2006 Series 100 Dollar Bill Value

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It’s easy to look at the series of a note and say this is an example of the 2006 series 100-dollar bill or vice versa. That isn’t always true, however, especially with the older examples from 1996 and those from 2006. Each series can have some differences in their release years and certain markings that change over time.

2006 Series 100 Dollar Bill

Although most 2006 $100 bills aren’t valuable, certain star notes can sell for a significant premium. Read on to find out more about these bills.

2006 Series 100 Dollar Bill Value

Uncirculated 2006 series star notes originating from Federal Reverse Banks printed in Washington D.C. can sell for a premium over their face value in circulated condition.

Known as star notes, they are replacement bills printed by the United States Federal Reserve. They are rarer and have a higher value than regular bills. Look for a star symbol at the end of your serial number to determine if it’s a star note.

2006 Series Star Notes Printed in Washington D.C.

In MS 63 uncirculated condition, the values for each issuing bank are listed below.

The 2006 series star notes printed in Fort Worth, Texas as well as the 2006A series star notes are current and only worth their face value. Wholesale prices are what dealers typically pay.

Retail prices are what consumers pay. As a general rule, retail is slightly higher than wholesale.

2006 Series 100 Dollar Bill Value

Can I use a $100 bill 2006 series in 2018? Check the condition of the coin before using it. It is legal tender, so you can use it. You might have some collector value in your hundred-dollar bill. Entrepreneur and Investor Author has 10K answers and 162.1M answer views in 4 years.

Are 2006 series US dollar bills valid in Thailand? Do US dollar bills of the 2006 series work in Thailand? The Thai currency is different from the American dollar. A tip though – you might have difficulty exchanging old and soiled money for Thai baht.

2006 Series 100 Dollar Bill Value Grading System

MS 63 choice uncirculated- A note in its original crisp condition that does not show signs of ever having been circulated. A centering mark is also present on the note.


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