1988 Series 100 Dollar Bill Value

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Unlike 1988 one hundred dollar bills, star notes can be worth more. Read on to learn more about these bills.

1988 Series 100 Dollar Bill Value

It is unlikely that circulated bills will be worth more than their face value of $100. Only uncirculated bills will be worth a premium. There is a possibility that star notes will sell for more money.

1988 Series 100 Dollar Bill

Uncirculated 1988 series $100 bills graded MS63 are worth about $175.

1988 Series 100 Dollar Bill Value Star Notes

Paper money for the United States was redesigned after World War II. These star notes are now more expensive and are in shorter supply. If you see a star symbol at the end of the serial number, you know you have a star note.

$ 100-star notes from 1988 that are in Extremely Fine condition are worth around $175. If in the uncirculated condition they’re worth around $350 if given an MS 63 grade.

Notice: You should keep valuable bills in currency holders.

When was the 1988 dollar bill printed? This bill doesn’t date from 1988, the year on the bill has nothing to do with when it was printed. It was printed in January 1991. OK, so the series is from 1988, but how do we know when it was printed?

1988 Series One Hundred Dollar Bill

How much is my 1988 $100 bill worth? Your note appears to be a worn, old, authentic $100 bill from the New York B Federal Reserve Bank. It’s worth $100. It’s over 5 years old and I always thought it was fake. My finances are a little tight right now, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to buy something at least worth a hundred bucks.

How can you tell if a 1988 $100 bill is real? A vertical thread embedded vertically to the left of the portrait is imprinted with the letters the USA and the numeral 100 in an alternating pattern. When ultraviolet light is shone on the thread, its color changes to pink.

1988 Series $100 Dollar Bill Value by Grading System

In extreme cases, a note may have just a few subtle marks from circulation. That note will appear bright and have retained much of its crispness. Although there may be some minor creases and folds, there are no stains, discolorations, or tears.

An uncirculated note that displays no sign of ever being in circulation. The note is still in top shape. Not only is the note centered, but it is well-centered.


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