Weed Prices: How Much Weed Costs and How Much to Buy

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How Much Weed Costs

New tokers might struggle with weed prices and amounts. How much do you need to get high or manage a condition? Is it better to buy in bulk? Would it be budget-conscious to get autoflower weed seeds and grow them at home? All reasonable questions before your first dispensary visit.

Costs of cannabis are becoming standardized with legalization, but there’s still variance between states and shops. Luckily, the amounts are relatively straightforward. Tokers use standardized language to describe quantities of bud for purchase.

Let’s discuss common measurements, average costs, and appropriate amounts of weed for your first and subsequent purchases.

Marijuana Measurements

Marijuana Measurements

Shops sell cannabis in present denominations, like eighths, quarters, and ounces. What do they mean, and how much is half of the weed?

We base the price and quantity of marijuana on an ounce. Here are the amounts you can get:

  • A gram: The smallest amount of cannabis available for purchase, enough for one blunt or two hand-rolled joints. Store-bought pre-rolls usually contain this amount.
  • An eighth: Equivalent to 3.5 grams or ⅛ of an ounce. You get about a dozen joints or bong bowls from this quantity.
  • A quarter: Equivalent to 7 grams or ¼ of an ounce. This amount fills approximately two dozen joints or bong bowls.
  • Half-ounce: Equivalent to 14 grams of marijuana. The quantity is perfect for cooking with cannabis, as many butter and oil recipes call for ½ an ounce.
  • An ounce: Equivalent to 28 grams of cannabis. In general, this is the most cost-effective shopping quantity.

Weed flowers may vary in density, composition, and amount of resin. An ounce or a gram won’t always look the same.

Average Weed Prices

How much does an ounce of weed cost? It depends on how much, when, where, and what you purchase.

Typically, the price per gram decreases at higher quantities. Bulk buyers pay less than those getting small samples.

Weed is also cheaper in the fall after the annual harvest. Its costs increase as the supply diminishes in the spring.

The politics of your region also plays a role. States with legal recreational marijuana have multiple dispensaries and excellent supply chains, so costs drop.

So, how much is a gram on average in America? It goes for $3–$15, depending on whether you buy by the gram or by the ounce. Here’s what you can expect.




The Strain Impact

Strains vary in cost due to their rarity, cultivation requirements, and chemical makeup. For example, established cultivars like Skunk #1 and OG Kush are generally more affordable than the mysterious Malawi Gold.

Indica is cheaper than Sativa, too. These strains are easy to produce in the American climate and yield somewhat higher, so the supply is more abundant.

Moreover, more potent varieties are cheaper because they deliver more cannabinoids. That’s especially true when they contain over 20% THC or CBD.

How Much Do Seeds Cost?

Future investments are a part of financial mindfulness. As a result, some regular smokers grow cannabis at home to save money and get high-quality buds.

Weed seeds go for $3–$35 apiece, depending on the strain and seller. Account for other costs of growing marijuana, and you end up with a bill of approximately $2,000.

An average garden of six plants yields over six pounds (100 ounces) of bud. This amount would cost about $10,000, so it pays to grow your own.

How Much Weed Should You Buy?

Now that you know about weed prices and quantities, what should you ask from a budtender? That depends on your purpose and budget.

Only get as much as you can afford. Don’t take out a payday loan for five ounces if you only have cash for a quarter. Another factor to consider is the law. Most states allow individuals to buy and carry an ounce, so check and abide by the regulations.

Other than that, here’s how much people usually get for different purposes:

  • A gram is the perfect test sample for a new strain, giving you an idea of the potency, flavors, and effects.
  • An eighth is ideal for tokers on the road. It’s convenient to carry but large enough to last for a week, even if shared with others.
  • A quarter is perfect for experienced tokers and medical marijuana users. It’s also great if you like keeping various strains on hand for varied effects.
  • A half works for veterans and toker patients who live far from shops. You’re all set for almost a month with this quantity.
  • An ounce is the maximum you can purchase and carry in most states. It’s great when you have a go-to strain and the skill to keep it fresh for several weeks.

Shop With Confidence

Weed may cost $3 or $15 per gram. Learn about strains and compare dispensaries to get the most value for your money.

First-time tokers should buy the smallest available quantity. That way, you give the cultivar a taste test and see how it feels before spending considerable money. Once you find your favorite strain, buy half or a full ounce of marijuana to pay less per gram.

It’s even more sustainable and rewarding to buy seeds and grow weed at home. Keep that in mind when determining the cost-benefit of your dispensary visit.

Philip Moore

Philip Moore

Philip Moore is a Master Grower at SeedSupreme Seedbank. He has more than 10 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, from planting to harvesting. Philip is brilliant at managing all the growing weed processes. He also has a hands-on approach with excellent knowledge of different types of cannabis and their effects. Philip has an endless desire to constantly explore marijuana farming, which keeps him on top of current and future trends.


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