2000 Massachusetts Quarter Value and Market Worth

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When you found some old pennies, quarters, and coins, don’t throw them out yet, some of the coins might be worth so much more than their initial face value, and the value would be increased based on a few things such as inflated metal composition, and the value of the antique coin. To make sure you understand how some 2000 Massachusetts quarter coins are valued, here we are going to discuss it.

The Specification Of The 2000 Massachusetts Quarter

Here are the specifications of the territorial or state quarters, 2000 Massachusetts coin quarter, to help you better understand it.

2000 Massachusetts quarter value

  • Coin type: Territorial or State quarters
  • Year minted: 2000
  • Metal composition: Copper Nickel, with Clad Copper
  • Designer: John Flanagan and William Cousins, featuring Thomas D. Rogers for its reserve design.
  • Coin weight: 5.67 g
  • Coin diameter: 24 mm.

2000 Massachusetts Quarter Value

According to the NGC, the standard value for the 2000 Massachusetts territorial quarter is around the same as its initial face value.

For the fine or good grade, it would be valued at around $0.30 to $0.50, depending on its grade, and how its condition.

You can refer to the coin grading to better understand how each grade is valued and how much it would be worth for the money it deserves.

Some of the uncirculated grades of the 2000 Massachusetts quarter worth could be valued at around $5 to $15, depending on their grade and condition.

The MS 65 grade of the 2000 Massachusetts territorial quarter could be valued at more than $50 to even reach around $100.

However, finding the uncirculated grade of the quarter coins are very hard, and the chances of finding uncirculated, and some 2000 Massachusetts quarter error are vanishingly small.

Regardless, if you are lucky enough to get them through coin roll, and coin hunting, you might get some of the sums from it.

Faqs About The Massachusetts Quarter And Pennies

Wanting to hunt the best piece of Massachusetts quarter, and finding the more worthy coins that could be valued for more than their initial face value, here are a few of these frequently asked questions about the quarter from this time.

  • Where to sell your valuable coins, and quarter

There are many ways to sell your valuable old coins, such as with the online shop, and some local coin dealers. However, if you want to get big sums of money, you want to get the grade on your coin, then after that, depending on the grade of your coin, you might get the best money for your old coins, and can get it to the local coin auction.

  • How much is a 2000 Massachusetts quarter worth?

The standard, most common 2000 Massachusetts quarter would be worth around the same as its face value of $0.25. However, some of the better grades could be worth around $0.30 to $0.50, however, this is the standard value for the circulated grade.

For the uncirculated grade, it could be worth around $5 to $15, depending on its condition, grade, and its varieties.

  • How do you know the valuable Massachusetts coin worthy or not?

There are three different varieties of the Massachusetts coin, such as with the D-quarter, and S-Proof quarter. Some of the quarter pennies might also have some error coins in them, and this would increase their value by quite some sum.

If you wanted to know the best of 2000 Massachusetts quarter value and varieties, and how to hunt it in your coin rolling, then you have come to the right place. Make sure to follow our official website to understand how much they can be sold and what gives the best value.


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