharply in the penny stock market exchange. It makes investors start to search for the best healthcare stocks. By the way, the soaring stock in this sector derives from the wide-range coverage and its function. Almost all people need medicines and medical services so that many companies run in this field. Thus, it is not difficult to know healthcare stocks to buy and watch in 2020. Do not worry this page will help you with showing some companies and additional information. Check this out!

Best Healthcare Stocks

5 Best Healthcare Stocks to Buy for 2020

Penny stocks have some favorite fields in trading such oil & gas, electricity, healthcare, and so on. When you look for penny stocks, you surely see one or two stocks from this sector. Be a lucky person with taking this opportunity to watch the great healthcare penny stocks such as below:

1. Horizon Therapeutics (HZNP)
Horizon Therapeutics (HZNP) is the company that moves on the biotech. It places the second rank and being the leader of more than 500 biotech companies. HZNP includes in the list of 44 from 197 industry group according to IBD tracks. In the past three quarters, the earning per share of the company reaches the triple digits percentage. The puts HZNP in the number 124 with a growth rate of 27%. The sales in the past three-quarter increase by 27%.

That all comes from the sales of the gout treatment names Krystexxa. It results in $52.3 million in the first quarter through the Krystexxa Rose 12%. However, the biggest income comes from the sales of rare disease medicines. This biotech penny stock releases Procysbi with 13% and Ravicti in 2%.

By the way, Horizon is developing a combination of Krystexxa and methotrexate. The company claims that medicine becomes the treatment of uncontrolled gout. Besides that, there is a new medicine namely teprotumumab to heal the related-thyroid illness on the eyes. Horizon is planning to get the agreement from the drug in the middle of 2019. At this time, the stock of HZNP has CR 94. Nonetheless, the RS Rating is more weeks from 77.

2. Teladoc Health
Teladoc is the company providing virtual health service in telehealth. It competes with other companies but it keeps coming as the best. The reason is Teladoc Health has global coverage and a comprehensive service package. A lot of investors regard that the stock is better, cheaper, and faster. There are still many features which the company gives both to the patients and the investors. Even though, that is enough to explain all.

3. NeoGenomics (NEO)
NEO is a company that focuses on the finding of cancers in the patient’s body. You should know that NEO has the second rank of 25 medical services stocks. Meanwhile, the group itself exists on 52 of 197 groups according to Investor’s Business Daily.

The company closed its first quarter on March 31, 2019, with total revenue of $95.58 million. It consists of more than 90% from clinical services and pharma services revenues rose to more than 45%. Besides that, there still grows north of 51%.

According to Market Cap, NEO is smaller than Guardant Health (GH) and Quest Diagnostic (DGX). Alongside that, it is also smaller that Laboratory Corporation of America (LH). Nonetheless, it has an RS Ratings of 96 out of top-possible 99. During a year, NeoGenomics reaches of top4%. In the last five year, the income of this company reaches 47%.

Best Healthcare Stocks

4. Illumina
Illumina is a company that supports the advance of genetic research. The technology the company can cut the budget of the human genome mapping. It changes $1000 from $100 million in 2002. The Illumina system also has mastered more than 90% of utility. Lately, this healthcare stock has a less good thing on the promising and the shipping excessive. It becomes a good penny stock to buy now.

5. Veeva System ( VEEV)
VEEV is the company offering a system to organize doctor information for some companies. It provides the system for the companies that need clinical study data and pharma resp. For instance, VEEV provides the cloud backbones for the life sciences industries. Nowadays, the company is expanding the offering on other manufacturing heavy- industries. Once more, Veeva System becomes the leader of the healthcare stock. It is a cohort of 20 companies working on medical software.

Veeva System includes in 56 ranks in It happens after earning for the last five years growth rate of 45%. Meanwhile, the RS Rating is nearly perfect of 98 from 99. On the other hands, IBD 50 Stalwart put it in the third rank. It turns out the Veeva System can earn per share until at least double digits in five quarters.

3 Essential Things before having the Healthcare Stocks

All people have a high passion to own the best healthcare stocks to invest in penny stocks. It means you have a lot of competitors to catch one stock. Calm down because this page has provided 3 essential things that you can use as guidance. It consists of:
You have to be able to identify the company that has a better solution in the budget ( cheaper), quicker, and better. 
Fast budget control
It implies the company must help you to control the budget increase quickly. 
Sustainable competitive advantages
The company not only gives the best, cheapest, and fast service. Nevertheless, it also can protect the profit in the long-term.
Best Healthcare Stocks

Okay, those are some information on the best healthcare stocks. You might wonder why this sector always emerges in each trading. Nowadays, you get the answer and the role is very big also important. Do not tell to others before you prove it alone or your success to take it home this month. Remember that the stock in this sector is very promising and it gives a lot of choices. You can choose it from the drugs, medical services, robotic surgical, and so on. Anything your option, decide it properly and do not forget to involve the third steps above. Good luck!

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