Discovering of a 1929 5 Dollar Bill Value

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A banknote with a nominal value of 5 dollars from the United States or 1929 5 dollar bill is a denomination of the currency of the United States of America. The current 5-dollar bill is seen to have a portrait design of President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president who served from 1861 to 1865, this can be seen on the front of the bill and an image of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the bill.

The 5 dollar bills in circulation today are all from Federal Reserve Notes.

The 5 dollar bill is often referred to as a “fin”. This word comes from German or Yiddish which is related to the English word “five”, this word is no longer used much if you reflect on the period entering the late 19th century and entering the early 20th century.

1929 5 dollar bill value

It was recorded in December 2018, that most of the 5 dollar bill value in circulation was only 4.7 years old before they were replaced due to wear and tear.

There were 6% of the total paper currency created and distributed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing within the US Department of the Treasury in 2009, namely the 5 dollar bill.

Bill Design Features

The new 1929 5 dollar bill retains the same size and features the same enhanced portraits and historical background images. The most noticeable change to the light purple color is seen in the center of the banknote design, where it merges into the gray color around the edges.

Similar to the redesigned 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills, the new 5 dollar bill has America’s symbol of freedom visible in the background.

There is the Great Coat of Arms of the United States, an eagle, and a shield is visible, a purple image to the right of the portrait and a purple star bow around the portrait is on the surface of the note.

When the Lincoln Memorial was completed, the names of the 48 states were written above. The image of a Lincoln Memorial on the 5 dollar bill includes only the names of the 26 US states.

The names of these 26 states are what one might see on the obverse of President Lincoln’s memorial image which is featured on the design of the 5 dollar bill.

Design on the back of the 1929 5 dollar bill, there is a large purple number “5” appearing in the lower right corner as an aid to the visually impaired in distinguishing denomination values. The large “5” also adds the word “USA FIVE” in small white letters.

The oval border near President Lincoln’s portrait on the obverse and the Lincoln Memorial sketch on the back has been removed and two engravings have been refined.

Types of 1929 5 Dollar Bill

Two types of 1929 5 dollar bill released in 1929 were found. Banknotes from the Federal Reserve Bank and Banknotes from the National Bank were also found.

One difference is that on the front of the bill it will appear where the money came from the National Bank or the Federal Reserve Bank. Note from the Federal Reserve Bank or 1929 Federal Reserve Banknote nominal 5 Dollars


Most Federal Reserve Bank Notes with a 1929 Series 5 dollar face value have a value of 62.50 dollars and are in very good condition an no 1929 5 dollar bill error.

The condition of the money is not in circulation, the value of 185 dollars for banknotes has an MS 63 grade. The bill released from the Federal Reserve Banks of the Minneapolis section, St. Louis, and also San Francisco is higher in price. What’s more, there is a star record making it have a much higher price.

Banknotes from the National Bank or 1929 Banknotes from the National Bank with nominal or 1929 5-dollar bill value.

There are 2 different types of Banknotes from the National Bank with a nominal value of 5 dollars in the 1929 series, from type 1 to type 2.

Both look the same, so they need to be examined more closely and carefully. One difference between type 2 of 1929 5 dollar bill is that there is a charter number from the bank at the bottom left and also the top right of a Lincoln image.

How much is a 1929 5 dollar bill worth? The 1929 five dollar bill worth looks at the type and also condition of the bill.

1929 5 Dollar Bill Type Worth

  • Type 1 banknotes value up to 90 dollars in very good condition, and the condition is not in circulation, the price range is 200 dollars if the banknote has MS 63 grade.
  • Type 2 banknotes with a value of up to 95 dollars are in very good condition, and the condition is not in circulation, prices can be up to 225 dollars on banknotes having grade MS 63.
  • The 5-dollar 1929 series notes were more difficult and rarer than the national bank’s 10-dollar bill, but the 1929 series notes would not have been as attractive and valuable for type notes.
  • There are quite a few exceptions; the value will refer to the bank that issued the notes.
  • Rare banks, banks from the West and from states, and also some cities with few populations have rare notes.
  • The most expensive price in history for the price of a 1929 5 dollar bill is in 2006 when notes from Detroit fetch a 1929 five dollar bill value of up to 12,000 dollars and become an example of the highest value of money ever known.
  • Notes that have the same circulation as those above have a 1929 $5 bill value of 75.00 dollars.

Those are some explanations regarding the design and also the price that you can get based on several conditions or even if there is an error that makes it rare and has a higher price than its nominal value, I hope it can inspire you.

Do not let you get a price that is not in accordance with the proper assessment, therefore you will need to meet an expert to verify your bill in an honest and credible manner to avoid losses.

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