2005 Oregon Quarter Value

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If you are familiar with old coin hunting, and coin roll, you have to stumble upon some of the older territorial or states quarter, for example, the 2005 Oregon quarter coins. These are specially designed quarters with different reverse side designs depending on the state, and most of them are minted around the year 1999 through 2009.

2005 oregon quarter value

Most of them aren’t worth the money, since most of them are circulated, and have been around in the market for more than decades.

If you get some of the 2005 Oregon quarter coins, you can collect them, keep them as a charm, or well you can use it in the local pawn shop for changes.

Regardless, some people collect this territorial quarter and would pay a bit more money for it.

The 2005 Oregon Quarter Value On The Open Market

A lot of the 2005 Oregon quarter coin is a circulated piece, meaning that most of them are common and very easy to find.

Not only that, they are minted and released decades ago, meaning that you will mostly get decades-damaged quarters, which won’t be valued for more than their initial face value.

So, expect that this coin would only be worth a bit of its initial face value of one quarter or $0.25.

The Oregon quarter is worth around $0.25 to at least $0.50. The price and value depend on its condition, as well as its grade on it.

As you can see, there are at least good grades, fine grades, extremely fine, and then there is an uncirculated MS grade. These are grades that could be used to value and reevaluate the prices of each piece.

2005 Oregon Quarter Error Value In The Open Market

Some people have found the supposed error quarter from the 2005 Oregon series. These errors such as the double dye errors, close quarters, and many more can be seen as a defect or rare errors that could be valued by collectors, or even be bought in the online coin auction.

Regardless if the error is authentic or not, they are incredibly hard to find in the first place.

The value for the error quarter would be at least $10 to $15 more, and it goes up if it is some finer grade or even an uncirculated grade.

Frequently Asked Questions About The 2005 Oregon Quarter Worth

To better understand the worth and value of the 2005 Oregon quarter coins, here are a few of the frequently asked questions about it.

How much is a 2005 Oregon quarter worth

If you try to sell them in the online shop, good luck, but otherwise, the worth for the Oregon quarter is much the same as its initial face value of $0.25, or at high, it would be around $0.30 to $0.50.

Is the Oregon quarter a valuable coin or not?

Most of the Oregon quarter is just circulated coins, which means they don’t carry out much value in the first place.

There isn’t much of the background history to make them antique coins, and therefore generally they are just the same old quarter, with most of them being kind of worthless.

Where to find some old Oregon Quarter?

For the old Oregon quarter such as with the 2005 Oregon quarter coins, you can try to get it through coin roll, or coin hunting.

You can also try your luck on some of the local coin dealers or coin shops, most of the time, coin auctions would only auction some higher-grade end coins and quarters though.

So, in conclusion, the 2005 Oregon quarter isn’t rare at all, and most of the value you get will mostly only comes from its initial face value.



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