2005 Kansas Quarter Value

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If you happen to stumble upon the old Territorial or state quarter, such as with the 2005 Kansas quarter coins, don’t throw it away directly. Even though it is just a quarter that would be worth, well, a quarter of pennies, some of them might be worth more.

How the old quarter and pennies is could be worth more? And is there any worth in your old quarters or is it just another worthless coin?

First, you need to understand that the 2005 Kansas quarter is by far not the most expensive, and exquisite coin, and it is not an old coin.

Most of the time, a quarter you find is by far worthless, and if you try to sell them on an online shop, or sell in a pawn shop, they will scratch their head, and laugh at you.

Most of the time, you will just get a worthless quarter, but it is still can be used for transactions anyway.

Specification of the 2005 Kansas Coin Quarter

To make sure you understand the 2005 Kansas quarter worth here are its specifications to make sure you can identify it.

2005 kansas quarter value

  • Coin category: Territorial or states quarter
  • Face value: $0.25
  • Metal composition: Copper-Nickel mixed-clad quarter
  • Reverse side design: Buffalo

The diameter, size, width, and thin are roughly the same as any other state quarters, so basically from specifications, there isn’t much value in it.

However, since it is a copper-nickel-clad quarter, the melting value for its metal is around $0.50, depending on the current inflated prices for metal in your location.

The 2005 Kansas Quarter Value And Worth

Most of the 2005 Kansas quarter is the circulated grade, which means they are already touched, transaction, and has already touched the market for many years, and would have damage, chip, and clips.

The common Kansas quarter value would be worth the same as its initial face value of $0.25, or if you are lucky, they could be increased from around $0.30 to $0.50.

They are different variations of the Kansas quarter, the 2005 Kansas quarter coin, the 2005 D Kansas quarter, and the S-proof quarter.

These could have different prices, depending on their grade, as well as their condition.

Therefore you would need to seek out our standard chart for different grades, and different variations to better understand the price you can get from an old quarter.

The Value Of The 2005 Kansas Quarter Error

There are some reports about the Kansas quarter error, and how some people see them as error mint, and hence would be increased in its value.

However, even with supposedly error mint, the coin itself won’t be worth so much if it is just a regular grade, not the MS near Minted state uncirculated grade.

The overall value for the Kansas quarter that has certain errors like double dye, or close quarters would be worth around $5 to $10.

They aren’t really big bucks coins as you can see; therefore you won’t be swimming in gold when you are finding this money. If you spend money more than $15 on one supposedly error coin of the Kansas quarter, well, you are either a collector or have been robbed.

So, How Much Is A 2005 Kansas Quarter Worth?

Most of the circulated grades from the Kansas quarter would only be worth a quarter. They are worth it for around $0.30 to $0.50 at best, if you can sell them on some of the local coin dealers.

If you try to sell them online, you might not find the open market crazy for this type of coin.

Some of the error in the 2005 Kansas quarter supposedly has some value in its, but finding an error quarter in the circulated market of the coin is just like finding a needle in a haystack.



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