2005 Minnesota Quarter Value

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If you love collecting old coins and pennies and have done some coin research, coin rolling, and hunting, sometimes you might stumble upon one of the old territorial or states quarter. They are specially minted quarters that minted during the year 1999 to 2009 and minted differently for each state, such as with the 2005 Minnesota quarter.

2005 minnesota quarter value

This time, we will discuss the worth and value of the 2005 Minnesota quarter and seek to its whether it is worth it not to spend or sell this series from the Minnesota quarter, and how you can get some money from it.

This will also answer the question regarding if your Minnesota quarter is worth money or just another worthless pile of coins.

The Minnesota Quarter Value In The Market And Its Melting Value

The Minnesota quarter and pennies, most of them are circulated and have been around in the market for decades.

Most of the circulated pennies won’t be worth so much of your money, as they would be the same value as their initial face value of $0.25.

If you try to sell it on local coin grading, or coin dealers, the most you can get is around $0.30 to $0.50.

If you are lucky enough to get some S-Proof quarter or get the uncirculated grade, you might get more value from it, and the uncirculated 2005 Minnesota quarter could be worth around $5 to $15, but try to sell it on the auction, or sell to some local coin collectors.

Since the coin itself was made from a mix of Copper-nickel clad, there is also a melting value due to its copper composition, and the melting value could be worth around $0.05 per copper-nickel coin.

Market Worth For The 2005 Minnesota Quarter Value

In the current 2022 market for old coins and antique dollar bills, the market for territorial or states quarter like this one isn’t huge. Yes, they are territorial or states quarter, but they aren’t inherently old or antique in any way, and they are also minted in huge quantities for each state.

In simple terms, they are very common finds, and not really sold able for collectors, and won’t be appreciated too much.

The best of the 2005 Minnesota quarter worth perhaps only comes when it is in MS uncirculated grade, with additional error minted state.

They are incredibly hard to find, and the chances of finding one in your coin roll, or in the market are vanishingly small, especially with the 2005 Minnesota quarter error quarter coins.

How Much Is A 2005 Minnesota Quarter Worth?

The Minnesota quarter isn’t essentially rare pennies, and most of them are just the usual common, circulated quarter.

If you want the best value coins you can get from the Territorial or state quarters, we recommend you try your hand on the coin roll, as well as the open market for old coins.

Most of the commonly circulated coins from the Minnesota 2005 quarter are worth around $0.30 to around $0.50. It is just a bit higher than its initial face value, and hence won’t be worth so much compared with many other old antique coins.

For the uncirculated grade, the Minnesota 2005 quarter would be worth around $5 to around $15, but finding an uncirculated grade for the Minnesota quarter is very hard.

The current price for the common 2005 Minnesota quarter is valued at least $0.30 in the open market. According to the NGC, this price would be the standard price for the Minnesota common quarter and hence would remain this way for at least 3 to 5 years.



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