Which Crypto to Buy: Chainlink or Ethereum?

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When choosing a crypto asset for investment, it is crucial to pay attention to the technology underlying the asset. The more valuable it is, the more real use cases it will have; therefore, the higher the demand will be, and so, the price too.

Which Crypto to Buy

In this article, we would like to discuss two popular crypto projects – Chainlink crypto and Ethereum.

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is quite a popular crypto project, with its LINK token traded on all large exchanges. As of mid-January 2023, the price of one LINK token is $6.42. From the project’s name, it becomes clear that it aims to connect off-chain companies with blockchain technologies.

The two main networks – Solana and Ethereum, are available for linking through Chainlink.

Smart contracts provide the network’s work, so off-chain companies can take advantage of this technology. LINK token is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the network for crypto developers to create and establish their products – DeFi, NFT, dApps, games, etc.

After Ethereum transitioned to the Proof of Stake mechanism, the network solved its main issues:

  • High fees
  • Limited throughput
  • Slow transactions.

Since the transition to the PoS mechanism, the ETH coins can be staked, attracting even more users to the network.

So it is expected that Ethereum will become even more popular than before. ETH costs $1,534, which is much more expensive than LINK. The ETH coin is based on its own blockchain.

What Crypto to Buy Now?

Both projects are worth investing in. However, it would not be correct to compare them – they chaise different goals and perform different functions.

So every investor picks one appropriate coin or both assets to diversify investment portfolios. ETH is good crypto to buy, the same as LINK tokens long-term.

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